Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Hoon Dok Hae With True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
April 24, 2006
Unofficial notes

TP gave awards to the winners of the fishing tournament. After finishing reading the three speeches, Father said:

It took a little more than one hour. If you digest them you will understand human history, heaven and earth and surely have a unified world. Throughout my entire life I have been doing this. The UN was supposed to do this. However they failed. I worked so hard to establish the Abel UN. Today is the 24th, when women leaders come? (Father talking about women's conference.)

USA represents the world but rampant in through human selfishness. Reject it, Deny it. Once they pass it they can come to a new world. You have to be serious about doing Hoon Dok Hae. Learn and practice the content. This speech must be given to them. You have to be in the position of teacher, owner. Then you can be a true parent, true owner. Then you don't need to be taught because you will know what to do. You came here from all over the place. Five colors of people. Most important is to be united with the word and resonate with the original mind. This kind of power is contained in these speeches. How wonderful is to have (this content). Because you have a high position it doesn't mean that you can touch people's hearts. Broadcast the truth. Constantly give this speech on and on. Reach to all people. Be serious.

(Father talking about the fish) 37.2" should have been at least 45" If you could catch that kind of fish the sashimi could have fed all of you here. The fish has traveled throughout the world. It overcomes all kind of difficulties. It grew out of the nutrients of all kind of situation. Stripe bass represents the US flag, so represents the US. Good to have a fishing tournament? All of you should be thinking of this fishing tournament and take part of it every year. It is something historical and need to understand how much Father suffered for this, even to build the boats. If you catch a lot of fish, then give it to your neighbors. Tuna was very cheap, but I raised the price. I'm the one who raise the value of it. Americans did not understand the preciousness of it. Those who want that kiss the fish. It is right here in front of you. Do you want to do that? Husband and wife kiss each other. You applaud. Do you want to touch it? Do you like the fish? Do you want to be a person who loves the fish? If you love the fish you want to kiss, touch. (It) has more value than eating. You should become people who love (the fish) not just like to eat fish. Love all things.

It's 6:30 am. Usually we do Hoon Dok Hae until 9:00 am. Women are wearing high heels shoes to kick men? Is it comfortable? Very difficult, painful. Not so easy. Narrow, high. They do it all day long. Why? Higher than 5" women are walking with that kind of shoes. When you talk about the heel or hill? No matter how tall they become cannot be taller than men. Sometimes men drunken by liquor, drug and doing those kinds of things. Still women object to men subject. Do you want Father to be a man or a woman? Women in general know more than men about love, true love.

Do you want Father to be elderly or young? If I were young I would be traveling throughout the world. When I travel I look at all kind of people and try to analyze what kind of people they are.

(Asking Rev. Jenkins who got the first prize in the fishing tournament) Were you praying or thinking about the money? If you were thinking the money I should take it back. It is because you have such a hard time in your life and you needed extra money or you wanted to feed the people with good sashimi? It depends on what kind of thinking you had; there could be a different result. Do you know how many stripes the bass have? Come here and count it if they are 7 or 8 stripes. (Dr. Yang counts: 7.) So, this is a very good fish, heavenly fish. I know already how many it had. I asked you to count after knowing or not knowing?

