The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Freedom and ideals are meant for our partner

Sun Myung Moon and Yang Her
May 4, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Kook Jin Moon, and Hyung Jin Moon February 4, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

Freedom and ideals are not words meant for one who is alone, but for his object partner. Nothing can be without an object partner, be it happiness, freedom, or anything else. The self-centered life being experienced by human beings need to be turned upside down. Even after I have realized heaven and earth, I still will have work to do. Since they will multiply and develop, so too should I grow. And as I grow, the more I invest in myself, the better should I become. The result should be of more value than the investments I have put in. There is no stimulus when one is alone.

Neither the arteries nor the veins are stimulated. Sure, the pulse will continue to beat, but your mind will not be stimulated. I have told you once before that I saw a person go into the bathroom wearing a mask. But you are united as one. And because you are united as one, the excrement coming out from you is not dirty. Because of that which is in your body and mind, that which is the source of all life, it is not dirty. When you are urinating and by chance some of the urine gets on your hand, you would not skin it or tear the flesh away. All you would do is wipe it.

In the case of women, they would just wipe their hand on their skirts, for they will be busy preparing breakfast for their busy husbands, and will soon forget all about it. In love, no faults can be found, because you are united as one. This is a very simple matter. The two will not feel as if there were any faults because they are united as one and living in joy. What should they do? Should it be what the eye finds pleasant, or what the nose finds pleasant, or what the mouth likes to do, or what the ears like to hear, or what the hand likes to do? They should do what the one above them like, for only then will he be interested.

Do you think pleasure can be felt alone? How great is pleasure? Because it is considered a pleasure to live in the US, we should be able to plan and feel something that is even greater than the super power of the universe. Can the Kingdom of Heaven be found only in the US? You see, when you feel an itch, someone commands your hand to scratch it. Sacrifices are inevitable in realizing peace. To realize peace, you should be able to invest and help each other mutually.

Even if one were to run away, one could not abandon one's children, and even if one was to abandon one's children, the children cannot forsake their parents, and the woman cannot forsake her man any more than he can forsake her. Even if that were to take place, they cannot be divorced. Where could divorced people go? Would they go East or West? They don't belong anywhere. If a woman is in the habit of meeting a man for a while, getting intimate with him and living with him for a few years, and then divorcing him, thus living with numerous men, where would that woman go?

That is why the Lord of the Second Coming must come and reeducate us. We cannot settle down by ourselves. And so all peoples in the spirit world must come down to earth and receive the blessing. When you come here early in the morning, regardless of how far it is, it is your ancestors who are urging your mind on to say, "Oh I should not miss Hoon Dok Hae but go promptly." All of the spiritual world and the physical world are at work there. No one harbors the thought that they cannot come up here because it is an uphill climb. Everyday you come up here, climbing this uphill road, by yourselves.

This place (Cheon Jeong Gung) tops 700 meters, I believe. You know, for the Unification Church members, the time they spend attending Hoon Dok Hae is more important than the time they spend eating. It is more important than studying, or even the time of their death. They will live forever only if it is more important. Only when I walk a good path would that path remain to be trodden again. If it were a lesser path, it would break off before you reach your destination. In regard to the Word, when doing Hoon Dok Hae you say, "I wish it was only for 30 minutes."

What should be foremost in your mind is your desire to attend Hoon Dok Hae, even after 3 years or 10 years have passed. I, too, find it boring to teach you what I know day after day, over and over again. You know, when a baby is born, he should be breastfed for 21 months daily without exception. If the mother refuses to do so, she would be denying life. And when it is denied, it would perish. And when it perishes, it would not become the fruit. And then everything would rot away and become waste.

Be it a woman or a man, when a person turns 17 or 18, his or her face glows pink. Children like the color pink. Say "azalea." What does "azalea" mean? You can make pancakes with "azaleas." I've seen forsythias and azaleas recently, the latter of which was pink. Hey! It was good to schedule (The Purification Azalea Festival) from the 2nd to the 6th. In a forsythia, does the petals bloom first or is it the leaves that sprout first? (It is the petals.)

What is nearest to the roots is the fruit. The true sap can be found in the flowers of reproduction before they are in full bloom. At the time when the flowers are about to bloom, the shoots are cut off and eaten, because in them can be found all of the sap. Flowers contain the five cardinal colors, all colors in the form of the seed.

(At 6:25 a.m., Rev. Yang Her gave a testimony for 40 minutes based on his experiences as a missionary, and sang "Ulsan Arirang.")

Summary of Rev. Her's testimonies:

I joined the church in 1965, and entered into public life in 1966 and have continued till this day. True Father said, 'If you devote yourself to the Will while still in your teens, you will go to a high and noble place in the spirit world. The unification of South and North will be realized by my (True Parents') hands at all costs. So don't die on the way and follow me.' His words inspired me to begin a public life. Serving as a church leader, church pastor, regional leader, and National Messiah, I have continued to lead a public life for 42 years.

