Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Understanding the 120 City World Tour and Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 2006
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Editor: Jim Flynn)

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Yesterday the special command of heaven came. There will be a Blessing Tour of True Parents beginning on April 28 - May 9 (12 Cities), on May 10th Vancouver the (13th city) and then on to 120 Cities of the World to be completed by September 10. Three sons of True Parents and their spouses will fulfill some portion of this tour. The three providential speeches will be read at these events combined with a National Level blessing for America and each nation of the World. "God's Ideal Family: The Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World"

You must read and speak these words everyday. We must go beyond the religious realm. At the end of WWII there should have been unity centering on America and faith in God through the United Nations, which did not happen at that time, therefore we must restore that now. America must lead the way and that is why America must again launch this 120 city World Tour for the Blessing.

Soon we will enter the age of heavenly law. Also this is the age of women. True Mother read her speech in Korea together with me. Until now the providence has centered primarily on Father's role. From now the providence will center on Father and Mother together. Mother has been completely elevated into oneness with me and we have one position that is fully balanced and equal. More emphasis on the role of women will occur. Women's organizations and parties will compete to lead the nations of the world. The center of our efforts must be to create ideal families. True Mother will be standing as the True Parent. Centering on Mother, Cain and Abel must unite as one for the true blood lineage to expand. Judaism as a religion and the nation of Israel should have been united as one. They divided, didn't receive the Messiah and were scattered. Now Father's role is to restore this. Israel couldn't establish the True Family foundation.

The Lord of the Second Advent comes and first has to deny all things of the world and then restore all the Old Testament and New Testament age. All of the people of the spirit world were wondering how to fulfill God's will. Through the coming of True Parents, they now fully understand and all things are restored. America must play a very central role in this, especially as the representative of Christianity. Now True Parents walked the path victoriously of over 40 years. Christianity was connected to the central providence through True Father's 34-year course in America.

Now all people must be resurrected, given rebirth and live according to the principles that allow oneness with God in eternal life. That is the meaning of the Holy Blessing. Through the engrafting onto the True Olive Tree, we all come into the realm of resurrection.

I traveled to 120 representative nations giving the blessing. On that foundation I established and expanded the Universal Peace Federation. America is not yet the homeland that God desires, still so many problems exist in the families of America, also the problems in Christianity must be restored. America is in the position of the Roman Empire from 2000 years ago. When America, England and France are united with God's providence, all will go much more smoothly in the world providence. Many years ago, one of the largest churches in Korea sent people to infiltrate our work and tried to destroy me and the providence. Through True Love they were stopped. All the conditions surrounding Jesus rejection must be restored through True Parents. What did not occur at Jesus time was the establishment of the heavenly lineage. That is why we are fulfilling the blessing of all families and engrafting them through True Love.

Also to unify the world in cooperation and peace we are promoting the Bering Strait Tunnel. We will build a peace academy there in Jordan. Israel is so important and it will be central, yet there is still so much conflict between Muslim and Judaism as well as Christianity. That is why we must take responsibility to resolve this conflict. We will build a tower of peace for prayer as a special holy ground. Then all can be touched through this foundation of True Love and Prayer. Palestinians and Israelis are brothers and must be reconciled. Only God's parental love can resolve the division and conflict. Whether it is Israel or another Muslim realm, all should come together with respect for each other and harmony for the sake of God.

Las Vegas is the center of gambling, however we are also going to make a special holy ground there to end the corruption.

Three leaders - Rev. Jenkins, Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards - must be united as one, then we will gain power over immorality in America, especially over homosexuality. In America we will have a twelve city speaking tour; if anyone goes against it is a huge mistake. How many Ambassadors for Peace do we have? (8000) It should be 15,000 then on to 50,000. This should happen quickly; you must fulfill God's providence.

The spirit world was opposing us until this time, now the fortune has changed and the spirit world is totally with us. If you oppose the will of heaven you may be taken by the spirit world.

South America's situation is leaning back towards materialism and socialism - this grieves the heart of Jesus, because Christianity is not able to overcome this. How about America? This is really crucial. Can America unite the world through military power? Never - it will never happen. America must be become the moral leader with a great pure and religious spirit. Then it can unify the world. The fact that Korea is rising in many ways is not a coincidence. In so many ways Korea has become the center of the world's attention. In economic development, medical research and even the conflict between North and South Korea has placed Korea in the center of history.

The situation of the nuclear weapons is very serious at this time. We must change this direction and get rid of these weapons. Dr. Yang, Michael Jenkins how seriously I want to push you. If you had gathered all the Christian churches and hoisted the Family Church of Peace flag, the situation would be much stronger now. You must fulfill.

Soon I will ask the Koreans to return back to Korea from America and even from Japan. However, many of you Americans didn't like Koreans and Japanese. However if you look at the Christian ministers, so many were witnessed to by Japanese missionaries. You must appreciate that. Also without the Koreans and Japanese do you think you would have been able to lay the foundation that we have now? You have to unite together. You must unite. I am not operating as a Korean person, I am God's representative and I know the providence clearly. That is why you must unite together. This is crucial.

You will see that the Bering Strait project will work. We must build highways and roads through the tunnel. You will see enormous prosperity in the future.

Purity is most important and the lack of sexual purity and morality is the gravest threat to America. Promiscuity, homosexuality, free sex and adultery destroy America. That is the most crucial thing that must be conquered. That can only be conquered through the Holy Blessing and the change of blood lineage. This is why we are doing the 13 City tour in the U.S. and Canada.

Dr. Wilson, your ancestors did not succeed. Israel is in trouble. Can they solve the problem by themselves? Israel and Palestine need our help. I invested so much there to support the peace process and will not stop. Do you think it was for my own sake? No, it is for God and to save the people there from suffering.

Human beings must know the responsibility of heaven. America must bring peace through service and sacrifice for humanity, not with force or might but with love. Rev. Kwak, you must educate the top leadership of America with the Divine Principle and then they will understand. America can change in direction.

Now you are thinking Mother is going to travel around the world again and some of you may be thinking, oh!! Mother is going to travel again. Some of you are saying, why is Mother traveling again to 120 cities? True Parents just did this. Is this really needed? What is the reason for this? The reason this is important is because Father knows exactly the conditions that are needed for the world at this time. Can America solve its own problems? No. It can solve these problems only through the conditions that Father is making. That is why Mother will tour and bring the Blessing.

Even in the sports world, many are recognizing my ability to create champion teams. Our teams in Brazil and Korea are top champions and they are being recognized by FICA. Where is True Mother? (She is preparing for the birthday). I feel so empty without Mother here. Let us read the speech to the Mongolian Federation now until 7 am. Because Adam fell within one generation, all has to be restored and completed during the one generation of Father's life. We must go over the hill of indemnity.

Basically what we have done is gone over the viewpoint of all providential history and made clear the meaning of the Bible.

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