Rev. Jenkins gave a brief testimony about his experience catching the fish. (I'm sorry I did not take notes of his wonderful testimony)
Rev. Kwak gave a report.
On April 17th, Hyun Jin Nim was inaugurated as Chairman of UCI. Until now, I (had that responsibility) I handed over that responsibility to Hyun Jin Nim. Nothing insignificant. Our TP came to realize the Will of God on earth and our TP are the ones who know God's Heart. But people don't know because of TP we have to resemble God and truly live as children of God. When we become that child we don't need anything. Because so, the fact that God creates human being as his children (is because He) wants to have a love partner. Nothing more. But because of the Fall, became children of Satan, fell in the state as not to recognize God as Father. TF is the only one who knows that relationship. The only one who revealed it. Even when our TF has been trying to save us from fallen to original state, no one really understood TF. Nevertheless, only through true love, by subjugating Satan. With love and heart, Father taught us through his own example and have been working and sacrificing so much to make us Cain children better than his own children through his own example. Not theory. TP showed us by loving us more than their own children. We took everything. We did not know how grateful we should be. Many times we complained and betrayed TP and hurt TP. As children we did not deserve that kind of love, still they give.
I cannot go into detail. We are living in age after the coming of heaven. From now on, we need to live with one heart, right order. It is time to apply in our daily love. It is time for our TP to love their own children. We should realize how indebted we are to True Children. We should repent. This time Father asked Hyun Jin Nim to be inaugurating in the position of Chair of UCI and this means our TC came to the right time to take responsibility. But God had to be leading the providence centering on Cain figures so far. Do you think He wanted to do that? Centering on TC as Abel figure. There cannot be comparison between the two. Not only managing financial matters, but all NGOs including FFWPU, UPF, CARP, etc. Everything included. The fact that HJN took over means we came to a new age. About 80 people got together (for the inauguration.) HJN didn't want to have a big gathering. We followed his will. Soon, Kook Jin Nim will be in charge also in Korea. That means finally God could use Abel children. God did not have object partner of true love. But from now on, the dispensation will continue and we have to be so grateful. HJN understood his responsibility so deeply. Not a matter of an external thing. He was not focused on the external, but something to do with the heart and God's ideal of creation. The 4 position foundation on God' direct lineage. A tradition we have to inherit. We have to be engrafted to God and TP and totally focus on that. We should be independent from Korea nd Japan and so on. Even as elder son, we could not be self-sufficient and (are) indebted to Korean and Japan. So, from now on change our position and with that kind of resolution HJN received that responsibility.
Few days ago, Father asked me to come back to USA. When I look at the situation in Yoido (?) is not ordinary land, where Father went and prayed so many times. How that (happened?) Because our inability and mismanaged we had to go through many difficulties and indebted so much to the bank. The bank already extended the loan and new businesses entities by getting extension of the loan, but people who don't like us, our church because they did not extend it, we had to get the loan with much high interest. We had to pay so much money and the government and bank did not want to cooperate. God loved and protected us. I had many experiences that God is truly alive.
Father is planning to have a huge project. Something so great. Nothing to do with money making. Yoido land is not just to make money but it has internal/providential significance. At that time, in 1999 around that time we had incredible financial difficulties in the nation of Korea. I feel Korean government had to go through that is because they persecuted us, Father. In the end turned out to be beneficial, but anyhow had to mortgage the property with incredible amount of money, including the business entities we had. The amount of money that we owed was astronomical, so big. So, we thought we had to sell that land, but we didn't want to do. I cannot tell you all the details. We received some help from some connections people who are righteous but I know they were used by God. Mainly it was God himself who protected us. Finally we were given the notice to put it on the auction. Again, we managed to stop it. Some kind of trial, so difficult, objectively speaking there was no way to win. Somehow, we could change the situation around. They were so confident that they would win. Somehow, we won that battle. We were about to drawn to death. It took two years. During that time many conditions and a lot of people throughout the world make incredible effort. We could not come with all the money required to pay, but we managed to negotiate with the government and we came with a much smaller amount that we could pay.
There was a person who was involved with all the process. But that person did not want to work with us. Somehow God touched his heart and later changed and we also had something very knowledgeable about this situation. This representative of our church persuaded the other part to sell our land back and through that person we regained different parts of the land because of that they could cooperate with us. The auction did not take place. Something incomprehensible unless looked God intervening in this situation. Also there was an appeal and have all kinds of difficulties and challenges we had to face. Our attorneys were excellent. The other party also excellent and he was very capable and the judge was very, very strict and wanted us both parties to reconcile with each other. So it was fortunate on our side and how we could protect the land. "We" is not us human being, but God. I want to emphasize that.
