Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Hoon Dok Hae With True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
April 23, 2006
Unofficial notes

TP entered at 4:57 am. Dr. Yang read the first speech.

Now a test. Those more than 10 years (raised your hands). Long time in the church right now, as a human being you need to know certain things. Even though you don't know one thing and go to spirit world you will be in trouble. Whenever you are asked a question you need to have an answer. Even when you go to school, you should be in the position of teacher to other people. If you cannot you will be in trouble. Everyday parents need to ask questions to their children. How many times have you read (the speeches) so far? (How about the) Song Gyeon? In order to become a US citizen you need to pass a test, but to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven much more difficult.

Questions to Dr. Yang.

If there are 10 members they should be united voluntarily. Old Testament Age, form spirit; New Testament Age, life spirit; Completed Testament Age totally united in heart. We should know the difference. Unless you understand this you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. When you come to Korea if you cannot answer the questions, you cannot enter. Unless you are totally united you cannot come to the palace. You need to become the incarnation of the word. First we need to know the truth; then live it. In order to become an owner four stages. That's why you need to read the speeches 120 times. There should not be questions that you cannot answer. Even before I came here I read it four times today. Later on I may read it more. If you are tested you should get 100%. This is the time that we become the owner of the word. Those who are behind will be in real trouble. You should know what your position is and fulfill your responsibility.

You need to know that representatives of three Archangels: Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel. God asked the question all the time to Lucifer representing all three Archangels. When you look at your own family, the father should know clearly what to do.

The most fundamental thing is blood lineage. Among men, who does not have your sexual organ? You should think that it is connected to absolute idea. However. You have been abusing it. Do you have absolute sex organs? The problem is when you don't have absolute one, you multiply evil. Don't fool around. Do you understand?

Wherever you go, there is always a central figure, but they should have a 4-position foundation. Five fingers. 4 fingers covered the thumb which is like God. This was violated. Do you think I was joking? What is your safety system? If you have absolute faith, love and obedience, no protest. Humankind should be totally centered on God. All major religions cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. No religion can take you to the Kingdom of Heaven. Major religions Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam they don't have fundamental root. Without understanding how can they say they are the best? You should help each other and become safety pin. Be serious to do HDH and then report about your life and if anything wrong (needs to be solved). You cannot leave loose life, drink liquor, fool around. Everyone now cell phone. If you are in trouble you can be caught very quickly. There was a fundamental law and based upon that we have to be governed. If you enter the Kingdom of Heaven you should be able to educate others. Everybody should be passing the test.

I'm sending you as a representative forgiving, all the wrong things you did. Responsibility from God's calling giving from ancestors. Because you have good ancestors you are called by them. Mission is more external. You are called by your ancestors and therefore fulfill your responsibility. Your ancestors are involved. When you are given a mission you have to fulfill it. That's the way I have been living. That's why I am asking the family to fulfill their responsibility. If they don't fulfill the mission the nation will be in trouble. I have a mission to fulfill. We have to make sure that we fulfill our responsibility. (I did the tour in) 120 nations at the risk of my life. I traveled and gave speech. By making that kind of condition I can make a condition to forgive your sins. If you are doing something wrong, follow Satan, I have to make sure judgment to him. That is one of my responsibilities. Right timing. From the individual to the world wide level. Everything that I do based on a condition. It is not a random blessing; I do it based on a certain foundation. Everything has belonged to Satan. Why suffering like this?

In the future if USA fails... China and Russia will follow me. China, Mongolia even Arabic nations, India, Island nations could fulfill that responsibility. It is you who should be supporting these activities. This is important message. We have to go beyond form spirit, and life spirit age. Materialism has been dominant but we have to dominate that. It is pretty much centered on material rather than God. Understand the difference. The mission is called by God. If you cannot fulfill your responsibility at the church level, how can you... at the world?

