Sun Myung Moon's Words From 2006

God's Purpose for Creating Adam and Eve

Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 2006
God's Model Ideal Family and Nation, and the Peace Kingdom
(The Peace Message 2)

Genesis 1:27 of the Old Testament tells us, "So God created man in His own image; male and female He created them." From observing God's creation as expressed in this passage, we can conclude that God is a being who comprises the essence of one man and one woman. Having these attributes, God could not enjoy a solitary life. Therefore, He created the universe as His object partner. That is, He created all things in the universe in the position of an object partner in image, and in the midst of this environment He created human beings as His object partners in substance.

In this manner, the first masculine representative created by God as His object partner in substance was Adam, and the feminine representative He created was Eve. God had an objective in mind when He created human beings as separate beings, one man and one woman.

First, God, who exists as an incorporeal being -- though He is the Subject being with dual characteristics in harmony -- needed to assume a physical form through which He could relate with the entire world of substance, and not only the body of the man or that of the woman. Embodied within both Adam and Eve, He intended to communicate and work freely in relation to the entire universe, the world of substance. This is because the incorporeal God, without a physical body, meets certain limits in dealing with the corporeal world of substance.

Therefore, if Adam and Eve had attended God in their hearts and become one with Him, then married on the basis of having perfected themselves, had children and created a family, they would have become the external and horizontal True Parents in substance, while God would have been the internal and vertical True Parent in substance. If only this had come to pass, Adam and Eve would have resembled God one hundred percent, both in their inner nature and outer form. If Adam and Eve, as a perfect resemblance of God, had become the true parents of humankind, human beings in their daily lives would have perceived, through their experience of them, the true reality of God.

Second, God created Adam and Eve for the fulfillment of love. He intended for Adam and Eve to reach perfection and become the embodiments of love in complete union. On that basis, He would have come and dwelt with them and become the Parent of true love for all humanity. Adam and Eve, standing in the position of the parents of substance in the image of God, would have established an ideal family, and consequently an ideal world, through having their own children and multiplying. If this had come to be, the spirit world and the earthly world would have been linked through human beings. We can conclude that God created us with the purpose of our being the connecting point between the spiritual and physical worlds.

By coming to dwell in Adam and Eve based on true love, God could remain as the True Parent, the parent in substance of humankind. Moreover, when the time came for them to end their lives on earth and pass on into the spirit world, even in that world He could take on the spirit bodies of Adam and Eve and manifest as the True Parent through their form. However, due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, God has not seen that ideal fulfilled.

God does not need money, knowledge, or power. Since He is the absolute, almighty Being, He does not need such things. Though modern science may be accomplishing spectacular advances, these are all part of the process of discovering new facts and truths within the realm of God's creation. The vast expanse of this universe operates in accordance with laws following an order that cannot be fathomed by human thought or science. In this sense, God is also the absolute scientist.

Then what would have been the ideal that God hoped to achieve through the creation of humankind? It was to fulfill the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation signifies Adam and Eve in a state of complete union with God. This makes it impossible for them to separate from God's realm of love, no matter how hard they may try. In other words, it refers to the foundation of a family with God as its center, established when the husband and wife have achieved complete oneness not only with each other but also with God, and when they have become an ideal couple and given birth to ideal children. When the family four-position foundation is thus completed, that family becomes a family of the ideal of creation desired by God.

Generally speaking, a family is formed through the coming together of husband and wife and of parents and children. At the center of that family group there must be God's love. At this point, the husband represents heaven and the wife earth. Although they are two separate beings, when husband and wife have become one, horizontally speaking, their union symbolizes the unity of heaven and earth. Simply put, when husband and wife are in unity based on God's love, the way to bring unity in the universe opens up.

Ladies and gentlemen, God created the world to receive joy from it. Since even the absolute being, God, could not feel joy while alone, He needed a partner with whom He could share the giving and receiving of love. This is because joy cannot be learned all by oneself, but can only be experienced through a partner.

To put it in another way, God created this world in order to feel joy from seeing humankind and all things of the creation become one through His love, forming a harmonious and peaceful world of love. On such a basis, human beings were meant to form true conjugal relationships centering upon His love, and to establish families, tribes, peoples, nations and a world of true love. God created this world to participate directly in this process and to feel joy from it.

We can see that human beings are absolutely essential to fulfill God's ideal of love, and, in light of this, we can better understand the concept that absolute value is derived from an absolute partner. God, as the Father, and humankind, as His children, were to form a vertical axis, and this was the purpose for the creation of human beings. If this axis had been connected perfectly, that is, if a relationship that united humankind and God as one through true love had been established, that relationship would have been an absolutely inseparable one, which no force in the universe could break apart. How could anyone who has been bound to the original love of God, and who has tasted that love, ever be separated from it?

With the coming of spring, honeybees wake up from their long slumber and get the taste for the fresh nectar of the blooming flowers. Try pulling the abdomen of one such honeybee while it is lost to all else but sucking on that nectar. You will see that it cannot tear itself from the nectar, even if its abdomen is pulled off. How about you? Once you really get to know the taste of God's true love, you won't get far from it before you come back and cling to it once again. This shows that the power of the vertical true love that connects us to Him is greater than the power of life. 

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