Sun Myung Moon's Words From 2006

True Parents' Prayer of Blessing - When True Parents Entered Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 2006

Our beloved Father in Heaven, at this point in time, closely watched over by heaven and earth, we have ushered in the moment at which the Parcel of Heaven, Earth and Humankind can dedicate this glorious Cheon Jeong Gung. In attendance to the Master of Heaven, who has endeavored from the beginning of this establishment until now, Heaven's warriors have been mobilized to do their absolute best together with the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on earth, to build a palace of love and peace that can last forever. The construction of Cheon Jeong Gong, which has come into existence so that the Master can be acknowledged with the palace as the central point, has now been completed.

This place has been prepared so that You, our Heavenly Father, can become the king of eternity; the king of kings of love, and the master of masters and the king of kings who can govern everything in the world with sovereignty and authority. Heavenly Father, we have created and constructed this palace with joy, so that it may become the main palace of the ideal realm, the kingdom of heaven that is characterized by existing and living together, wherein all created beings on earth can eternally live, receiving Your love in the embrace of Your hands and Your bosom.

Now, together with the name of True Parents, the true families can be delivered from the fallen world, and under Your blessings unite the connections of the love and life of heaven, and bring to a settlement on earth the eternal bloodline of the Parents of Heaven and Earth in heaven and on earth. This palace has been chosen as the place of settlement, so Father, please dwell eternally in the midst of this palace. While still in the process of beginning the world of the ideal of creation, based on the original heart, the first human ancestors fell. They were still in their time of immaturity, and did not know Your will in all its dimensions, front and back, left and right, and higher and lower. Thus, You have had to go through a grievous history, yearning in Your heart for the new form of the family of the unfallen, perfected Adam in the original mold, and have had to endure and persevere to restore, all by Yourself, the environment wherein You can subjugate naturally everything that has been governed through the bloodline of the evil power.

To do so, You have had to endure the path of suffering over the eight stages -- individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. My Father and the Master of all heaven and earth, having thus persevered, You have worked to enlighten all the fallen descendants who did not know that You are our Father, the Father of our family, the Father of our nation, our world, and our heaven and earth, by sending the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind to earth. Ten, a hundred, a thousand kinds of things have been developed and enlightened and awakened. The cornerstone; of this victorious supremacy have been laid so that on the battleground, everything from the fight between mind and body to the breakdown of the conjugal relationship, the division between father and son, conflict between tribes, conflict between nations, conflict between worlds, and even to the confrontation between the ideology of atheism and our Heavenly Father (who is the master of the universe centered on the great laws of eternity, or the origin, of heaven and earth and the heavenly way, which is centered on heaven and earth) and everything that was fighting against God. the eternal, nucleic king of the eternally existing world could be resolved.

The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have come down to earth to pioneer all unknown environments in heaven and on earth, and through the model standard and the official Principle they have achieved the liberated realm on the levels of the individual, tribe, ethnic people, nation, world and cosmos. On this victorious sign, they are now standing at a point in time in which they can perform the coronation of the king of peace in heaven and on earth in the Cheon Jeong Palace on this day, and standing here, we dedicate before You, our Father, this temple, this palace.

Please become one in virtuous unity with the Cosmic Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who can finally make a beginning from this palace, in making preparations for the coronation; please permit the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind the grace to attend Heaven in the Cheon Jeong Palace on earth eternally, by purging the world of all its faults and traces, on behalf of all peoples of the world, at this place, and by ushering in the liberated and internally completely freed heaven and earth before the liberated, bright and shadow-free light of the sun of love, life and lineage of the settlement of noon. May this Cheon Jeong Gyeong be dedicated and belong to You, and may everything that comes henceforth after the ceremonies performed at this place march forward, on and on, and advance into the world of liberation and complete freedom on earth, and into the kingdom of heaven, filled with everlasting and unchanging prosperity and glory, to Your throne of love and victorious supremacy.

On behalf of all humanity, and as the representative of all saints, sages and ancestors in heaven, the foundation of the kingship of the Savior, Messiah, Lord at his Second Coming and the True Parents, who are working at the ultimate end to accomplish and clear away everything, is being presented and dedicated on the foundation of perfection.

So Father, with the authority of the master of all eternity, and with the joy of liberation and complete inner freedom great enough to more than completely do away with the sad history of the imperfect place that is Eden, and with the authority of the eternal master and eternal emperor of love governing over all creation, we dedicate all this before You at this time so that You may become the ruler and master forever and evermore, and so that the True Parents can become the flowers and the fruits in the realm of life of all creation in the world. Heavenly Father; we dedicate and offer this to You earnestly and ardently from the bottom of our hearts, and we pray that You may accept it with delight. I present and report this solemnly in the name of True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!' Amen! Amen! 

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