Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2006
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

What is Cheon Jeong Gung? What is it? Until now, the political sphere has opposed the religious sphere. In the past it was impossible for religion and government, or religion and science, to Become one. That stale of affairs, however, has radically changed. Naturally, because the government was in the wrong, it can now be brought to a natural surrender. Over here, on our side, we have Cheon II Guk, centered on the Unification Church; and in Cheon Il Guk we have the Cheon Il Guk nation; we have the Cheon II Guk anthem; we have the Cheon II Guk flower; we have the family-centered ideal; and we are teaching a unified worldview that can reach out to everyone, including all clans, ethnic groups, nations and the whole world. This unified worldview has its origin in heaven, in the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world.

We talk about women, but how about all the men that have been sacrificed in the course of history? Men were sacrificed in the Old Testament era. Jesus was sacrificed in the New Testament era. In the era of the Second Coming, the True Parents came and built up the ideal of the family, of the clan, ethnic group, nation, and -- through the eight stages -- the ideal sphere of universal peace and unification. These are all the elements that enable us to experience an unfettered life of happiness and the freedom of complete liberation and complete deliverance.

All of those things had been lost. But True Parents chose an incredibly difficult path of indemnity. Treading that path was more difficult than going through the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras, many times over. In the presence of both God and Satan the cornerstone of victory was laid.

Just as it is with the cornerstone, all of the victories that point out this direction are not simply intended to remain as historical commemorations. Because they are the headlines, the signposts of history, the path to the kingdom of heaven will become confused and chaotic if the direction that led to the laying of the cornerstone is not adhered to. For this reason, unavoidably, you and your next two generations have the responsibility to actualize, to put into practice, these words in your own lives. Beyond this, you still have a responsibility you cannot avoid, as part of your destiny.

Pray in your heart, and teach this to your descendants as part of your legacy to them. Include it with your guidance to them about how they should live. Never forget that Heaven is always watching over you; to your enthusiasm add more enthusiasm, and to your progress add more progress. Have the confidence that you can stand as a judge on behalf of God before your descendants. You have to bring all of this to completion. If you don't, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. True Parents and their victorious three generations will not be able to welcome you, your family and your clan.

Because this is Heaven's formula and Heaven's principle, when one contravenes it, there is no road open for forgiveness. If ever you are caught violating this principle, there can be no salvation for a thousand or even ten thousand years, no providence that God can carry out to resolve that. All alone and isolated, it would be difficult for you to get to the gate of the heavenly kingdom even if you were to pay ten times, a hundred times more indemnity centering on what I have taught you up until now. Even then, it would still be difficult for you to get to the gate of the heavenly kingdom. If you cannot resolve it, and the situation reaches a certain limit, the door will shut. The next thing is that you would he cut off and abandoned from this end.

That's how God does things as well. Even True Parents have received a lot of accusation while passing through this historic era. As the True Parent of love, as the royal king anointed to supervise and command the universe -- if the True Parent is really the king of mercy and the king of love -- he should forgive. And yet, if a fallen, ruined multitude hangs on him, saying only "Please forgive me," desiring only to receive forgiveness, unable to even think about what kind of sins they have committed, the door will be closed shut. If the voices keep shouting, "Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father, please save us," without stopping for hundred thousand years, the door will he shut just to keep the voices out.

If you just leave this problem to fester here in this world of time and space, when the greater universe begins to rotate at the speed it is designed to move at, everything will be shaken off by the power of momentum. Everything will go flying, even the roots. If that happens, even your ancestors will be shaken off.

Christianity has to fulfill the responsibility of Christianity, and Confucianism has to fulfill the responsibility of Confucianism. You have to understand that Confucius, Jesus, Mohammed -- none of them -- has a territory or domain in the spiritual world, centered on their own club of followers. There is no realm centered on True Parents.

