Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Declaration Of The Inheritance Of The Kingships Of The Religious Realm And The Political Realm

Sun Myung Moon
July 27, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning and Education, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Note: On July 27th, 5 am, True Father came to the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace, and spoke to some 800 participants of the Chung Pyung workshops. True Father declared that the kingships of the religious and political realms should be inherited before he goes to the spirit world.

In order to become one, centering on the kingship of the Cain-side kingdom and the kingship of the Abel-side kingdom, you must remember that this is a day of declaration, that you will be able to inherit all things in the same position. Is that clear? ('Yes!')

At this hour, I make a declaration in the hope that the kingships of the religious realm and the political realm, namely, Cain and Abel, those who killed each other due to having a different lineage, can become one; remember this day in which you can inherit all things in the same position that God has won victory over, that I am declaring. I declare this as a day in which you are able to inherit this. I declare it. ('Amen.') (Applause) You should remember this day."

Rev. Sun-jo Hwang: This morning, you have made a very valuable declaration. In view of the thousands of years of the providence, you have made this declaration this morning. The theme is inheritance. You have made a valuable declaration, for us to inherit the kingdom of the religious realm and the kingdom of the political realm and lead it to a world of peace. Let us mark this content deeply in our hearts.

Today, all things that have been liberated can become one. The East and the West, which have separated from one brotherhood, will become one, and the father and the son, who have become divided in heaven and on earth will come together. I will bind all things together and have you inherit them. Collect all things, to offer them before Heaven. We will seek them out and offer them totally before God. The individual and family and all nations will offer these to the complete realm, and at the same time, these will be inherited by us again.

The individual, nation, people and world centered on the world that has been inherited, will for the first time go beyond into the era of ownership, which God had been unable to own until now. From now on, this must be connected to all things that True Parents have accomplished. You should know that this is the time I will promise, that you will be endowed with the inheritance in the sense that you will continuously inherit, and can even pray in this way. Do you understand? ('Yes!')

What was completely overturned by Adam and Eve's fall was restored through indemnity by the True Parents for the first time, they became the owners of true love, and for the first time, the world has become a race of true love. Adam and Eve who fell, forgot their position to receive in the beginning the inheritance of all things, under the ownership of God. Thus, all of these things will be connected to the ownership of God. At the same time, I endow all of you with the position to inherit governance (the administration) once again, from God. Is that clear? ('Yes!')

In order to liberate the people, we must complete the Blessing so that all things can be resolved in the next seven years including this year, until the world state, the nation of Heaven, the realm of liberation can be fulfilled, in the Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven. Complete the Blessing, and next, you must purify and declare with Holy Wine and Holy Salt, that this world has come into the possession of God. Then, receive the promise that we can inherit the things that we must offer on that occasion. Therefore, let us inherit the fact that we must do our utmost, together with the Lord of the Second Coming.

This is the hour in which you have been promised that you will inherit God's will in my place, that I have been fulfilling until now, so that is why I am bequeathing everything to you. If I do not bequeath this in this way, you will never be able to inherit it, as I will be going to the spirit world.

We do not know when we will go to the spirit world in our course of life, so I am promising this to you in advance. Therefore, please become members who can take responsibility in the place of True Parents. The false parents overturned the heavens completely, but now the True Parents have brought victory. The Blessing can now be given freely, at any time. There is no opposition! Do you understand?

We must fulfill this responsibility, and go beyond the critical point of release in the era of liberation, in which we can prepare the path we will go at any time. If you can be released, you will be able to fulfill the duties of the owner in place of God, for the first time. You must do this, and then go to Heaven. Is that clear? ('Yes!')

As I will make the promise of inheritance for you in advance, you can unite with my sons and daughters for God's will, even if I am absent, and you should be able to inherit and offer the Blessing. In that way, all of you will stand in the position of equal value in which you can inherit the entire kingdom of heaven instead. You must know that the memory of today will become a valuable thing in the future. Do you understand?

We don't know when I will go to the spirit world, right? What will you do if I disappear one day? The religious realm and the political realm, Cain and Abel must become one, and be restored as a unified foundation. That is why I am placing you in the position of equal participation so that you can accomplish this. I am extending this from now on, and endowing you with the right of inheritance through my promise. Is that clear? You should welcome it with applause." (Applause)

Rev. Hwang: We offer a bow, engraving in our hearts the precious significance of the inheritance of Heaven's Will over thousands of years. Kyeongbae to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind! (Gyeongbae)

You will stand in the same position as my representatives to bless others. Do you understand? ('Yes!') If you follow my model and offer your best for the remaining year, six years, seven years, the world will become yours. The entire world will become God's possession, and you will be able to inherit this possession. You will see such fruits as the sons and daughters of Heaven. You will become the owners of liberation and complete release. Amen!" (Applause)

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