Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Hannam Dong Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
May 11, 2006
Unofficial Notes: Jinsoo Kim, Director of 2nd Generation Department USA

Like shower pouring onto the ground and become the source of life, with that kind of heart, you should pour these words into every village. While other people are interested in the general election (In May 31th, general election is scheduled in Korea), people who work hard to spread these speech will stand on the future leader's position. Let us do our best for the last 20 days and let people see who is going to become the real owner.

Like the holy water ceremony followed after Father's speech during the UPF rally, first Father's words should be spread and then Heavenly fortune will come later. In this sense, today we are going to Hoon Dok my speech that will be spoken at the day of Palace entering. Therefore you can prepare yourself with your sincere heart and condition until June 13th, centering on my speech.

I have asked you (all the Korean church leaders working abroad) to come back to Korea until yesterday. You will stand front and pioneer our rain of blessing in this country, working hard more than you did as diplomat in a foreign country. Start your mission from your own hometown and expand to the whole nation, accompanied with your wife. If not, instead, at least your sons or daughter should support you since they are your seeds.

Rev. Kwak read Father's speech for Palace entering day. It is entitled 'Cheon Il Guk is the ideal kingdom of heaven in a peaceful reign'

In this era, your ancestors who already went to spiritual world can come down to earth and dwell within your family together. That's why you always should act and behave very carefully. We have to continue to read these 3 speeches (3 message of speech) until June13th. After Father's world tour, now Mother and children are doing the same. So for you blessed couples, it is time to go to your hometown and pioneer the place centering on 12 branches of your family. By extension of that effort, Bering Strait project remains ahead of us. Not only you, but also all people living in this complete testament age and religion gather together to accomplish the project. Also nations which persecuted religions long time should join as well.

Since Father has always stood on the front and pioneered, you have no idea what pioneering is. When you go out and pioneer something, that means you choose certain part or field that Father has invested, then you take ownership over it, and love and work hard for it until you die. I'm sure those people can enter kingdom of heaven. That is where you take ownership. Ownership is not a matter of how much you have. My words are like a bulletproof jacket in the Satanic world. Wearing that jacket, your mind and body become one, husband and wife become one, Cain and Abel become one, and the world can finally come into one nation.

You should be an owner, with this concept bearing in your mind that you found this truth hidden in the history and finally proclaim to the all humankind. Then, these words will become the fence that protects you because these words transform into the substance of your family, tribe, people, nation and world where Satan cannot intervene. Today I read 3 speeches again before HDH, I read even English scripts that Mother and my son read in this tour.

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