Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Father's Words At East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 25th, 2006
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden

We are now in an important period, era. We are now living in an ocean time. Koreans raise your hands. All might have to go back to Korea. We are now going to watch the video.

Video shown

Japanese people today. New faces. The reason you came here is not to justify your own happiness but to meet God's expectations. So, this (speech) is something to memorize and even if your eyes are close you can continue reciting it. That kind of people will be touched by the original mind which could be active until the age of 16 and the fallen nature came to being. We need to unveil the original mind and renew yourself and God's eternal prosperity will be with your for ever.

If you can understand what I'm trying to say then fulfill your responsibility. You should have that kind of passion all the time and restore God's original homeland. It is our destiny, our God's calling. So, I hope that you can fulfill God's calling. If you live according to hat kind of mindset whatever you go you will be true sons and daughters of God and blessed in that position. We should be living in that position. We should restore God's original fatherland. This is the path we must go together.

We should be willing to live and die together. And we are destined to return to the original land together. Please engrave it in you heart. (Be) Princes and princesses. All I've worked throughout my life can be attained. I hope you can be wise princess and princesses and truly become those victors. Those who are determined raise your right hand. Raise your left hand and applaud. May God's blessing be upon you. Do you understand?

Once someone reads these speeches, can anyone deny it? We should make a CD and the entire world has to receive it to inherit Father's victories. You cannot say you did not fulfill your responsibility. Especially young people. Such a crucial time for us to live. We need to make constant effort. It is time for me to stand up, then. You just follow my directions.

8:08 am.

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