Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Speech to 120 Ambassadors for Peace

Sun Myung Moon
October 27, 2006
Chung Pyung, Korea

The words these ministers representing the United States can proclaim on behalf of the world are not proclaimed for the purpose of establishing the national sovereignty alone small nation through the opinion of individuals. You must understand that those words should be realized on the earth, which is connected with God, the original subject, centering on the heavenly principle, and that they indicate the process to he implemented which would enable the fulfillment of the internal goal; you must follow those words and make them your own in order to understand me. You must know that you can solidify them as your own. I know what is written here. Furthermore, there is no denying that I have accumulated a record of achievements or being able to put this into practice in the world.

Aju, what is this word "Aju"? "Amen" is vague. "Aju" means that I am the owner of this universe. It implies that a person can now live as a human being.' We can form our families in this universe, in which people can live as owners, attend God the Father and be happy as a son. But we lost that which could have been realized. Where is individual salvation? Did Jesus come to bring salvation to individuals? That concept should he completely done away with. Even if it isn't, the time has come when it will disappear on its own. Such a time will come -- even if one were to sit down and do nothing. I have pursued and initiated projects throughout my entire life, without losing my life, and the I achievements accumulated through my practices and actions have visible for all to see.

The era has come through which people of all nations in the world can come together in harmony and come together as one in search of the ideal, the homeland. Therefore, a cosmic era will begin, no matter how hard someone may try to deny that fact. The spirits -- the ancestors who have gone to the spiritual world -- are not dead but alive. They were all fallen on earth during the era before the arrival of heaven. Yet, in the time after the coming of heaven, how long do you think they have waited for God's will? They are all waiting, unable to marry, as single people. How impatiently they have waited for these gates to be opened!

The blessing of 300 billion ancestors has been accomplished. That is only one-third of the total. The spirits in the spirit world will descend and block you and ask, "Hey you! Do you know which generation of ancestor I am? If you aren't going the right way, they will obstruct your path and take you away, by law. That kind of fearful era has arrived. Shouldn't it he that way? Do you think that God Himself would have caused the Fall, which has caused suffering for millions of years and which created a divide that has existed for millions of years between the world of hell and the era of heaven? How great His suffering was from the sorrow of seeing this; such a world of sorrow! There is no such thing as conflict within the realm of God's heart.

The Christian denominations today and religions as a whole are in conflict; denominations are in conflict, and families are in conflict. Is there any problem that the American society is not suffering from? All the religions, sects and families are in conflict. In the United States, they have their ruling and opposition parties! All of this should be thrown out. As you go on this tour, you must understand that this speech did not come about in a simple manner. The final conclusive achievements of Heaven's endeavors paved the way by extracting the blood, bone marrow and essence of millions of religious people; where will this go? I cannot take responsibility for this.

Why do you need the True Parents? Why do you need the savior? Why do you need the redeemer?

Why do you need the Messiah? Why was the second coming of the Lord needed? Wouldn't it be enough with just the True Parent? Yet, because there was no true parent, Western people did not know about true love, true life and about the true lineage. European people do not know how important the bloodline is!

How can understand this? None of your nations, tribes or families can resolve this! There isn't an answer anywhere else. Only from me and only centered on God's ideal of love. Centered on that, I proclaim this. [Father holds up the speech booklet.] This is the only answer.

There is nothing else. Forget about useless talk; I suffered in the United States for thirty-four years. Does anyone think I am his enemy? I was criticized and slandered for thirty-four years. It would be crazy to think that it was by human effort that you followed me and are going out to 120 nations. I was born as a son of a farmer in Korea, a pitiable nation. I was alone; my mother and father were against me; my parents were against me; the religion which I believed in was against me; the nation was against me; countless religions, nations and sovereignties were against me. When I went to the heavenly nation everyone -- hell, Satan and even God opposed me. Why? Since Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden, going down to the same level is needed in restoring the Fall.

The conclusion reached was that salvation could not be completed without having all human beings become perfect, restored and liberated. That is why I followed this path of death for the sake of perfection even if it meant dying a hundred or even a thousand times. Do you know how many hills I climbed over? Did Jesus leave behind even one word indicating that he had accomplished his wish?

You believe in Jesus, but what is it that you believe in? Do you believe in his portrait? What were his lifetime achievements? Didn't he stay in the public eye only a little more than two years and eight months? He was hounded by the people of Israel and died through a traitor's betrayal. I have carried on until now in that same position. I am now almost eighty-eight years old. There are many people here who are young enough to be my son or even grandchild. Why would I go to the trouble of doing all this? What would happen if I were not here? I've taught you about the hills that can be overcome, yet people have fallen before their own people. The path to the spirit world would be blocked from them even if they wished to go there. So if I were to fall from grace in front of my children, in front of my own people, before I had reached ninety years old, my path to the spirit world would be blocked even if I wanted to go there. I have to finish everything by the first day of the first month of the thirteenth year within the twelve year course by January 2013, which is when I pass the ninety-year mark. I have to gel rid of all religions and return everything that was desecrated and taken away by Satan. The True Parent must restore all this from the false parent.

Why did God drive them Adam and Eve away? What for? If you don't believe what I'm saying, let me ask you this: When Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden did they have children who were driven out with them? Or did they have children after they were driven out of the Garden? What happened? You are all descendants of fallen children. You are the offspring of burglars and thieves. Can you deny this? You had thought that people in the Unification Church were tools and idiots. For your information, I am someone who studied the sciences. I know about your lives of faith and your philosophies. Though others were not aware of the fact, I went to prison of my own volition. I had to put things in order from the lowest point, which meant in prison. I had to do that from the prison level. Then I had to bring order to the denominations. I had to bring order to nations. God cannot exist in conflict-ridden places. Eternal peace must be established. Nobody can deny this fact. If I were to say that it was God who caused the conflict between your mind and body, what would you say? No? What would your reply be? Wouldn't you say that I was out of my mind? In which way would you contradict me?

