Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Morning Message - August 10, 2006

Sun Myung Moon
August 10, 2006
Translator: Im Joong Kim
Editor: Louise Strait)

Through the world speaking tours, Mother and I are setting a total indemnity condition. A total indemnity condition will bring the foundation of total liberation. Through that, humanity's clan level will be blessed. This will unite the national level, which should be combined with the Mongolian People's Federation. The responsibility to connect the nations to the world level lies in the hands of the national messiahs. That will create world level messiahs. This is the destiny of God's providence.

What the True Parents need to solve are the problems of Adam's family: first, the problem of the lineage; second, the bloodshed between brothers; and third, the loss of ownership. To fulfill this all people with the Mongolian birthmark and all the other people on this earth should be brothers and sisters. And the bloodshed between Cain and Abel in the Adam's family should be indemnified. All brothers and sisters should unite and serve the parents. It is not just the mother who should serve the father; the mother needs to unite with the children and serve the father.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve kicked out her husband, which means she kicked out the owner of the family and the nation. This is an unavoidable fate for us; we need to accept this and fulfill the responsibility to restore this and bring this world back to God. All nations will be in the position of total freedom and total liberation, and they will live with God and serve him as a parent. Above us there will be God; with us there will be united humanity. In that world there will be no sadness. It will be a truly liberated and free Heaven on Earth. Amen!

God created this world to be perfected in love, but because of the Fall everything was lost. He did not create this world after the fall. So we need to change this world to fit into the perfect world that God originally desired. If gears don't match with precision, they will break. We need to be precisely matched with God. Right now Heaven and Earth are not turning the same way. If Heaven turns clockwise, Earth turns counterclockwise. Because Heaven and Earth are opposite, we need to oppose and object to the things that fallen people enjoy on this earth.

When the Israelites left Egypt to go to the Canaan they carried the most holy thing (the Ark of the Covenant) with them; whoever opposed the most holy thing perished. When God displayed his judgment, there needed to be a person who said, "Take me instead of my brothers and sisters." Without that kind of person, there can be no settlement.

When Jesus was on the cross, his heart didn't stop so a Roman soldier stabbed a spear through Jesus' heart, however Jesus still asked God to forgive all of them. We cannot save this world with the God of judgment. The God who can love the people, even in the situation of death, is the God who can save this world and create the peace kingdom. The God of judgment who would destroy humanity with power cannot save this world. Jesus, in front of the God of judgment, said he would die for his brothers and sisters. That is what is different between God and humans. At that moment God wanted to end fallen humanity, but Jesus came and asked God to save his brothers and sisters, even the people living today, and take him instead. You need to clearly understand the source of the motive to resurrect and save heaven and earth and create the kingdom of heaven on earth.

We cannot achieve this by fighting. To be a Blessed member, you need to know both the God of judgment and God of love. All religious people know about the God of judgment, but the God of love is the God of the future who will be the owner of the heavenly kingdom. And blessed people who know about the God of love who will rule the world in the future.

I went on the path of cross, and I faced lots of difficulties, even death. But I didn't die. People should think me as the brother among all the brothers. The leaders and even Kings of the world should support me. Until this becomes reality, total liberation and freedom will not come.

Because of global warming, people in tropical areas will not be able to stay in those hot zones. There will be massive migrations to cooler areas. Places that are now too cold for people to live will become habitable. The two poles will attract lots of visitors in the future. We are trying to build an eternal peace kingdom on this earth. To achieve that, we need to focus on developing scientific technologies. Even though I am a church leader; I am focusing on these kinds of matters. We should achieve the eternal peace kingdom by using science and technology.

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