Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006


Sun Myung Moon
March 12, 2006
Hoon Dok Hae at Han nam dong

Today Father mainly spoke to the 14 peace ambassadors who attended HDH for the first time.

You have come to the right place, today. Fourteen people came? What kind of people are you? You never expect to be a political minister or something like that, coming to Unification Church. If you are determined to work with us, you should start from the position of servants. Whether Rev. Moon is the savior, the second coming lord or the true parents, it doesn't matter to you. It matters only when you have any connection with me. Then, why is that connection required? For whom? For God. If you are not related with me centering on God, it means nothing.

In terms of 'relationship', what kind of relationships do we have? There are parents -children relationship and husband-wife relationship, etc. The relationship of humankind starts from parents-children relationship. Then the person comes to know relationship between siblings, and then husband and wife relationship. Finally that husband and wife reach the position of parents. Adam and Eve were also siblings. Bible says Adam was born ahead of Eve, which means they were like elder brother and younger sister.

How are you going to unite this world? With what? This 'unity' issue should be solved from the fundamental level. You can't unify everything only by Rev. Moon himself. You need his 'teaching'. Rev. Moon's teaching is God's. Do you recognize it? Do you absolutely know it or absolutely believe it? Belief is still a concept, not a substance. Therefore you should know it as a reality, not believe it. Where is Rev. Moon's teaching from? It is Rev. Moon who introduces God's words. However, I couldn't believe in God's words before I finally made them substantiated. You have to not only believe it but also experiment it and witness the real proof.

How old am I this year? I'm 88, not 87. I don't follow the Western way of age counting. I became myself from the moment conceived in my mother's womb. That's why I'm 88 now since I count my age from conception. So I'm 88, and my wife is 64, 8 multiplies 8. And our birthdays are the same day. That's why this is an important year. Do you want U.C. to take part in a political area? I'm going to make all you guys become the father of that area. We will be the owners who will embrace all the fighting right and left political parties. What does Chun-Il-Guk mean? It's like a nation in heaven and earth. What does the Universal Peace Federation mean, then? Universe is a place where God can dwell. And since that universe becomes federated, it's one united meeting. With UPF, Cain and Abel's bloody history will be finished. I have to end this sad history in my lifetime. Then, how can we save this world? Through politics? No. You can do it through our culture.

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