Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Anniversary of the UPF

Sun Myung Moon
September 12, 2006
Notes: Jim Flynn

Dear brothers and sisters

Greetings from Seoul. I want to give you a brief update on events here. The 3rd Assembly of the Universal Peace Federation is currently underway with some 400 delegates from more than 140 nations. Among these are 20 participants from USA.

September 12 marked the first anniversary of the founding of the UPF. The occasion was celebrated with a special program and banquet at the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum at Chung Pyung. At this remarkable location, conference participants were blessed with special presentations by both True Father and True Mother.

The providence continues to move forward at an incredible pace. During his speech yesterday, Father said "Now is the time to fly and to take quantum leaps forward…" The event at Cheon Jeong Gung had a special and somewhat surprising title: "The First Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation Celebrating the Establishment of the Kingdom of the Universal Peace Federation."

Here are some excerpts from True Father’s speech on September 12:

"World leaders, I have said that the model of true love and true peace is created within a true family. Thus, the kingdom of the Universal Peace Federation is ultimately the expansion of the original ideal family into a true, peaceful, ideal family that exists throughout heaven and earth. If you wish to become a member of such a true family and live together in that family, then surely you must first go through the process of registration, and then move into this kingdom.
This special grace is not given out randomly or just at any time. This grace from Heaven – surely the first of its kind and the highest blessing ever received in history – truly has revolutionary significance. This is only possible on the foundation of the True Parents realm of absolute victory
Ladies and gentlemen, throughout history, people have continually worked for peace based on human effort alone. Consider the confrontation between democracy and communism. Outwardly, the difference between the two was the extent to which they recognized and insured individual rights and freedoms. Yet providentially speaking, Communism and democracy were like children who had lost their parents. The two divided into the positions of Cain and Abel respectively and became trapped in the fetters of fraternal conflict.
Throughout history, peace movements inevitably reached their limit and ended in failure because they were carried out by imperfect human beings. This is why the United Nations, although launched with the splendid dream of realizing world peace, today has to admit its innate limitations and confess that it can no longer give hope to humanity. This is simply because the UN was launched during the era prior to the time when God could directly govern the unfolding of His providence in history.
Now, however, it is entirely possible for the Universal Peace Federation to fulfill its mission to unite heaven and earth and form the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. That is because it represents God’s victory and the fruit of the True Parents’ blood, sweat and tears. Therefore, the Universal Peace Federation is the world’s cherished hope. It will carry out the role of the Abel-type counterpart to the existing "Cain-type" United Nations, to renew the UN and provide the leadership for a new sovereignty of universal peace known as Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, please bear in mind that you, as the world’s leaders, are given the heavenly mission to build God’s substantial homeland, which is nothing less than the ideal that God intended at the time of creation." Father's words have profound meaning and implication for our time and for our work. Also, in his extemporaneous remarks yesterday, Father again critical role of America in the world, and urgent need for America to be aligned with God's providence.
Let us deepen our commitment and unity, and do our utmost to inspire and guide the Elder Son nation to fulfill its providential responsibility.

Jim Flynn

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