We have to fulfill the ideal of creation, and nicely decorate the cosmos, which God can govern. God has been longing for the emergence of the ideal human image, a new ideal that blossoms with the inner fruit of humanity. But can you say that such an ideal human image, such an ideal family. nation or world has emerged within your own family? If the problem just continues repeatedly for eternity; it gets worse. For that reason, it all has to be cut off and abandoned...

Foundation Day for the Unified Nation in Heaven and Earth is not simply a single, stand-alone event. There are thousands, tens of thousands of events and tie-off points within it. The same is true of you. Here in South Korea, we have some twenty maybe twenty-two, government ministries all centered on the president. All these ministries are there to protect and maintain the president, centering on the constitution, which invests authority in the president, as do even the by-laws of all the individual ministries. They do not exist in order to destroy the president. Anyone -- not just other citizens but even the president of the country -- who breaks the laws regulating any of the ministries is liable to prosecution. It's the same for all.

The law that I have kept is not just something that I alone have to keep. This law applies to all nations and all people, whether in the spiritual or physical world. It applies to all people. It doesn't matter if you go into the mountains and live there for decades, or just dig a hole and live in it, a law that is enacted and passed even while you are ignorant of it will still be effective and have to be applied. When you realize this, and you contravene that law in that world, you will he liable to prosecution. It's exactly the same situation.

So what is this Foundation Day? Human beings fell. Both the spiritual and material worlds were ruined. All of this needs to be renewed at each step or tie-off point. When an intersection or tie-off point occurs in one of a huge number of different directions the people in that field need to go the reverse way and dissolve or eliminate that tie-off point. Those in politics have to disentangle the problem in politics, those in religion have to resolve the problems in religion, and those in business have to untie the knots in business. Even if there is a huge number of tasks and problem points, all of them have to he resolved and the fallen circumstances untangled.

Therefore, when the content defined by the law is resolved and untangled, the by-laws of the ministries rise or fall in accordance with the standard of the constitution regardless of the level of their development. If the path that allows this to happen is obtained and established, everything -- it could be one hundred things -- is released and resolved. They are all untangled. If it is resolved at the core, everything can be resolved. If this accomplishment is applied to people, everyone is released, and everyone rises up to that standard, in every direction. The individual era, the family era, the clan era, the ethnic group era, the national era, the world era and the cosmic era -- everything! Everyone who lived in that era, whether on earth or in the spirit world, is liberated, as long as they align with the formula that is one with the content of the constitution. That's the logic established here.

When different government ministries are connected with the central constitution, all the laws and regulations belonging to those ministries rise and fall together with the constitution, and are aligned with that constitution. That is why, centering on the constitution, each ministry is united with the president under the sphere in which the president stands and rules, so all the laws and regulations in each ministry operate within that standard of freedom and liberation.

Therefore, in this era of history, there are many, many religions. Confucianism emerged and Buddhism emerged. Then Christianity emerged and Islam emerged -- hundreds of different religious groups and forms have emerged. In the spiritual dimension, God existed before religions, so all of them envision an ideal kingdom of heaven. That ideal kingdom of heaven is not the world in which we live today.

That world is something you have never seen nor been able to think about. All of the laws of the various areas and sectors of that world are connected with its constitutional standard, so that they are all aligned with it and in accord with it. If permission is given and this system is endorsed to rise and take its position, all of that content becomes equal and standardized, and rises to the same position. In this way, everything conies to rotate on the vertical standard...

All of the 193 member states the United Nations have different constitutions and different national laws. Nevertheless, a system needs to be established so that if the law is broken, the criminal can be arrested within any of those nations and taken into custody. The president must be liable to impeachment and removal from power if he or she commits a crime. What I'm saving here is that our fortune is the same. You and I share the same destiny and fortune.

There is nothing special about True Parents. What True Parents have done is make the children of the false parent into the children of the true parent. They have brought this Foundation Day to bloom; they have opened the door and, mildly; humbly; starting from the individual door (How valuable this is throughout the whole universe!), made it possible for you to digest any situation and qualify to unite with a cleat impartial core that can digest any of the hundreds of the challenges to be surmounted.

