Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Wecome back, True Parents! - True Parent's Return to America

Sun Myung Moon
April 15, 2006
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hee Hun Standard
Editors: Louise Strait and Jim Flynn.)

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

True Parents have blessed millions in Korea. America is in the position of the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus. If Jesus had not been crucified then everyone in Rome would have eventually been blessed. Now all this must be restored. The crucifixion destroyed the reconciliation of brothers. The religion of Judaism and the nation of Israel could not be united. We have to unify heaven and earth on behalf of Jesus. Everything must be returned to God. That is why to restore this we must bless all the families of America.

Everyone should be blessed. We have to bring that kind of victory. In Korea we launched the Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Starting from the neighborhood and going all the way to the national level, we have been educating the people. By next January we must complete all of this mission. Adam and Eve became false parents because of the fall. We must reverse the fall and complete the mission of the blessing.

These principles and contents were presented in the three key speeches that I have been giving: the Mongolian Federation speech, the 120 City tour speech, and one additional speech given by True Mother entitled "God's Ideal Family: The Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World " I have read the key speech over 1,000 times. You must completely memorize the contents of that speech. You and your family should read these three speeches at least 120 times.

We must go beyond the national level to the world level. We must bless all of America. If America cannot fulfill, then the former communist countries will take America's place. How many countries are truly pursuing God's will? It is our responsibility to fulfill this historic providence. We must bless America. Even after a thousand years pass, these words will remain. I want you to come with me with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. If you succeed, then you can come together with your family.

Twelve nations must be established as the key to the world. So far Satan has been dominating the nations of the world. We must liberate them and bring unification. We must bring a total transition on this earth. Everyone without exception needs to come to understand and live the truth. I want to share this with you so that you can educate all people.

We must build the new Abel UN and unite all people as one human family. Through the Abel UN we can restore humanity back to God. The six enemy nations of World War II and Korea must now come together to build a new world. You must not only be the owner of your family but the owner of your community, nation, world and cosmos.

I have read these speeches over and over again. We must truly understand the historic value of the dispensation centering on these speeches. You should become one with these words and understand this content. You must secure three generations in alignment with these words and this principle. Then there will be a stable foundation in your family.

Because of the fall there has been a confusion of language. We must bring about a unification of language and culture centering on heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be realized without these points of unification. We must end the struggle and division of culture in the world. It is crucial that we achieve this.

I have prepared the "car" and now you must learn how to drive, and handle your responsibility and put gas in the car. You must learn how to fulfill your responsibility through inheritance of True Parents' spirit and heart. Americans like to say "OK." What does "OK" mean? Does it mean "Open Korea"? You should have the heart not to waste things. It is important to have the attitude to conserve all things. You must become the citizens of heaven, with the heart to be frugal and conserve. Then you can create an atmosphere of compassion for those brothers and sisters who are suffering without much material or support. Without this your families will have trouble.

You must pay attention to what I am saying. You Americans must be ready to save all of humanity. There are 6 billion in the world today. Americans are a small percentage of this. Only with God can you keep your proper role in the providence. You must bless all people in this nation and promote a new Abel UN. This will create a new foundation of liberation for the world.

Washington, New York, Chicago, and Boston: You must fulfill. I initiated VOC activities, and just as Christianity teaches to love your enemy, I have been embracing the Communist world. Dr. Yang, you must fulfill your responsibility in America. Do you understand? Rev. Kwak, our organizations must work for the benefit of America, China, Russia, and the entire world. Do you understand?

We must quickly finish blessing all of America and bring blessing throughout the world. All the races are mixed now. No one has perfectly consistent ancestors from just one race. So we have to clearly understand. I read this speech more than 1,000 times. If you are truly united with these words, then you will be close to heaven. Only with these words can you fulfill your role as part of the one lineage. If I read it 1,000 times then you should read it 10,000 times. The most important thing is mind and body unity; therefore through you a new world should come.

Through this speech providence, Mother could stand as one with me historically. The three speeches are the 120 City World Tour Speech, the speech given by True Mother and the Mongolian Federation speech.

Historically people have been separated due to the fall. You cannot love your children correctly unless you love your enemies' children correctly. Religions should be harmoniously united. In America there is much division among the churches. We are working on that. You must come back to God's side through true love. We should be able to multiply heavenly families through the same mold of true love.

We cannot insist on our own viewpoint because we are still affected by selfishness. We must sacrifice ourselves and become one with the Word. I am the owner of this Word because I fulfilled it. God could not do it for us. Only someone in Adam's position could fulfill this word. It is humanity's portion of responsibility to become one with God and His Word through practice. This is critical. Do you understand and will you do it ? (Yes!!) You say "yes." But your words only have meaning if you fulfill it.

America persecuted me immensely. America was prepared by God with all the foundation to fulfill. It must change and follow God's will. Americans say "OK", but what I think that means is "Open Korea"!! "Open Culture". "Open Career". What is the "career" you should seek? You must seek the "career" of being a true son or daughter of God.

The biggest problem is that people don't know what the fall is all about. Therefore they can never overcome the cycle of history. We do have the understanding and the answer to the fall, and this is the key. If the leaders of this nation could listen and understand, then God could truly change America to become the moral leader. This is very serious.

This is not a laughing time. This is the most serious time in God's providence. I am now re-educating you so that you can understand this situation. What about white supremacy? Is that all right? We have to understand that those who become one with the Word are the owners of God's providence, regardless of race. Therefore I have become one with the Word and I am the owner. Everything must be fulfilled according to God's will.

