Sun Myung Moon's Words From 2006

A Life of True Love

Sun Myung Moon
April 10, 2006
The True Owners in Establishing the Kingdom of Peace and Unity in Heaven and on Earth (Peace Message 3)

You should lead a life that is completely devoted to true love. Your life should be one in which you love God more than did Adam, Eve or Jesus. By thoroughly actualizing true love, you should perfectly unite your mind and body and find and establish the realm of the relationships of true love. To put it another way, you should perfect a true family on earth, and the three generations of grandparents, parents and children should live together in true love. Only then will you be eligible to enter heaven.

What kind of love is true love? The essence of true love is found not in having others serve you. Rather, it is found when you give out to, serve and live for the sake of others. It is love that gives and forgets that it has given, and continues to give endlessly. It is love that gives with pleasure. It is the heart of pleasure. It is the love of a mother nursing her baby at her breast. It is love expressed through sacrifice as when, with pleasure, a child acts with filial piety toward his or her parents. It is a love just like that which God expressed when creating humankind, an act requiring absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love that gives without conditions or expectations of receiving anything in return.

Ladies and gentlemen, true love brings about the spiritual order, peace and happiness that serve the common good. True love is love that determines the source, center and owner of the universe. True love is the root, and the symbol of the will and power of God. Therefore, when bound in true love, it is enough to be together eternally; for it is a love that can attract not only the universe, but even God. The value of true love lies in its power, which is strong enough to eradicate the walls of national, racial and religious boundaries, created by fallen human descendants. That is why the absolute condition necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven is a life that has been lived for the sake of others, that is, a life of true love.

Yet, look at the world we are currently living in. The people of the world are caught in the trap of extreme selfishness, clamoring for material gain. They have lost all sense of values and have fallen into the depths of self-gratification and degradation. The world is filled with alcoholics. As if drugs and free sex were not enough, there are even those who commit incest -- an act not even seen in the animal world -- and still live with their heads held high. This world has become one wherein beasts with human faces roam freely, even after violating women -- grandmothers, mothers, wives and daughters. This world has become one wherein the swapping of spouses between couples is rampant. Such circumstances are without a doubt the pinnacle of the destruction of morality and the very last of fallen acts. This world has become hell on earth, where the perfected world, embodying the ideal God envisaged at the Creation, cannot even be dreamed of. 

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