Doing things in this way, can there ever be a realm of liberation in the world of restoration through indemnity, if I myself am unable to carry that responsibility and apply it anywhere? Water has to flow, wherever water can, to all the places in the world that have been defiled due to the fallen realm. The air has to penetrate wherever air can. Wherever the water flows, it has to go. That's how things are.

Foundation Day for the Unified Nation in Heaven and Earth is the accumulation of each and every great challenge arising from restoration through indemnity. This is what you fail to understand. Only God really understands this point. God was the one who created everything. He knows everything that is not right and everything that is correct. So only God understands, and only Satan knows the tie-off points, the door.

True Parents have come, and they have understood everything about God, even His most internal dimensions. But if, when they try to resolve the content of restoration, they announce everything beforehand. Satan will say, "Ha! Now I know too" and block the road. For this reason, True Parents keep the work secret and don't teach about it. God hasn't spoken about these things up until now, and if you knew that there was a path that could surmount the hills to be climbed, crossing over ten, a hundred, a thousand years, you would be all in a rush to jump over the hurdles. That's why I don't teach about these things beforehand, only step by step.

Satan is so much more slick and agile than people, try as people may. Even though God is infinitely more capable and a hundred times the master of people, Satan imposed upon God the confines of a prison. God has been unable to find release from all of that. Though His children say that they will release Him, from where will He find that liberation? All of the problems need to be resolved. That's why True Parents had to come to solve all of this. If you follow True Parents' teachings, all the linchpin points will become leveled out and, centering on the trail that allows the path to go through the door -- even it there are 1, 2, 3, 4 ... thousands and thousands of them -- the whole goes over them thousands of times, and you can enter Heaven. All things are cleared away. What remains is all new; the new things start from that point.

Starting from hell on earth, the thing that makes everything one is the kingdom of heaven. That kingdom is different from this world. With tens of times greater content, people have to enter into that world, which can begin in the future, where they can finally say, "Yes, I made it. I won the victory. I will be blessed and live out my life in that blessing." That is within one's own place, within one's own jurisdiction, so one can freely be in control and in command. Even if everything is exhausted and used up, it is supplied without limit through true love.

That is what the spiritual world is like. It is like a huge storehouse, where you can give out in a single day everything that is meant to be shared out, but then come back the next morning and the storehouse is full to the brim again. True love waits patiently with everything ready to be given out. It has so much that it can give until the entire universe is gone and still have more to give again to the world of the object.

True love is like that, isn't it? When you women love your husband, and you become one in the midst of difficult situations, it doesn't seem like a difficult right, and you even wonder if it is a fight at all, no matter what kind of difficult challenges the world confronts you with. When you determine and pledge to do things even while facing difficulties, and when that determination lights your way; nothing can push that away or overcome it. The law of indemnity is something that can wipe out all the castles and mammoth buildings erected by the satans of the fallen world. Can't it?

When you believe this, and embody this, automatically persevere right up to the end, and participate in the work of True Parents, even if you only do this by following them, they will say to you, "Okay, okay, okay. Why don't you come in here, too?"...

Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth has numerous tie-off points, so through the law of indemnity; you have to pass over these. As your parent has gone over before you in your place, now you have to go over. Your parent is eighty-eight years old isn't he? How much he must have done! You have to think, "That's my father. That's my own flesh and blood, connected to my love and my life. If I cut my finger top here, blood comes out; it also hurts here and my whole body feels it. My parents feel it, too."

Your parents' love is the love that feels everything you do. No other love feels or hurts on your behalf as much as your parents' love. It is the root love. So if even your own parents think that you have gone wrong. your sin is really very deep, and you have to repent so deeply; it's almost irreversible. You have to shed blood to feel the pain of shedding blood.