So many problems between Catholic priest/nuns (with) AIDS. Serious problem. We have to educate the leadership so they can be saved. You have to meet certain conditions to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I read it (the speech) more than 1000 times. I have a clear idea what to do. I have to be totally united with God. I was in a very difficult position. Now is reversed. You have to know you are going the right pass. 80% of you could belong to Satan. Be careful what you do, think and fulfill your responsibility. You should really understand the merit of your ancestors. Even for your ancestors you should be doing the right thing. What I am trying to do is to choose a proper nation. None of you prepared to lead the heavenly nation. That's why I cannot give you full authority. Collective responsibility.

Can you see God's love? Do you know the answer yourself? You focus on God's love. Each part of the body is different. You have God's love. Many times you follow the direction of your eyes, sight. Eyes, noses, feelings, see, hearing, mouth all those three parts should be united. Oriental people have flat nose, Westerners have a hook like nose. Narrow nose means self-centered. Should be solid, not too big, not too small, you should be straight. Eyes, ears, mouth one purpose, objective: straight. Without eyes you cannot look at 4 directions. You have to have clear direction. Women should be able to smell men (and vice versa) men can be elevated through women (and vice versa). You should have girls and boys (children), then you can understand women and vice versa.

You cannot do things as you want. Are you here to fulfill your responsibility the mission called by God and your ancestors? You are in the midst of love but you don't know love. You say you do, but you don't. We have to be in the position to seek love. (The question,) "Mum where are you?" is not right. You should seek father first because he is in the subject position. I don't like USA, but love Americans. I'm trying to find people to educate Americans.

From the viewpoint of history there are 5 stages: Old Testament Age all the way through Completed Testament Age, Cheon Il Guk, the 4th Adam. However, all other religions don't know the ultimate state. You can establish God's family when you are blessed and establish a 4-position foundation. Islam, they are talking about Allah but don't have a clear understanding of the Principle.

Once the will of God is realized there is total oneness, travel back and forth. Vertical and horizontal relationships. Circular motion, spherical. You have to realize that you are not alone. Around you so many relationships. Constantly develop your relationships in many ways. Wherever you go relationships centered on God. Everyday something new, fresh, exciting. As long as God is there, there is eternal, happy world. Your problem is thinking that you are the center not God. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where God dwells. You think you are alone, but you are not. Don't look horizontal level but also vertical axis. The problem is that you are not aligned.

Even Korea is free, it does not mean everyone is free, (having) mind/body unity. When we are talking about liberation of people we are not thinking universal. Total release: unless we can reach that level, we cannot be free. Vertical and horizontal coming together. Because each nation is independent it does not mean in the realm of total release. When align with the vertical, the horizon will be in the process. Mind and body is the same. There should be a vertical axis. We need it absolutely. Westerners don't have a concept of center. We have to work to subjugate Satan but sometimes subjugated by the body.

Think of the truth. It cannot be deviated even 1 degree. Wherever it goes it is always true. Soccer ball is 360 degrees. Anywhere it stops always has the same axis. Our mind and body should be the same, 90 degrees angle. For this to be done, we must have an axis. Axis is brought by the True Parents and religions should be one. Satan used religions to fight. Cain/Abel to save them. Bless them in physical and spiritual. In the spirit world there is a lot of education, we have to educate about TP. You should be in the position of true owner and the way is by blessing people. TP are the only ones who can change the blood lineage. Only those willing to die will live (and vice versa)

We should overcome our desire to sleep. And desire to eat. We should be willing to go through conditions and strike our bodies (like) fasting. Sexual desires: guard you love organs. When people love (is) to give joy to God.

In the Old Testament Age Moses could not go back. Israel no matter how powerful it is killed Jesus. If they are proud of themselves not good. I'm trying to save them, trying to build Hoon Dok peace building, tower. We should have one underground base, at least 7 floors. Israel is building walls now. How about building tunnels? Human beings should be close to the ground. If we go underneath the ground about 7 levels down we can travel between different nations even there is a wall. Peace corps/police can help them. 12 representatives for the police and peace corps. Whenever there is a blessing during Mother's tour there should be 36 people (representing) peace police, corps.

