Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Inauguration Ceremony for the Peace Kingdom Corps and the Peace Kingdom Police

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning and Education, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

On June 12, 2006, at 2 pm, the 'Inauguration Ceremony for the Peace Kingdom Corps and the Peace Kingdom Police' was held in the presence of True Parents, in front of the Jeongshim Won on a specially built stage.
True Father gave a speech about the significance of the Peace Kingdom Corps and the Peace Kingdom Police for about 30 minutes. The following is a summary of the latter half of his speech.

The Significance of the 'Peace Kingdom Corps' and the 'Peace Kingdom Police'

Many police and military men have failed in the past and have hindered the path to God's homeland and His world.

Did you just meet Rev. Moon or have you known him for a long time? ("We've known him for a long time.") When you were still part of the military and met Rev. Moon, did you think he was a good man, a man you could admire? Those of you who were policemen, did you think you could admire Rev. Moon more than your Chief of Police or your President? On the contrary, you thought that Rev. Moon was a bad man and tried to eliminate him, right? Therefore, you must make ten times, one hundred times more effort and protect God's homeland and this planet Earth.

You and I have now met. As we become one in this encounter and have the same starting point and purpose, in which direction should we go together? The path of the woman, the path of the man, the path of the parents, the path of the family, and the path of the nation are all one and the same. There is only one path in which we can find the ideal nation from an ideal family that God can love.

God could not give protection in the Garden of Eden. The Archangel was responsible for educating Adam and Eve. If the Archangel had taught Adam and Eve with heart, as the servant, there would have been no need today for the UPF 'Peace Women Committee for Education of the Heart'. But he could not fulfill that responsibility. Protection could not be given. That is why the police and the military, which are like red blood cells and white blood cells, all ended up dying.

They had no other choice but to die. You are responsible for reviving all of them. Do you understand? The Peace Kingdom Police and the Peace Kingdom Corps have to be able to cooperate with each other, just as how the red blood cells and the white blood cells function within the same body to protect life.

The Archangel lost his standard as the servant. The servant Archangel did not understand lineage. How precious is the lineage? The lineage centered on God's love and life, in other words, God's sons and daughters, and God's family never settled on this Earth.

You must study the Word and think, "I must protect this planet Earth on behalf of God, the police, and the military." From now on, you must tune into the Word with humble hearts, and must complete the realm of liberation in Heaven and on Earth with your own hands.

There is no need for the words Savior,' Second Coming, or Messiah from now on. Only the True Parents are necessary. We must save this world in order to find True Parents, and we must save this world in which religions are fighting one another to create hell. Those of you who have selfishly opposed me must now become perfect individuals who can vindicate and protect Rev. Moon.

Will you trust and follow me? ("Yes!") (Applause) I cannot begin to tell you how much I have been deceived, betrayed and insulted until now. My hope is that you can quickly become righteous police and military men, and righteous citizens, the direct disciples of Rev. Moon whom God can truly love.

From today on, we must fix the mistakes that were made by False Parents in the Garden of Eden, and offer everything to God. There are over 300 billion spirits who received the blessing in the spirit world. Please take part and lead the new Peace Corps and Police, with the understanding that they were inaugurated in order to equip ourselves for such a time.

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