If you pull out a hair, does it only hurt here where you pull it out, or does your whole body feel it? Without feeling it in your whole body, without shedding blood in different places, all over, you can't pay indemnity. When the blood comes out from one place then from two places, Heaven's blood can come in, occupy that place and remain. Satan's blood has to make way for Heaven's blood. There is only one space, but if I do the work ten times, I can leave behind a space that pays indemnity ten times, and Satan's blood has to leave.

If you can continue that kind of fight from the time of the Fall up until today, and you meet me here, listen to my message, make a resolution and then leave, without pushing yourself to the point of bloodshed, a condition of indemnity has not been made. Blood itself has to be spilled.

That is why you have to save Japan and save the world, and if there is even more difficulty in South Korea, you have to overcome it Without doing that, it's just ridiculous to think that you can be recognized as standing in a reciprocal position to the realm of value established by True Parents, the realm that has the value of having indemnified and overcome all that needs indemnifying representing the nation and the world...

The completion of indemnity! Among all your ancestors up until now, who are the three-generational ancestors? True Parents are your ancestors through the providence; they represent the Old Testament era, next they are the parents of the New Testament era and then they are the parents of the Completed Testament era. They are also the parents of the World of Heart in the realm of the Fourth Adam.

You have to connect to the bloodline of your parents. You have to breathe as they breathe, become one with your parents' flesh, through love. That's how the lineage is created. Your father cannot do it alone. Your mother cannot do it alone...

How can we take the content of this Foundation Day and make it into the gate for the opening of heaven? The gateway of heaven is not something that I go through alone. I make the doorway bigger and wider, as a highway for all people. The gateway of heaven can be a gate through which the whole universe can go in and come through, as an individual gateway of heaven, a family gateway of heaven, a national gateway of heaven, a world and cosmic gateway of heaven...

If through this Foundation Day also, in one place, at one time, everything is cleared up and resolved, then by making one line, one road, then two types of passage, ten types, a hundred types -- just as True Parents ask -- a hundred types, are generated, and in the place of others, I go over the challenges with absolute faith all the hundreds of different conditions are liquidated.

Have any of you made a gate that allows you to pass through the tie-off points of Foundation Day? Have you done that, or not? It's a serious matter. The Unification Church has had a defiled bloodline up until today, and all are destined for hell. So how can you just believe that you will go to Heaven?

What, then, do we mean by "True Parents"? We are talking about the bloodline, the lineage. The bloodline is the same. The true love is the same, the life is the same, and the bloodline is the same. Man and woman are born as the substantial body of life in which three generations are one, in which everything is one. If that man and woman have love, life and lineage, Satan cannot invade that. It belongs to God...

Can a grandmother and grandfather enter into Heaven and become the owners? The father and mother, then three generations, four generations -- the whole clan all has to enter. Only then can everyone be truly liberated and given inner freedom, so that no key is necessary, so that the twelve pearly gates of heaven are open day and night (whether one is young or in the eternal world, whether in the time of the grandfather or the time of the father, or the time of the grandsons and grand-daughters, or any of the descendants), and so that there is complete freedom to come and go in that world. Everyone needs to enter in order for the ideal kingdom of heaven to be established.

Therefore, as a human being, once you have accomplished all your destined responsibilities, whether by the anointing of Heaven, or by your parents helping you, or through the grace of your ancestors, you can live together with them and with God in one house, in one place, for eternity. This is what we mean by ideal kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of liberation and complete freedom! Aju! ...

So in the religious sphere and the political sphere, the Christian religious sphere wins. The political sphere is the same as the archangel's world, so whatever it directs or commands, you have to stand in a position of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience -- even while offering up your own life. What am I saying? In both the political world and in the religious world, forces put forth all their effort and did all sorts of things to try and kill me, but I was left standing because they themselves lost that fight. Because I resolved the irresolvable tie-off points of Foundation Day and went over the obstacles, Satan cannot lay a hand on me. As I was just saying before, I brought even the Devil to natural subjugation. By that I mean he call no longer assert his possession of lineage or his possession of the role of master. Those lines have gone. That era has passed. It did not reach the level of the nation.

