Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Let Us Overcome War And Antagonism Through True Love

Sun Myung Moon
December 8, 2006
FFWPU International
Goyang, Korea

December 8, 2006: 12,000 prominent leaders from Korea and Japan gathered at KINTEX in Goyang, Republic of Korea on Friday to participate in the "Ambassadors for Peace Assembly for Peace and Unification." The event was organized by the IIFWP (President, Dr. Chung-hwan Kwak) and Central Association for Korean Ambassadors for Peace (President, Dr. Min-ha Kim) and sponsored by the National Unification Advisory Council and the Ministry of Unification.

It was a gathering for the ambassadors for peace in Korea who have been active in their respective fields for promoting peace. The emcee for this day was Mr. Gyung-soo Jung, former announcer from MBC. The program consisted of an award ceremony for exemplary ambassadors for peace, an address by the IIFWP co-founders, Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, and the adoption of a resolution.

Congratulatory telegrams were sent by Ms. Geun-hye Park, former president of the Grand National Party, and Mr. Hyuk-kyu Kim, former supreme member of the Woori Party.

Some of the other prominent leaders that day: Seok-jae Seo, Soon-beom shin, Nak-gyun Shin (former congressmen), Cheol-kwon Jo, former minister of labor, Moon-do Huh, former minister of Unification, Jung-roh Yu, president of IIFWP Korea, Cheol-gi Lee, former president of Cheondo-gyo, Sun-jo Hwang, president of FFWPU Korea, Lan-young Moon, president of WFWP, Dong-han Lee, president of Segye Times, Dong-moon Joo, president of Washington Times, Ji-ho Yu, professor of Hanyang University, and Sang-soon Kim and Hye-sun Jung (celebrities). A delegation from Japan including Mr. Yoshigato Takaya, former member of the House of Representatives took part in the event.

The assembly was a venue for the participants to reaffirm the crisis on the Korean peninsula caused by North Korea's nuclear experiment and the ongoing division within the public opinion in South Korea. The participants made a resolution for developing a way to resolve this crisis based on the absolute value of peace.

In his address delivered under the title, "The Mission of Ambassadors for Peace in the Revolutionary Era After the Coming of Heaven," Dr. Sun Myung Moon emphasized the mission of the ambassadors for peace saying: "Let us deliver this world from war and antagonism through true love and go beyond the regional and religious conflicts to spread the message of truth for completing true families."

He said:

Now the time has come for you to unite into one as the representatives of the Ambassadors for Peace who have preserved the spirit of the Korean people and the pride of the "white-clad race." There is no time to waste. What does it matter whether your name is Kim or Pak? What reason is there for Gyeongsang Province and Jeolla Province not to unite in harmony? The pro-Seoul Korean Residents' Union in Japan (Mindan) and the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chochongryon) each have their roots in the same Korean Peninsula. What of South and North Korea? Are not their people all brothers and sisters, sharing a common lineage? At this time, we should bear in mind that we are the descendants of the "white-clad race," and of Heaven. We have been raised to establish the lofty ideal of advancing the welfare of humankind, and we are the kinsfolk of a people called, selected and anointed by God to be the vanguard in building the Peace Kingdom in this, the Revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven.
We should seek out and establish "God's Kingdom and His righteousness"; for it is everyone's ultimate destination to live in a nation that attends God as the Center. What is meant by "God's Kingdom"? It signifies the Kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. It is a nation that resembles the form of a model true family with three generations living together in harmony, trusting, respecting and supporting one another and becoming one in love. In short, it is the nation that humanity has longed for throughout the ages, the Utopia where God is sovereign.
Then what is meant by "His righteousness"? It signifies the Heavenly Way and Heavenly Rule. Each of us on earth has been commanded to pass judgment, with the heavenly authority of true love, upon this evil world that suffers under scheming, treacherous regimes. It is our duty to establish the ideal, peaceful world of true love, a liberated, free world based on justice and truth.
After all, humanity is meant to become one family. The remarkable advances of modern science are contributing greatly to making this world one global village. The time has come to establish the beautiful kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where Whites and Blacks, and Orientals and Westerners, live together in harmony as one great family.

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