If that's the case, why does the mind and body' struggle so? Ask yourself. Don't even pastors have mind-body struggles? Well? Ask yourself-ask yourself with confidence. Is there anyone who thinks he has solved that conflict? Is there anyone among Christians? Among the Jews? What about Buddha, or Mohammed? People thought this conflict was inborn and natural. That is why Greek philosophy is a philosophy about struggle. And why people like Marx didn't understand man's origin.

No matter how much you formulate theories they do not lead to a solution.

People have suffered for thousands of years because they haven't clearly understood the Fall and have been unaware of the providence God authorized for resolving the elements of the Fall that have been manifest in history. By, the time Korea was liberated in 1945, I had already explained all this, everything; before Korea was divided into north and south. Christians, like the Soviet Union, China and the U.S., came to Korea and fought one another. Out of their self-interest, they fell into the Chinese clique, the Japanese clique and the American clique. They fought one another over whose solution would be used but ended up making Korea the mess that it is today Those scoundrels! Rather than infighting, Christianity should open all its doors; go beyond denomination and sect, to do what in Jesus Christ's name? To create one church, one religion for one purpose! If they had advocated this, the world would not have become what it is now.

I went to the United States and suffered for thirty-four years. I went empty-handed, with only faith in Heaven. If you hear the history of my being received with contempt, do you think you, who all weigh more than 100 kilograms, could come and it there like lumps of lard? I'm sure all of you lived well while I was dripping blood and tears in prison. This is a fact. Can you deny this? What I am saying is that the Soviet people disbelieved me. The Japanese people disbelieved me. The Chinese people disbelieved me. The American people disbelieved me.

No nation believed me. No Religion believed me and they mistook me for an enemy I am all alone, this person who is being called an enemy. I am determined to live until I am a hundred and twenty even though I'm tired. My limbs are exhausted. I tell my anus, my legs and feet to go on until the day they no longer touch the earth [because I am bedridden.] That is how I have lived to this day. Such living facts and details from history cannot be thought of without tears. That is why you are on a path where you cannot die even if you want to; or live even if you dream of doing so. If we had had this many people just Twenty years ago, how wonderful the world could have been.

Everything must be accomplished by January 1, 2013. The false parent made it this way and left everything in disarray. Darkness descended but has now been dispersed. With the substantial authority to re-create the universe, everything True Parents should he returned to Heaven. It is not a kingdom of heaven for individuals that fall under the jurisdiction of Heaven; it is a Kingdom of Heaven for all of heaven with it! The land of the Choson Kingdom and the kingship of principles, in the free heaven and earth, in which the bells of the Kingdom of Heaven can ring, must once more come under direct control of Heaven. That great task remains to me, not to leave the earth without accomplishing this, a revolution the will continue after you go to heaven. Who will prevent us from accomplishing this?

You Americans will be blamed for failing to fulfill this responsibility. Who is responsible for the failure to bear fruit due to the ancestors' mistakes? The ancestors must shoulder the responsibility.

I'm a scary person. I'm actually a frightening person. As a child, there was nothing I couldn't do, whether in sports or studies. I easily did in three years what would take others ten. I'm also an extreme person. Once I set my mind on doing something, even if all my relatives who lived near my mother and father's house said l couldn't, I told them to see it I was lying after they had died, twenty, thirty, fifty or sixty years later. When all of you die, a time will come when people will say the name "True Parents" with pride. I'm asking you if you are going to oppose me even when that time comes. I'm asking if you are going to do such things, which would cause you regret and lamentation in the heavenly world. How miserable that would be. I am someone who loathes such things. God did not order Adam and Eve or anyone else to go to hell.

For the sake of liberation, True Parents have to find children from of the level of parents through all levels of the universe and then they will incinerate hell. Not only Adam's family but his nation and heaven and earth can be liberated and the realm of liberation can be completed on earth. The people who remain here and their ancestors will without exception wish for those times to be prolonged but that is not possible. I. too, must go on until that time.

I will go to the heavenly world and lightning will strike. I have taught you that you should go forward with God in front of you. There is nothing that you don't know. Those who insist they didn't know are those who opposed the Unification Church. They will all be taken away to the spirit world and will create a different realm, a different land among the stars, another hell. They will end tip creating another hell. If you, blessed men and women, fail to accomplish your responsibility, paradise and hell will be created in the heavenly world. That would put an end to the new world. That is not something to be done in creating a new world.

I am not fond of the American culture. I do not feel particularly close to Americans. I am creating a perfected world in which God is liberated and free in heaven and on earth for the sake of a matchless history and culture bequeathed by God. This is for the sake of realizing God's dream, and for the sake of God's paradise in the real world, for its realization. Aju, okay. You need to understand this.

Well, there is no one here who is against us. Those who will accept what I say raise your hand. Those who will oppose me keep your hands down. You should oppose me. Ask me questions. If you ask ten questions I will give you ten answers; if you ask a hundred I will have to answer. You are here. Are you going to ask me questions? Where are you going to go? There is nowhere you cannot go. That's right!

I should tell you this: because this is a meeting between brothers and a meeting with the parents after waiting tens of thousands of years and traveling over a long distance, right? Aren't there five skin colors here? We are all brothers. We are all brothers, right?

What made you like this? Did you naturally bring this about? Who says that white people are better (those polar hears!)? Polar bears at the North Pole have blue eves because they are white. People from England and the Scandinavian Peninsula think they are the kings of pirates, right? That is nothing to boast about. You have to go quickly now, but before you go, this must be read. I'm sorry. Let's have another round of applause

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