USA is not the center. There is an axis, only one center. USA is not. It is in the position of Archangel. Three generations of Bush's family should welcome. People coming from island nations/ Asian nations. Some nations were not connected to God's Providence. However they have to be more actively involved. Many of those nations occupied by Japan before, tragic situation. A lot of things should be indemnified. I have to change the direction of God's providence. China or some other nations.

Who will be the Secretary General of the UN? The central nation is Korea. They should clear understand that. If Kofi Annan had listened to me... but did things on his own. Now, Mr. Joo you have to do things more actively. Not think just will be done by talking about. More active and you work with Rev. Kwak then leave here. Because you are leaving it doesn't mean you totally abandon the foundation is there. You are the one who has to follow me. You need to understand it clearly. You need to know who is going to be the Secretary General. I understand a woman from Poland/Thailand (?). If we really support her, she can be the one. Everything will be done until September 10th. More than 70% has to be blessed. This time all major leaders congressmen, senators, church leaders, community leaders, reached out and brought. In order to be done, you should not leave it to TP. You need to (do it) with tears of love. With military power? No. you need to share many, many tears.

In the Kingdom of Heaven we don't need mass media. If you are totally united great things will happen. If not, suffering. I may have to spank them out of love. Even if they have no way to pay back. Reach out 50 states by the end of May. We have to make all the preparations so the Abel UN can be welcome. We have to be able to proclaim in every nation. If you can digest the words I gave, you will become an owner. You should not live a comfortable life. A lot of problem between Korea and Japan. Despite all kind of difficulties without fail we should (achieve) unity. I'm kind of frustrated with your level. We have to remove all religions. We have a (strategy) to resolve the problem in the Middle East as well

(I've been) tortured and (have) scars. (It is) unacceptable because it is God's body. Anyhow I'm trying to save them, especially USA.

Blessed families should be willing to follow F's direction (even going to the) North/South pole.

You should know that I know America more than Americans. I came with seeds but if no harvest I have to burn them. I want many people with healthy seeds. If they continue to oppose something disastrous will happen.

Among you, you should ask question until 8:00. You have to bring the speech. You cannot come without the speech.

(Regarding the blessing of angels Father said, Adam and Eve would have blessed them. TP will give them the chance in the future. Many of them are fallen, so they should go through procedures. Some angels are in between. If you are not doing right things, your ancestors can take you. Those who are violating heavenly law can be taken away. Ever since I received a mission from God I have been fighting to fulfill God's will and brought victory in every level. Based upon Father's victory he can engraft all people to him. They can inherit the victorious foundation. The angelic world is like a special task force. They need to support TP and God's providence.

People will be placed in the position of younger brothers to Father and make the conditions in attending God's Will and their descendants brought to the realm of blessing (family, clan, tribe) Unless you can stand on the same level of TP's level (foundation) you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Unification of religion through returning resurrection according to the teaching of the Principle. For this, you need to be serious about your work. If you fulfill your responsibility you could be the elder of your ancestors. God and Adam mind/body relationship.

So, we are going to have entrance ceremony to the palace. God did not have his own palace. Through this entrance ceremony, God will have his place to be settle. We have to attend God as the king and we will have a coronation ceremony substantially.

Other books written by you have to be burnt. The books that you wrote, you are not allowed to keep it.

Father is not taking leisure time but always doing things for God. Father has many ideas even (for the) unification of North and South Korea. (During the time of President) Kim Young Sam, Tong Bang Kyo Pa (?) should have been done. Now, the time is gone. Finally, I will establish two different parties (men/women) peace police/corps (Cain/Abel) Men represent the Archangel and are supposed to be helping women. You cannot think that you can do things as you want. Everything should be aligned with the Principle.

Many Koreans despite the difficulties are very successful. They have to go through many hardships.

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