We wanted to develop that land many times, but we made mistakes. Although we wanted to have a building, they didn't want us to have a big church. The government didn't want to cooperate with us. Also, we were in a difficult position because we were going bankrupt in a certain sense. Financial time in Korea, many people lost so much money. Government had to help these business entities. In our case, Uchan (?), Tongil Industry, ... already went bankrupt. We lost almost 1.5 billion won. And because our restructure now, after the change of Korean government administration they wanted to do some auditing. All of a sudden many people came to our companies and wonder how we could be resurrected, wanted to know the cause of our resurrection. They thought we had some money set aside secretly. They became very skeptical. Top leaders went to prison. They did several auditing. Very proud in front of you. Our people in our church did not have any corruption. They thought it was internal corruption. However after investigating us thoroughly that was not the case. We didn't hide anything. Think about Daewoo, a huge conglomerate. Even the top leader was in prison, but after investigating us concluded that our business are the cleanest and most trustworthy and the government came with that kind of conclusion.
A lot of money came from foreign countries. We did not use only Korean. For example, architect we use from Australia, Europe, etc. we could present all this so clearly. What we are trying to build in Yoido is a shopping center plus a building. So, it is not a matter of a building a hotel, shopping center. Depending on the level of the hotel and shopping center. We want to have the best companies to be tenants and 5 star hotel, best architect. In the beginning other people were jealous of us and suspicious with negative articles. Later on, we presented in detail. Our development project is not just mediocre and people could not attack anymore. Now, we are in the final step. There were often demonstration and protests about projects from apartment owners. If they create a problem we could be in problem, too; but they supported us. With this kind of cooperation things are going very well. I know it is not our effort but True Parents' and God's. Heavenly Father always taking care of us, protecting us in every area. Even we came with little money we came to a substantial agreement.
UCI in charge of many projects in USA. Now, not only in USA but international including all nations throughout the world and supervise and guide all the entities through the world. HJN is the top leader. Kook Jin Nim will support him. Finally, God can use his own lineage for this kind of project and things will go much better than with us Cain children. Yoido will be an international project and the whole world will be involved and HJN will be the top leader. It is not important who is going to be in charge. I just want to know we are leaving a different age especially after the entrance in the palace.
Now, the True Children will lead us and we should be really grateful. This time during the speaking tour our TP and our TC. Last year when TP were on tour, TP mentioned at that age traveling throughout the world. Sometimes Father spoke for 4-5 hours and after Hoon Dok Hae without breakfast went to the other nation, pushing themselves and fulfill their mission successful. After coming back to Korea people were so amazed to see how healthy and strong. And now again gave the direction to all True Children and True Mother to go around the world and gave the word to all people. Such a great blessing for all mankind. Heaven prepared as bridegroom, earth bride. Christianity could not do that. This was supposed to be done. TP laid the foundation for so many years.
Some people may wonder why TP are doing that. Our course from the individual to the universal. For Father to find Mother, raise and direct her. He constantly with Mother is because to lift Mother to the same level under the cosmic level so Mother can become perfect partner to Father. It is not because Father does not have energy/strength to have a tour himself. The reason M is doing because F has a special reason to elevate M to the universal level. It is not an ordinary tour. With a True Child. She will give the blessing. After finishing doing it, she is bringing all nations of the world to the blessing. Jesus could not do because his death on the cross. Korea made the condition to do it throughout the world establishing a foundation for F to go to the palace.
We should put our hearts and minds together, totally united as one. F is leading us for God's providence and our TP started a new structure and is being fulfilled one by one. Internally we should renew ourselves and externally new change and put our hearts/minds to attend God. Everything we are doing is not ordinary, beyond our ability. All we have to have is absolute faith and show appreciation with big applause.

Father to Rev. Kwak: why don't you sing a song?

This is a very serious time. If you take the wrong step you can fall down the cliff.

Mr. Furuta's testimony

Father: I'm sorry I can't be in the ocean. You need to invest yourself and hopeful things will happen in the ocean. Japanese people should be on the frontline and God will bless you.

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