Sun Myung Moon's Words From 2006

The Path of the People of Cheon Il Guk - Peace Message

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 2006

Expert from Cheon Il Guk is the Ideal Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Peace


You will inscribe on your heart the need to uphold the Cosmic King of Peace, who is the horizontal True Parent, and to live with absolute obedience on the horizontal axis for eternity as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. You will make living for the sake of others, which is the practice of true love, the standard of your life. You will establish a true family and raise true children who are sinless and pure, thus protecting God's lineage and bequeathing it intact from generation to generation.


"Before you desire to have dominion over the universe, you must first have dominion over yourself."

Your conscience knows everything about you. It knows them even better than God knows. So if you place your conscience in God's position over your life, and go the way of absolute obedience, of "high-noon settlement", it is certain that you will establish a realm of resonance between your mind and body and perfect their unity.


The issue now is the 6.5 billion people living on earth in the physical body. They struggle in agony in the midst of sin and suffering, yet they are your brothers and sisters. Your third mission is to educate them and bring them home as people of Cheon Il Guk.

You should educate everyone to understand that all human beings without exception are descended from the Fall and must change their blood lineage through receiving the Holy Marriage Blessing from the True Parents.


Never forget that in every time and place, and no matter what you are doing, your ancestors in the spirit world are with you. Be ever mindful to live in harmony with the spirit world. Communicate in prayer with the heavenly world with sincerity and dedication, so that you may become perfected in your spirit self while you are living on the earth.


You must cut away and cast off your mask of selfish individualism. In order to belong to Heaven, you must change ownership by participating in the Ceremony of Returning Ownership, offering everything you own to God and then receiving it back from God.

In addition, all citizens of Cheon Il Guk will provide funds for the well being and peace of humanity by voluntary contributions. This has to be a gift that citizens offer willingly to Heaven with joyful hearts.


You can no longer tolerate actions that destroy nature and pollute the environment.

As citizens of Cheon Il Guk, please have the wisdom to protect and love nature. To love nature is to love God and humanity.


You must become Heaven's emissaries, fulfilling the dual missions of the "Peace Kingdom Police Force" and the "Peace Kingdom Corp" under the banner of the Universal Peace Federation. Let us build the everlasting Peace Kingdom by attending the King of Cosmic Peace and fulfilling the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. 

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