That is why religion goes beyond the standard of the national level. Going over the national level changes everything and reverses things. Satan -- that is, Cain -- killed the younger brother, the one he should have loved more than anyone else. For that reason, down through history the nation has always sacrificed religion -- but at the end of the day, the situation is quite naturally reversed.

Spirit people in the spirit world have even received the blessing, but how can 300 billion children of the archangel be blessed? Saying 300 billion have received the blessing seems like an utter lie, doesn't it? All of the ancestors who have received the blessing were unable to attend the True Parents while on earth, so they inherited the blood of the archangel. The archangel is not supposed to marry or to own anything. The Lord at his Second Advent had to gain ownership by the age of fifteen.' So the bloodline of the Lord at his Second Advent is different than that of Jesus'. That's why my bloodline is different from Jesus'. Fifteen years of age, fifteen years to go over the national level... Can Satan start the kind of family that the returning Lord has? Can he make the blessing? Because he opposed me all the way; he is now snagged.

I wasn't just some kind of fool when I was fifteen. At that time, I matched people in marriage, just as I have you. I made many prophecies all around the neighborhood, so a lot of rumors came out about me. Because the bloodline is different, centering on the bloodline, I worked from the age of fifteen to the age of eighty-eight to save the sons and daughters who were connected to Satan's bloodline.

Would you be able to sacrifice your lives for the sake of the whole, or not? When it is time to sacrifice, the ones who just run away cannot become God's heirs, but the ones who stay and sacrifice become the members of God's family. Once they do this, they cannot be thrown into prison twice, not on the same, individual, level.

I've gone over the satanic world through five stages -- the individual era, the family era, the clan era ... so no matter how many mistakes I make, Satan cannot put me in prison. However, even if you stand in the position of liberation, Satan can still accuse you. If Satan says, "Even though the Principle says this and this, because you rejected that principle and did this, you cannot enter the world-level sphere of the heavenly kingdom from this place," then you cannot enter. God will agree, and True Parents will also agree that it is correct.

Therefore, alive or dead, you have to completely pass or graduate the standard set up by True Parents That is why you have to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Adam and Eve would not have fallen if they had had absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience toward the commandment not to eat the fruit of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. We all have to go beyond that standard.

The universe is spherical, isn't it? Things like stars and so forth are the same. The sun is about 1.3 million times bigger than the earth, but it's still round, isn't it? Our cells are round. They are just like that. The origin of love is centered on something circular, centered on the bone. The flesh stretched tight.

So what is Foundation Day, then? It's a key point that we need to transcend, going over the hill of indemnity. The Chinese character for "Day" in "Foundation Day" is a bamboo joint or a knot in thread and when used, is pronounced jail (jdayj) isn't it? In the expression "four seasons," the same character is used to mean "seasons," right? In other words, change. Next, the gate for the opening of heaven is a signpost erected after making the pathway smooth and flat. The sign says, "Indemnity conditions are unnecessary here. You can freely pass through for eternity." If you can put that sign up, you can come and go as often as you wish.

When you enter the kingdom of heaven, you will pass through this gate. However, when you enter, there is something there you still have to pass through. Even if you pass on to the spirit world, the True Parents will be there, that's what. True Parents are the ones who have taught about the heavenly gate while living on earth. Once the True Parents go to the spirit world, they will be keeping watch over the path that passes through the gate in the spiritual realm. They will be right there in the middle of the gate, not standing by the side or anything like that. So if you want to pass through, True Parents have to give the okay; they have to let you pass. They do not need to ask. If they see you, they will know instantly. If the True Parents say to you, "Yes, you really did well!" then in you go.

Next, behind them, is God. That's why it's a three-dimensional world of substance. It's the world of the dual characteristics, the formless world, without shape. At the moment, the kingdom of heaven doesn't have any shape or form. It doesn't have any shape or form, but within it, form and shape are far more infinite than the substance of this material world. Everyone wants to form a relationship with everything in that world, so in one second you can travel tens of thousands of kilometers. You can go over to a star somewhere and see if this or that person is there; you just have to think about it and you are already there.

