Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Father's Words During Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
April 22, 2006
Unedited and unofficial

Special speaking tour and 3 speeches will be included in the booklet being prepared. In Korea Spring has come given to people here in America and later on another passage should include as we finish indemnity condition, which is not over individually. So we need to make sure that we have a new expression. Rev. Moon will bless. If everyone listens cannot deny that this is true. Individual course of indemnity. These speeches should be memorized and read at least 120 times. Centered on blessed central families should convey this blessing to your clan and relatives and inherit (TP's victory?).

Everyone has to fully understand and practice. This is the word of the savior, Messiah, LDC, king and queen. Otherwise, totally lost. Object partner position. Once we know these words, you will know the way. Christianity talks about catching fish, not just ocean, but also human beings. You have to straighten your mind and spirit. If your mind is not straight, even if you catch a fish or get an award... (?) fisherwoman. Many times husbands working to make money and the wives to take care of the children. Even husband away, the wife should be able to catch a fish and not starve to death. Women should be queens of fishing and giving that kind of training. They can go to village, city, etc. whenever they go they can be in a position of leading. Mother is going to the tour to give the word. At the time of the fall, two generations Adam/Eve and the children failed. This has to be restored. Representing Cain children = the Mongolians. If anything goes wrong with mother if she does something wrong, she has to indemnify it. At the risk of her life goes and give the word to resurrect people. Satan has been governing up the world level and now we are going around the world in different nations. Satan had controlled the families. Centering on fallen A/E this has to be rectified until the world level. So far, there is no realm of God.

Everything should be reversed and disconnect Satan's blood lineage. OTA and NTA did not fulfill. I have to rectify and restore in my own generation. Every 2000 years God had to go up. When Jesus came died on the cross not even establishing his own family. The reason he had to come back to establish family, nation world foundation and bring unification of all divided realms. He should appear as the TP. Not only savior and Messiah, but on this foundation TP come and have to restore all the things that went wrong. All these speeches I know each page, thoroughly. All the words are spoken here, I have completed. No problem. You, too. No matter if you have Ph.D. or higher, this is even more precious. So, wherever I go, Satan cannot attack me because I overcame him completely. This is the law of the heavenly kingdom. 74 nations represented. You should have 120 nations. Make sure you will have exchange marriage blessing to your own tribe wherever you go. People tend to believe in spirit world and spirits. I know, that's why I'm praying for the unity of heaven and hell (earth?). Grandparent' home, how come? We have to attend them as God. We cannot live without attending our grandparents. The most important thing is the blood lineage. This was proclaimed in 120 cities representing 120 nations. I did it at the risk of my life. Everywhere, please no explanation, they opposed me, obstructed me not united spirit. I only go once in my lifetime. Instead of understanding my heart behind it, they didn't. You came here for fishing. The reason why I'm telling this is on the 28th starting that why I'm giving you the information.

Father asked Dr. Yang if the speeches were printed. Those who are here should have the speeches. When I went fishing, praying and shed many, many tears, praying about many, many things while I was in tears. Only the fish was not judged at the time of the flood judgment. I don't have time to explain everything in details. You should be people who are not ashamed of yourself.

From now on, you should spread these messages. 72 elders could not restore (the nation?) God had to go through the process of restoration, through the s,m, LSA and TP. If there was no fall, no... you have to be serious about fulfilling your portion of responsibility. You should not give DP lecture as you please. No developing. Only 12 states representing. Every single state you should reach out to every state. If you do your own things you will perish and children go to hell. You don't want that to happen. Father is under the national level. Right after WWII Father should have given the blessing to the world in 7 years. Because of the rejection did not happen. Now rectified. You have a great responsibility and called to carry on that special mission. Therefore, you have to have a strong sense of obligation and duty. I'm the one who shed sweat, blood and tears. Now you are responsible to educate throughout the world. First, example by attending TP. Example and restore family, clan. Christians believe in Jesus. What? I revealed all the truth. You cannot say what to believe. For 40, 50, 60 years you so proud UC. Selfish life? Totally burned. When you are totally public centered you can go to the KOH.

This morning I read twice before coming here. In Korea I read it too. I read it over 1000. How about you? You don't understand indemnity condition. Without being united with TP you want to get all that.

Representing household, not a party fighting, but a foundation bringing unification among people.

May 5th is an important day. The era after the coming of the heaven. Continental directors, representative of each nation. More than three people ok.

You have to bring children under the blessing of God. Lineage is so precious.

Westerners you don't take seriously the family. Some people have 10 step mothers/father. Are they your blood lineage. (You have to inherit God's blood lineage) You don't care about that.

God's ideal family and nation and the peace kingdom... mother's speech.

Should understand family. How many denominations in Christianity? Don't need religions. You should be an exemplary family 3 generations. Present time and future time. Think of eternally. If so, serious every moment. God is the universe of the universe could not create fallen mankind. We need to have a clear view of history and totally loyal to God's Will. If human begins were like that. If we do our outmost effort, we would move God's heart. More than anything you have to have the right heart. You should be always thinking of the fundamental purpose.

Here in America there is so much corruption in the family. So many men irresponsible and so many children born without parents. You have to bring 3 generations together, all the generations together. Say yes. Clap.

This is a serious matter. My time to leave earthly life is coming very shortly. Every moment is precious to me. I tried to solve within a thousand, 10.000 years in one hour and give all the honor to God. I know what I am doing very well. Clapping.

More important is your internal condition. When I go fishing sad reminded of the suffering of the past. Shark in my mind eating small fish, much blood shed. I'm not so happy with that. It's time to farm fish and multiply. I want to do sth different. First prize: 10,000; Second: 7,000; Third: 3,000

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