This is the first time in human history that we can witness the opportunity to see Adam and Eve's role fulfilled through True Parents. This is the only time in human history when you can live with the True Parents. This is the one and only time. You don't even know what kind of blessing you will receive for living with True Parents. In Korea the key leaders are beginning to understand now. I went over every mountain and barrier and was persecuted throughout the world.

If we look from a strict viewpoint, we can see that God is appalled at the situation of the families of America and throughout the world. In a way He didn't even want to look at the immoral behavior and downfall of the family. But He sent me to invest and give totally to save all families and races. I went over unspeakable obstacles and barriers from Satan. Total opposition. Total persecution.

You should not marry as you want, but rather for the sake of humankind. You must understand how historic and holy your marriages are. If you just live your own life, you will be left behind. There is no blood lineage on earth that truly belongs to God. There may come a time when America could lose all of its power. I came to teach this nation totally, yet many still do not understand. Think about when the power of the Soviet empire was lost. How much despair, struggle and confusion came to its people after that. Think about what could happen in America if God takes away her power. Especially white people must understand this.

My objective is to save America and recover God's homeland. Many tried to remove the Unification Church from America, but they could not succeed. God protected me. We have to understand that America must change. We must understand that America is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. We are the ones who must reverse this. Did I ever violate anyone in America? My record is clear; I loved America absolutely with true love.

There is nothing that I cannot answer. Neil Salonen, am I speaking correctly? (Yes Father, you are correct!) Still, I cannot think of myself as being perfect. I still feel that I am striving to live the Word more, and working to perfect myself. I will eventually have to say good-bye. There will be many people who will be volunteering. Dr. Yang, you must ask these people with great seriousness to sacrifice and do God's will.

If you understand your conscience very well and listen to your conscience, then you can repent. You conscience records everything that you do, and will not lie and cannot be buried. You went through the Holy Wine Ceremony. What does that mean? It means that you went through the separation from Satan's lineage and grafting into God's lineage. You went through a 40-day separation period and prepared for the way of Heaven. Because of these conditions, sometimes people didn't understand and then persecuted me. However, none of these conditions were done for my sake or by my idea. They were done to fulfill the will of Heaven, and only for your sake.

To fulfill the providence of God, we have to bring about the unity of all marriages through exchange marriage. Many want to marry only their own race; however, your future will prosper and be supported by Heaven if you marry beyond your race. It is not for yourself but for the sake of the unity of the world.

Many nations want to have the nuclear bomb. What if they all had a nuclear war against each other? They could destroy the whole world and burn everything. This is a dangerous time in world history. We must bring peace and understanding among all people.

America has become a nation that can accept and harmonize all races and people. That gives America a very special role. How can we fulfill that kind of role and bring it to the world? All nuclear weapons must be destroyed. We have to educate the nations of the world to move away from the possibility of war. As we continue to walk this way, we are becoming so strong. We can educate all nations and people. Because of this, sometimes people try to destroy us. Many tried to destroy me, but they cannot do that anymore. In the future you will see that so many key leaders of the world will emerge from our blessed families.

I know whether what you are saying or doing is correct or not. Some may think that I am indebted to America, but history will show that it is the education on family and morality and the unity of faith that will allow America to stand and lead the world. Eventually America will see that it is indebted to God for sending me. I traveled in 120 nations; seventy of those nations were very poor and undeveloped. What if I didn't visit them? They would have been so sad. If you can be united with my word, you will be so powerful before heaven and earth. Even if I go to the spirit world, people will have to follow me eventually.

If I tell you to go back to your country, will you go back? Korean leaders here, if I tell you to go back, will you do it? (YES!). Japanese? (YES). Americans, what will you do if this happens? Will you fulfill? (YES - very loud response.) All Asian people, if you don't go back you may get burnt like Sodom and Gomorrah!!

You made me sacrifice and suffer here for 34 years in America. White people in particular opposed me so much!! Look at my legs. They are swollen, and many times I almost feel like I might fall down. How can I keep going? Because of the strength of my mind and spirit. It is not something I want to say, but I must teach you the right tradition. What if America goes down? I don't want that; I want you to succeed. I want you to fulfill. We don't need any walls. The wall between Israel and Palestine will not be supported by Heaven.

I came here to set conditions through fishing. Peter was made a fisher of men by Jesus, and that is why we go fishing. To set the condition to be able to catch the hearts and minds of people of the world.

Right now, America really wants me to stay here, but I cannot because I must restore all the blood lineage of the entire world. Rev. Kim, Ki Hoon, what is your name? From Chicago? You must work hard and do much to educate and guide people!!!

Shin Jun Nim, my grandson, is my true friend. He is observing everything. He can see if you are doing good or not. He is helping me.

At some point I will go to the spirit world. Before that I want to bequeath my spirit and my heart and foundation to you. You will see that in ten years everything in the world will be completely changed according to heaven. I have totally chosen the way not to fight but how to make peace.

I want to finish the Bering Strait project in 7 or 8 years.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang read True Father's 120 City World Tour Speech, "God's Ideal Family: The Model for World Peace." And then he read the speech for the Third Assembly of the Mongolian People's Federation for World Peace, "The True Owners in Establishing the Kingdom of Peace and Unity in Heaven and on Earth." 

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