So when you go there, you are going to a world that transcends time and space. Because it transcends these things, that world doesn't have the content that can disentangle all the knots or resolve all the concrete events and problems that exist in the realm of time and space. It is a world of liberation, without knots and ties. You have to know that.

That is why we call it the Gate of the Heavenly Palace. If you want to pass through the gate, you have to pass through the gate of the Unification Church, receive the blessing and purify your lineage. This is the heavenly castle door. To reach that door we have to go through the door of the church, be blessed and have a clear bloodline. For that we need a history of having received God's love and life. 'That's the ceremony to make blessed couples.

Among the various blessed family ceremonies, we have the restoration of lineage, don't we? Forty days of purification and sanctification centered on the Holy Wine Ceremony! Through the Holy Wine Ceremony, you change completely to enter the realm of goodness. After forty days, as parents, you hold another ceremony, the Three-Day Ceremony; at the entrance to the Palace of Heaven. You have to do this to enter the kingdom of heaven. In a nutshell, that's what we mean when we talk about Foundation Day -- the opening of the gate of heaven and the gate of the heavenly palace.

For all of you too, you also have to your own ability and track record in order to disentangle the knots that Satan has put in place. Unless you have that, you will have to turn back at the gate, even if you have True Parents. You don't have belief. You don't have love. You don't have the same bloodline. The saying is absolute faith, absolute love and absolute lineage, right? These three elements have to become one. That's why you have to offer up to God these three key elements; you have to otter the bloodline and the fighting and the realm of ownership where the blood of Cain and Abel is shed. Before you do that, you have to pass through the gate of the Unification Church. If you want to pass through that gate centering on the Lord at his Second Advent, where the returning Lord passes through the gate of the heavenly palace, there must be no accusation from Satan or anything in the memory of the returning Lord barring your way. It doesn't matter even if you have memorized every word of Divine Principle. There has to be flesh and bones, and leathery skin. That's how it has to be for the blood to pass the standard.

What I'm saying is -- what if you still have your own ramparts blocking the way, if you still have a huge castle in the way, if you don't have any stepping stones? If someone from Satan's world comes to see you at night using some kind of stepping stone, those stepping stones cannot be permitted, or forgiven. Sin has to be dealt with as sin.

So when you think about this, you should realize that we have now entered the era of blessing, the realm of the three generations. It is an era in which you can achieve as much as my three generations have. The blessing was given the same to three children; we have entered into an era when the three generations are equal. It is an era in which we can bless three generations.

That is why we have to create a foundation that allows three children to be forgiven. Unless God, Adam and Eve, and even the family of the archangel stand in a position of having given birth to children, we cannot enter heaven. Therefore, in the Unification Church, unless you give birth to three spiritual children and receive the blessing, you can't give birth to children.

Therefore, you have to think that you will not be able to surmount the hill unless you leave something to posterity, even if it is just something conditional. That's why it is not possible to earn a complete pass or to graduate the course completely unless you know the content of Divine Principle. You've got to understand that in the next world, you will be waiting for a hundred, a thousand -- ten thousand years -- to be educated in that content.

How exhausting would that be? Here on earth, you can pass over several mountainous challenges even in the space of one year, but in that world, it would take ten years, a thousand years just to pass over one of those, so you would be waiting for a thousand, tens of thousands of years. Just think about it. You might arrive at the entrance to the heavenly kingdom with your blessed grandchildren, sons and daughters, with many generations of descendants, and they will ask, "Grandpa, grandma, what did you do? All your friends have entered into the kingdom and live like that, but here we are, stuck outside…" Do you think they will just sit still? ...

