Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Father's Words At East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 2006
East Garden
Unofficial notes

Please understand blood lineage has to be restored. People did not know if God existed and why there is suffering. Everything went wrong because of the blood lineage. Because of the Fall, Adam and Eve were expelled; then gave birth to children. Why were they not God's children? They were born as Satan's lineage. Because it is not God's lineage God could not be with them. Because of this Fall God's position was taken away by Satan. This means Satan came to multiply his child (ren). Because humankind received Satan's lineage, although God is the owner of creation his ideal was not realized. Everything was occupied by Satan. God has been trying to restore this fallen blood lineage.

In Adam's family Cain killed Abel. (In) the first family (there was) murder, crime because the devil became the master of human beings. That is the reason why the older brother killed the younger brother. A murder right there. There was a blood shedding right there. Two greatest incidents that happened. First, defiling the blood lineage of God.

Original Adam and Eve were not supposed to have mind and body struggles. But you are. 52 women leaders, each one (of you is) struggling. Who made it? You need to understand the fundamental cause. God's purpose in creating the chosen people was because He needed to purify the fallen lineage. That's why human beings are looking for the Savior, Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent and True Parents. Originally humankind did not need them. Just True Parents. But because of the Fall (human beings need the) Savior, Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent and True Parents. So, God's dispensation was to purify (the) fallen linage. (This is) important from the individual to the universal level.

What is the purpose of religion? Because fight between mind and body. The way to resolve this problem is strengthening our mind to control our body. Religion is the instrument to bring people back to God. Satan has spiritual relationship with Eve. As a result physical beings are controlled by him. If we just follow the body, Satan becomes the owner. That's how the universe was lead by Satan. No one knew about it. Many religions but so far did not understand the picture. Many religions did not know. Knew partially but not entirely. That is the problem that we are trying to do (solve), to educate what God has been trying to do through religion entirely.

Some people are trying to rule through politics in the position of Cain. Those working for religion are in the Abel position. (There has been) a lot of blood shed. The dispensation has been expanding. Satan's word persecuted religion because people working through religion are trying to elevate God's ideal. Religious people are very persecuted. Even now, those working for something internal are persecuted. For example in the communist world, those following materialism persecute religious people.

Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? Who did not fall and has original relationship with God and would restore all human being all the way to the universal level. The worldwide dispensation took place through World War II. England and USA and France in the Abel position, Allied nations. England in the position of Mother, USA (in the position of) son, France (in the position of) Archangel (on the) heavenly side. They were supposed to unite and subjugate Germany, Italy, and Japan. At that time, the Lord of the Second Advent would come to save the world. Savior, Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent. One person in all those capacities and was supposed to lead the world and lead the people back to God. Failure because those in the position of God's side. Father had to go through the wilderness course all over again. Germany in the position of man and Japan in the position of woman and Italy (in the position of) Archangel on the Satanic side. One is on God's side, the Allies and (the other on Satan's side) Axis. One on the Abel side and the other on the Cain side. Three nations each. The axis were supposed to be subjugated by (the Allies) Although World War II was won on God's side these chosen nations did not fulfill their responsibilities.

Although your ancestors were trying to do something good, you have to follow the heavenly path. You have to go beyond the level of the UN. In order to resolve human struggles fundamentally the Lord of the Second Advent came and he is supposed to save all mankind in the position of Messiah to Israel and the position of True Parent and all brought together to God through the blessing. They have to work on the unity of mind and body establishing God-centered families. Who invaded the families? Satan. So we, as men and women when we married, have to be one. So, after meeting the Lord of the Second Advent what is his role? Save the world. What does it mean? Changing the blood lineage. That's why (you have) to receive the Blessing.

The Savior is the one who stops the struggle between Cain and Abel. The older brother killed the younger brother. The Younger (has) to subjugate the elder. True love (means) voluntary surrender. So, once that relationship of love is restored, no problem with ownership. Everything belongs to God and man, establishing original homeland. Must restore the blood lineage of God and restore Cain and Abel relationships and that's how this world can be fundamentally restored. We can not eliminate by force. Only by loving and subjugating by love. There is no other choice. Although there has been Cain and Abel struggle and blood shedding when the Lord of the Second Advent and the True Parents come that will be transformed. There will be no more struggles between Cain and Abel in the fallen sense. Once you really understand you cannot object, especially the principle taught in the Unification Church.

