Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Speech To The Chung Pyung 40-Day Workshop Trainees

Sun Myung Moon
June 26, 2006

Note: On June 26, 2006, from 7:00-10:30 pm, True Father spoke to some 500 participants of the 105th (regular) 40-Day and the 26th Blessed Wives 40-Day Workshop participants, at the Small Hall of the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. In the beginning, Father looked around at the participants and said he came, wanting to see their faces. He then spoke on the importance of the spirit world, saying if you don't understand the spirit world; the future path would be difficult. He also said he had come to set a new standard for speaking to the 40-Day participants for the first time since the Opening Ceremony of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum (June 13). The following is a summary of the speech. (Edited by the Office of Planning & Education, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center)

Do you all have earphones (for translation)? You have to learn the Korean language. I came to have a look at the faces of those who are here for the special education program (Chung Pyung 40-Day Special Workshop).

So, many of you are here to receive the training, are you? ("Yes!") How many are you? ("We are over 500.") Weren't you all thinking, "Ah, we hope we can see Father's face even once?" ("Yes." Applause) what should I do for you?

This time, I thought I should come once, and see the Workshop participants for the first time (since the Opening Ceremony of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum). I heard 400-500 would gather at the Training Center, so I came. This is an important talk, so you should listen gratefully.

We Should Know the Spirit World

From now on, if you don't understand the spirit world, it will be difficult for you to live a life of faith on your own, for the rest of your life. I came to know the life of faith and the spirit world at an early age, and therefore, even if I received the kind of opposition from the world that would turn the entire world upside down, I continued to pioneer God's will until today. It is because the spirit world is a world of absolute certainty. So, no matter how much the world opposed me, I was not able to quit. That is why I was able to promote and advance God's will.

People of the world have opposed me throughout my life. However, the realities of the spirit world correspond to the history of society today. Later on, people find out that Rev. Moon's words are all true, and as a result, those who opposed us believe now and follow. Through that, we can know that the Unification Church is valuable.

Thus, if you don't understand the spirit world, from now on, the way becomes difficult. Because the spirit world exists, men and women join the Unification Church and hold the belief that they must unite the mind and body. That is what is important.

Then, if you become married, the Kingdom of Heaven must be built, centered on families that are the core thought of God's ideal of creation. Our history should have begun, centered on families centered on God, but there was no record that God started such a history. This was because Adam and Eve fell, and were chased out. Humankind became totally unable to relate to God, who is the owner of love, life and lineage.

As we ourselves cannot deny the experience itself, that we've had a spiritual experience, we are unable to forget everything. You must be able to experience. Those who cannot experience what faith is, will die. No matter how difficult the path that I go is, if I offer devotions, the ancestors will all help immediately from the spirit world.

God's Mainstream Thought

What is the mainstream thought of the absolute being, God's love, life and lineage? It is not only that it is absolute. What is the mainstream? Isn't so with humans, too? There is a north, south, east and west. There are the top, middle, bottom, the upper phase, lower phase, right and left phases, and because it is so, God cannot establish a mainstream thought by himself. He must go through humans also.

Can you establish a mainstream thought when there is no partner? Can you make God's life, love and lineage all become rooted with a doctoral degree? No, you can not.

Adam should love his sister in an unfallen position, and the sister, by being loved, will love her brother. By doing so, she creates her brother into an owner of love. Do you understand? It is not the brother, but the younger sister who determines the owner of love.

It is the woman who is the wife who makes her husband into the owner of love, who creates the husband's love, and not the husband himself. And the parents alone cannot make themselves into the owner of love. Only after giving birth to a child, can a father and mother become one and love the child.

Intercultural Exchange Marriages Make the Nation of Peace

Those who came to Korea to marry, raise your hands. Those who married Koreans are in a position to relate directly to the lineage of the True Parents. They are the Korean race, who can have give-and-take with the life, love and lineage of True Parents. Originally, the Japanese and the Koreans could not become one. Originally, they would not have become one forever, but they are the Eve nation standing in the object partner position before the Adam nation, to become one forever.

Intercultural exchange marriages are to re-create all women who were abandoned, the most tragic women, in order to re-create the woman that Adam lost. Nearly 10,000 have married Koreans now. These people will become elder brother and sisters, become ancestors in the future. You don't know how much I was persecuted in Japan as I tried to marry Japanese and Koreans. Originally, Koreans could not marry Japanese even if they died. Originally, the Japanese and Koreans could not have intercultural exchange marriages.

If the world can marry cross-culturally in this way, we can create a nation of peace, a united country most quickly. It is the quickest way. Germany and England can all marry overnight. Even 100,000 people will be quickly married. Would it be better than choosing by your selves? You all married through me, but I did not do it forcibly like thunder. Because I've lived for the sake of the world, the sons and daughters are more handsome and beautiful than the parents. They are all born with the lessons of the Unification Church. You must let them study globally. Is that clear?

Mission of the Mother

Now, Mother is touring the world (the Middle East), and Heung Jin Nim is touring Japan. From now on, I have to raise up Mother and my sons. For the mother, the lineage is the issue. She gave birth mistakenly to Cain, who killed Abel. The sons have to indemnify this for her.

Well, I should be going back. Those with ears will listen. What kinds of people have come here? Japanese women, the Eves came, leaving their children behind. [Missionaries] must be exported from Japan. They will bring Unification Thought to the countries of export, and play the role of the mother. That is the way for Japan to live. That is why 4300 were sent just to Latin America as missionaries.

The country of Japan should send out 340,000 women as missionaries. All of those who graduated from Japan's universities, diplomats' wives and ambassadors' wives should all be mobilized. If they go out into the world, do global activities and return, they find they are no longer typical Japanese. If you come back from a mission, your perspective will become totally different from a typical Japanese.

When will you go back? (One Japanese woman participant: "I return on July 22.")

July 22? I am busy, so consider that the content of today's talk is enough, and please bring results that correspond to today's talk. Do you understand? ("Yes.")

Well, that will be about it. I am a man who created a big stir in the peaceful environment that you used to live in, so I'd better run quickly (from you!) (Laughter)

(MC Mr. Jae-soon Choi: "We thank True Father deeply for the love you've given to the 40-Day participants. All rise." "Gyeongbae to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity!" (All bow.)

Let's not forget that we have bowed, engrave the significance sincerely into our hearts, and become princes and princesses of victory, throughout our lives. Amen.

(Big applause)

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