What we call sin is actually shadow or shade. When things are covered up, even for many generations, who will resolve them? If you cover them up like that, and hide them away, how can you then go and say to me "Where you go, Father, I too will go..."? Can you just go around saying, "We're a 36 couple." "We're a 72 couple," or a 120 couple, a 430 couple or a 777 couple, all the while deceiving your sons and daughters, deceiving your wife, deceiving your ancestors? That's what I'm asking you. Should someone who makes an open road for Satan to just waltz into the family's home and do whatever he pleases be struck by lightning, or not? If his friends know what he is doing, and they don't tell on him, they are simply becoming accomplices in his sin...

Now is the time to enter the heavenly kingdom. If the spiritualists, the saints and the great leaders of the world have all received the blessing, and you just try to pass through them, through families that sprang from the 43-couple blessing or from the 430-couple blessing, do you think they would just leave you alone? You would become shark bait in an instant. It's that kind of fearful world. Do you think you can just go over the standard in a casual manner? Then why do I have to suffer as I do? Why did I go to prison? I am telling you to get things straight in your mind.

And if I tell you, 'Before we establish the heavenly nation, sell your assets, sell you nation, take even your relatives' offerings and put them all together and get rid of it all, as a condition to be forgiven," and then you say "I understand. Of course," then you should do what you say, right? Are you then just going to hold onto your assets and possessions and live comfortably?

How many years remain until January 2013? (Six years and three months.) So we have entered the seven-year countdown. That's why I am really busy. I have to draw the line somewhere.

This is why we are doing forty locations, centering on the three generations. Since we built the three-generation realm, this book that members from three generations of the True Family taught from just recently will never change. In the spirit world everything was dealt with centered on this. This text-book will not change. There in the spirit world as well, things are worked out and put in order according to this content. It wilt be like that until the end of the world. That's why we have to keep this law, this rule by which Father worked and brought the world of evil to submission. Until we go over the final barrier...

For every existence in the universe, this is true: if you love more and more and sacrifice more and more when raising your children, they will become devoted sons and daughters. If a king does this, his ministers will become the most loyal ministers. If you raise your children in this way, they are destined to become saints and divine children of Heaven. Because people in the past did not do that, we have to pay the price and make restitution. We can't avoid it. If you eat too much, or even leave food, you are a thief. The same is true of clothing.

If you look at how a person is born, the ancestors of his or her father and mother intertwine with a variance that means even between brothers there can be vast differences. Children are born from what is derived at the point where a mother's bloodline crosses her husband's bloodline. But most people want to just get married with someone they like, or someone who has a lot to offer them.

These days, people believe in "tree marriage." They look at someone's face and get married merely according to their own willful desires, setting up some kind of family structure according to whatever they want. Meanwhile, they are destroying the foundation of the nation. For them, the nation doesn't even exist. It's just full-blown individualism. They only think of themselves. In the future, when we found a nation, if people behave like this, we can catch them and punish them. Even if you do that, even if you have to receive punishment like this, under this authority, you have to be able to be grateful and become a sacrifice. That is the law that will apply...

The important message today is that you have to love in order to get rid of all indemnity. If you don't love, the knots will never disappear. Without love, you cannot get the passport that will allow you to pass through the gateway.

Because people have caught all the fish in the sea, when our indemnity time comes, it will not matter who our offspring are. Our entire family will be wiped out. People have fished out all the fish and destroyed the fish stocks, so it's almost impossible to catch anything now. That's what it will be like.

Someone like me comes out, and I just use common sense and leave a lot of the fish there. If you leave ten times the fish, and only take one-tenth with you, the fish will never be fished out and there will always be fish in the ocean. There will be plenty of fish for people to catch and eat and farm.

What is the important thing today? Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth! You have to keep the content, the significance of this Foundation Day, and your have to make all the knotted tie-off points of Foundation Day flat and smooth. You have to indemnify them, make the road smooth, and build the gate -- the gate that you can enter freely at will, without any kind of ticket. Free passage!

So even if you have joined the Unification Church, you have to uphold this Foundation Day, so that you can receive that free ticket and go in and out as you please.

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