After the Foundation Day celebrations of 1989, True Father said, 'Now the time has come for the church leaders of Korea to sally forth onto the world stage,' and asked for volunteers to become missionaries. More than 100 volunteered on the spot, but when True Father said 'You must walk this path bearing the cross by yourself,' 50 gave up. The headquarters assessed the qualifications of these missionaries under seven categories, and in July of 1990 lots were drawn to determine our mission places. And it was my lot to go to New Zealand, which is called paradise on earth.

First, according to the instructions of True Father, we studied the Japanese language and culture for three months at Chiba Training Center in Japan. Three months later, in March of 1991 I left for New Zealand. I worked as a missionary for a year in New Zealand, and for five years in the former Soviet Union as a regional director, and another five years in Monaco as its National Messiah. In the year 2000, True Father said, 'The missionaries too should concentrate their efforts on the unification of South and North movement,' and ordered us to return to Korea.

A missionary has to adapt to nations whose culture and environment differ from one's own, and so there are many difficulties and hardships. There is the problem of language and receiving a visa, and you have to persevere even when you miss your family. One must become independent at one's mission place, carrying out such work as 'rose fundraising', 'doll fundraising', 'selling biscuits', or 'selling cards'. Shoes of the brand "Land Rover" are very sturdy, and rarely wear out. However, after visiting across the entire nation of New Zealand, mine had holes in them after six months.

That goes to show what a difficult life it is -- having to cover a great distance to carry out activities. Afterwards, I was assigned the post of regional director in charge of five nations in Central Asia, and went to Kazakhstan. My whole family went to Kazakhstan with me and settled down there, and we worked hard to get people blessed and to witness to the higher levels of society.

It was then that I was called to come and attend the National Messiahs Workshop. Based on 'several cases' before me, I expected to be made the National Messiah of Kazakhstan. However, True Father told us, 'Completely rid yourselves of the thought that you and no others can do it. All must attend the 40 day workshop in Chung Pyung.' At that time, my wife had recently had a disk surgery, and needed to be nursed. And yet I obeyed the instruction given me, and went for the 40-day workshop in Chung Pyung, and was appointed as the National Messiah of Monaco.

It was a 10-hour flight from Kazakhstan to Monaco. And it was not as if there was someone there who awaited my arrival to welcome me in Monaco. And it also meant that our family had to live apart, and so I had many financial worries as well. At that time, though he was not a member, this man whose name was 'Jenshing', and whom I had tried hard to witness, heard of my situation and donated 10,000 dollars. It is a great sum in Kazakhstan. At the time, the salary of chancellors and principals in Kazakhstan only amounted to 200 dollars, and the salary of doctors and professors 150 dollars. I thought to myself, 'Even God is worrying over us,' and was ashamed of myself for worrying about my personal path. Moreover, I felt once again that 'When one has the mind of a public figure, Heaven works with him'.

While working as a missionary in New Zealand, I sang many times as I looked upon the South Pacific. True Father has said, 'In difficult and hard times, sing many songs.' I was given a chance to make a report in Alaska, and True Father thankfully told me, 'He is not one who has lived without thought or difficulty'.

True Father encouraged Rev. Her saying, "You get to dream more when you work as a missionary."

Rev. Her went on to report, "Elder Yoon Haeng Cho of Dongdaemun Church, who was husband to Deaconess Seon Nyeo Lee and who joined the church in 1953, passed away yesterday at 8:35. He contributed a great deal financially in the beginning time of the church, and assisted True Parents and members of the beginning time in many ways. We plan to make him a 'Church leader'."

True Father remembered Elder Cho who had passed away, and reminisced of old times, and said, "It will be better to make him a regional director. Send them some money too."

Next, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak related the following episode and sang 'Longing for hometown'.

Summary of Rev. Kwak's testimony:

I had an unusual experience in the US. I had gone there not to carry out activities, but to attend a conference. However, True Father instructed me to stay there. Accordingly, I got a business visa and went through the procedures to move. It was when I was a week away from receiving my green card. One day, on the way to UTS with True Father, we saw a watercourse with clear water, and went down to the riverside. After we had looked around, we came back up, but a guard blocked our car from moving forward. He said we had trespassed into someone else's property. We protested that we had not intended to do so, but they wouldn't listen. In the end, we had to go to the police station, and were questioned.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service faulted me with this incidence, and withheld the issuance of my green card, though there were no problems with my documents. They marked me out as a central official of the Unification Church and took such measures intentionally. But I could not give up the green card, and so all of a sudden, I was forced to part with my family for a while. In the end, it took me five years to get my green card. What is interesting about this is that not one of the officials in the US ever asked me, during those five years, 'What has happened to your family?' I guess it was because of the American way of thinking. 

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