Sun Myung Moon's Words From 2006

Final Benediction At The Opening the Cheong Jeong Peace Place

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 2006

Beloved Heavenly Father, we know that humankind is without honor or dignity in the face of our Father, who has had to come from the furthest point in history to this place right here.

Father, You placed me, a mere child, as Your son and guided me through everything. I can never forget Your voice as You told me with tears to forgive whatever opposed me in the world. Following that path, and knowing that it was my destined responsibility to establish a turbulent path of upheaval in the individual and the family, and the path of the cross of the world and of heaven and earth, thenceforth I could not reveal myself to anyone in the world, and I hesitated showing myself before others, as if I were the shameful offspring of a sinner. I hid myself as I revealed the secrets of Heaven. You alone knew me and guided me until now, and I am truly, truly grateful for all You have done, and for Your guidance.

In the morning, the Entrance Ceremony for the Cheon Jeong Gung [palace] was carried out, and now the era has come wherein the Cosmic Parent and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind can become one in mind and body, and, centering on the royal kingship of Cheon II Guk, reign over that nation as the pride of the generations that are to come as the owners of love.

Father, this son knows Your heart and Your grief in being unable to stand in the place of glory and rule over us...

A very, very long time ago in Adam's family, Eve fell, and her two sons, Cain and Abel, who were born on the foundation of having lost the bloodline, became parents who could not establish a fraternal relationship with each other, and thus a history of extreme misfortune infiltrated Adam's family. However, no one knows about this fact, Father.

I can never forget how You enlightened me of these truths, and of the uncompromising situation You were in, and how afterwards You had urged me to take responsibility for these truths. Only one step ahead of death, I climbed over hills and passed through vast, vast, and yet even more vast oceans and wildernesses, and struggled and prayed to find the path that would help me cross them in one stride. Doing so, I have come so far, and in trying to practice the historical, living truths and records You had instructed me in, I do not know how the time passed.

Living my life like this, I now find myself an old man, and I regret that there is only so short a time left to me before I go to the spirit world to serve You, Father, on behalf of the ideal realm of the kingdom of heaven in the world before the Fall. Though that may be the case, I am not one who would pray and ask You to extend my time on earth, for You know me better than anyone else does.

Now we have finished the Coronation Ceremony and the Dedication Ceremony of the Kingship centering on the name of Cheon Il Guk. And this is the moment when we have finished the Coronation Ceremony of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind coming together as one and being enthroned as the king of kings of goodness. I now state before You, that I am now sharing with others everything I have done, everything I have presided over, everything I have been involved in, and everything I have owned to pave the foundation for Your victory, together with the ownership of the cosmos, and stand before You alone, with no burden on my shoulders.

I place before You all that should be left for You, Your ideal realm of the unity of heart, Cheon II Guk, and the domain of the world in the form of the unified family, so that You can become the Owner who regains the bloodline of Adam lost in Adam's family in Eden, and who stands tall amidst all the efforts being made by atheism to bring ruin to this chaotic world -- and that caused Cain to kill Abel -- and the Owner who establishes the one nation among all nations and restores the nation where there are neither Cain nor Abel, nor wars.

Therefore, take hold of all this, the world in Your left hand and Heaven in Your right hand. The scientific world can now conquer aeronautics beginning from the helicopter. When that world becomes one with the philosophical and religious world -- if the two worlds can be united into one and this then shown to all -- there could be no nation or intellectual class that could oppose it. In fact, even the most famous and successful religious leaders who might pride themselves as such would not be able to oppose, but would inevitably be brought to submission before it. Knowing all this, and bearing it all in mind, I now stand at the point in time in the Last Days of history and declare this proclamation and this speech of today yet again.

In the position of the master, may You become the liberated king of liberation, the freed king of freedom, and the sage and virtuous king of eternal prosperity and peace for millions of generations to come, so that You can become the owner and the king who reigns and flourishes forevermore.

I announce this as we are about to depart after having concluded this coronation, so please take the responsibility to reign over all nations and the entire universe as the fulfillment of Your greatest hope.

If there is anything You need, call upon us, for there are Your [peace kingdom] police and [peace kingdom] corps that will do anything You command them to do, and there is the correctional corps which has been organized on behalf of the mother, the mother and owner of the bloodline lost in Eden, and the fallen sister who committed wrong, who have united together, establishing this corps to correct all the wrong in the world. We dedicate this organization to You, Father, and ask that You take responsibility for again measuring and assessing its content.

Now Rev. Moon stands at the place of liberation and complete inner freedom with freedom of authority, and I pray that the Eden You have idealized, the heaven and earth where there are no nations and religions, and where the relationship between brothers and sisters can be educated anew, can be established quickly, so that the kingship of love of the victorious supremacy of the realm of the Abel UN can come down to earth and become the lighthouse and the sign of the victory of all nations in peace and prosperity, and finally be brought to settlement, making this world into the sabbatical kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven!

I report this most earnestly in the name of True Parents, and declare before the entire cosmos that You are the king of the sovereignty of love, glory and victory! Amen! Amen! Amen! 

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