If you hear your original mind you know it is true. Through religion God tried to cultivate the original mind. Not enough. We need to change the blood lineage. Bring Cain and Abel at the same level. Father, Mother, siblings united by love. This has to be done through the restoration of blood lineage. It can only be done centering on God. Again, "pitchu" (?) is blood lineage. It is the most important thing. Centered on blood lineage (the world) can be restored. Cain and Abel relationship is like mind and body struggle. Once the blood lineage is restored then mind and body struggle can be eventually restored. That's why blood lineage must be restored. Then, all the struggles over ownership will be restored. We must have the true owner, God. Even God cannot do things as He wants to because of the blood lineage. Once a human being restores his blood lineage, he can do whatever he wants.

Who is the owner of Korea, the USA, the world? Because belonged to Satan's world, God wasn't the owner. Satan was. Many nations in the world. Offer those nations back to God so God can be the owner and be one world under God. This is something we have to do. However, Satan would not yield. So, (we need) voluntary submission, not forceful. First we have to restore the blood lineage form the individual to the cosmos. What was lost must be restored. Even grandparents will be in the position of grandsons. Parents in the position of son or daughter. If it is done centered on God's love, no problem. Position is not important once we achieve God's love.

Eve needs Adam more than God. Why? They must be united centered on true love. In order to be true love, God has to be the center. Everything we are doing should be to achieve true love. And everything will be resolved. When they (Adam and Eve) fell at the age of 16 the original mind was cultivated, grew (until that age).

All these women lead by Satan. How can they be brought to the original position? Through the Principle. People were saying all kinds of things about women and the Unification Church. True Parent is original elder brother. All women are very much attracted to him because they want to have original elder brother. Adam was created first. So (he is the) older brother. He is the one who can bequeath. Who does God resemble? Man is in the subject position. So God looked very much like Adam. The eldest one is the one supposed to inherit tradition and everything from God. That is Adam. In Korea we pay special respect to the elder son because he is representing God. Because of that kind of understanding they have been respecting the older son. That's why Korea can bequeath God's tradition to mankind.

Even if you are a university professor or a major political leader, influential and powerful in society, unless (you are) connected to the original blood lineage and your original mind is totally cultivated, then what is it? No matter how much a nation opposes we must understand this principle and not followed secular tradition. Right should be in the position of subject. False olive tree must be removed and humankind must receive the Lord of the Second Advent and (be) engrafted to him. Then this world can change.

You have original mind but it was not developed. You have fallen nature much more developed. Very much selfish, for yourself not for others. You need to understand for (the other) Man needs to understand for woman and (vice versa.) However you think you are the best. Love should be eternal. Especially if you are engrafted to him. And multiply the love throughout the world. This did not happen. After World War II the Christian sphere was supposed to subjugate the world. Catholics, orthodox: (they are) elder and younger fighting like siblings. If you really understand the Principle knowing your position you have to be united absolutely centered on God. When we want to get to a destination we should go straight. Sometimes (we go) backwards, (take a) detour. However we need to understand the destination. Eliminate barriers from the individual to the cosmic level. Sometimes people (have) one leg on the right side and (one leg on the) left side and did not know where to go. Sometimes remained on the left side and died without arriving to the ultimate destination.

Why are you here? Men are part of True Father's body. Women (are part) of True Mother's body. All humankind has been belonging to Satan. They should come back to True Parents and be united with True Parents. Mother is united with Father. You must not be self-centered.

Through the victorious foundation of True Parents you should be engrafted. Korean women, you came to see grandpa Moon? Are you going to follow my directions? In order to become the True Parent I had to go through incredible test by God and Satan. I had to think everything from the Principle. When I go out always right foot. Even I have to be conscience every act that I am doing. Evil should go out. Good should come.

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