Sun Myung Moon's Words From 2006

The Common Dream of Humanity

Sun Myung Moon
December 8, 2006
The Mission of the Ambassadors for Peace in the Revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven (Peace Message 11)

Ladies and gentlemen, is there a dream common to all people regardless of gender, age, time or place? Throughout the ages, people everywhere have yearned and hoped for the realization of the ideal of world peace. However, never in history has the everlasting peace been achieved that would bring joy to Heaven. This fact remains the basis of our historical sorrow and anguish. What went wrong? What brought humankind to descend into ignorance of the ideal that God cherishes for His creation? Perfection cannot be found in ignorance, even if one waits for ten thousand years.

Ladies and gentlemen, God's creation is indeed profound. Everything He created was to prepare an environment for the perfection and happiness of human beings, whom He created as His children and partners in love.

Consider a flower; it is one of the masterpieces of God's creation. Hidden within a flower -- even in a nameless wildflower blooming in a field -- we can easily discover the Creator's will and purpose. To see a flower alive and growing to perfection is truly to witness a miracle.

Flowers display beautiful colors and the harmony of yin and yang. Even human beings, the lords of creation, cannot fully replicate their beauty. Flowers continuously give off fragrances that captivate the hearts of the bees and butterflies attracted to their dazzling colors. Flowers can absorb the powerful, brilliant rays of the sun that humans cannot bear to look at. They diffuse their light into natural rays of harmony and peace and utilize them to create and preserve life. Flowers also do not neglect their duty to provide honey nectar to the bees and butterflies that busily fly to and fro helping them reproduce.

Ladies and gentlemen, the miracle of God's creation is infinite, transcending and defying any human description. Even a picture drawn by the greatest artist in the world cannot compare to a cluster of living wildflowers. Even in creating a single insignificant flower, God the Creator opens the way for it to realize harmony in itself and contribute to the interdependence and mutual prosperity of the whole of creation. Given that this is so, how much greater is the stature of human beings, whom God created as His children, His eternal partners of love, and His heirs?

Each and every one of the millions of different kinds of flowers in full bloom maintains its dignity as an individual embodiment of truth under the majestic Principle of Creation. They create harmony in Mother Nature and abide by the laws of interdependence and mutual prosperity. Likewise, each and every human being has Heaven's blessing and grace to seek harmony, peace, freedom and happiness, and to find eternal life. Heaven has bestowed on each person the life and characteristics of an individual being. That is to say, every human being is born with the rights and privileges of an individual embodiment of truth. This means that every person, regardless of age, sex, rank or status, is destined is to follow a course of life that is uniquely his or her own and that reflects his or her individual nature. 

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