Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

120 Ambassadors for Peace Visit the Original Peace Palace and Museum

Sun Myung Moon
October 27, 2006
Chung Pyung, Korea
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

Rev. Kwak read the address that is being delivered on the Fourth International World Tour for the Universal Peace Federation entitled, "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World."

This speech that you are delivering on the fourth world peace tour is a priceless treasure for you to carry around the world with you as you represent America and all humanity. You must now take this message to the world as Ambassadors for Peace without borders. (Aju!) What does that mean? It actually is clearer than "Amen". It means that you, as an owner of the Kingdom of God, affirm God.

Now the world cannot deny what I have accomplished. Billions of spirits are pouring down from the spirit world and will open the way for you if you step forward for God. This world is filled with such strife and conflict; however, in Godís heart there is no conflict. Christianity has been so divided. How can we have that and have the kingdom? How can we have the ruling party and the opposition? That era has to come to an end.

Why do we need a savior and messiah? All we needed was a True Parent. But that was never realized by Adam. No one has known how important the lineage of heaven is. The only one who can resolve this problem of lineage is Reverend Moon.

I did so much for 34 years in America. Now with the fact that you are going out to the world, people may think you are crazy from the human perspective!! (Laughter) I was born on a farm in North Korea. I was persecuted and even God denied me. Why? Because Satan caused Adam and Eve to fall. Therefore to restore Adamís role I had to go through incredible suffering. I have to go that critical path. Did Jesus accomplish all that God had desired? The Kingdom should have come, but because of the rejection of the people Jesus went the way of the cross. That is why we must take this fallen world back from Satan completely. We have to get rid of all the divisions of denominations. National boundaries must dissolve. Did God create the mind and body to struggle? Does your mind and body struggle now? How will you prevent that struggle? People were born with that kind of struggle, but really it came from the Fall. You have to understand the entire providence of God.

In 1945, just before Korea was divided, there were many Christians in Korea, but they were all divided. Christian ministers from China, Japan, and Korea could not be united as one at that time. That is why communism took over. If Christians had united in the name of Jesus Christ, communism could have been defeated.

The world powers do not know the reality of what is coming. We have to be the mainstream. Why did I sacrifice 34 years in America? It was to find you. You canít imagine how much I suffered. Now you have grown and you are ready. You have big bodies. If we had you twenty years ago, the whole world would be totally different now.

The failures and the mistakes of ancestors must be taken care of by their descendants. Once I make up my mind, no one can change it. Even when I was young, I determined that I would do something 20 or 30 years later and my name would be known. All my family and people from my village opposed me.

I had to go the reverse way from heaven. I had to go down to hell and liberate this world. All people here and your ancestors would be struggling and suffering with no way out. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, you will create another hell. People will go to God and ask for forgiveness, yet will God say its okay to not fulfill your responsibility? I am working to cover all the mistakes of this fallen world and create a new heaven and earth.

I have to close all the doors on sin and close all the ways of evil. I must create a new heaven and a new earth. We must create a heavenly culture. Is America the heavenly culture? We must create the heavenly culture. It is a culture that goes beyond the borders of any culture and yet captures the essence of what God instilled in each culture.

You must now go to the world.

How many of you agree with my message today? Itís okay. What does OK mean? (It means Open Kingdom.)

(We concluded with a song)

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