Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

Hoon Dok Hae At Han Nam Dong

Sun Myung Moon
February 14, 2006
Translated by Im Joong Kim
Edited by Joy Pople

The conscience takes precedence before God, teacher and parents. God raised the human body centering on original conscience. The conscience existed before birth, before your teacher and before learning things. You have to do as your conscience tells you to do. We have disunity and struggle between our conscience and our body and because of this we are unable to be God's children. Before you wish to control the universe you should be able to control yourself. Your body is the enemy of the cosmos. You should be opposite of your body, if a beautiful woman embraces you and tries to kiss you what should you do? The fallen body will react to that every time. When you dress up and leave your house to go to work, you see a beautiful woman and your head and your eyes turn toward her, right? You should not have that.

When you are fighting with your body, God cannot appear in that place. God is the parent above all parents, the teacher above all teachers, and the owner above all owners. God has implanted in us a string of love. Adam and Eve after reaching the oneness of mind and body then man and woman become one nobody would need to teach them. They automatically know that their relationship will be subject and object.

What is the origin of mind and body? People searched for this answer for all of time. The mind and body are struggling, and people didn't know about the human fall.

There is natural enemy to our body. If there are 1000 goldfish, and one bacterium that is the natural enemy to the goldfish, the disease can spread and the natural enemy can eventually kill all the goldfish.

You need to know this. You need to find your conscience. Conscience of Father, Conscience of mother, conscience conscience conscience conscience. Who is the king of conscience? God is the king of conscience.

Adam and Eve couldn't become the king of conscience, they weren't able to unite with God. It is a simple thing. (This idea, not being one with God) One thing that broke the conscience the most is the sexual organ. You have to use the sexual organ in a right way through out your lifetime. If you misuse it you cannot go to heaven.

The Unification Church teaches that the first thing you need to unify is your mind and body centering on your conscience. You have to absolutely abolish your body's control over your conscience. You need to change 180 degrees. Mind and body should be one and be raised up to God.

After they reached 21, Adam and Eve would have experienced God's direct dominion. But they could not fulfill their responsibility. You fulfill your responsibility by living according to your conscience and receiving God's blessing. If you can love with your united spirit and body, you will resemble God even if you don't want to.

When young people reach puberty their eyes open toward opposite sex and their mind starts to float. It needs to float straight up, rather than east or west or down centering on your own greed. Even biologically your body reaches its peak around age 23 and it starts to go decline after that. Your cells start to die.

If your body owns your mind and oppresses it, in that situation would there be eternal life and seed for eternal life? If you don't have spiritual experiences you would not know. If you do as you wish, Satan will always come.

Conscience existed before you; with conscience God grew your body. We need to have absolute faith. We need to have absolute, 100% unity with God. Not even a 0.0001 degree of disunity should be there. If you make 0 deviations from God (meaning one with God) you don't need religion. If you just follow your body the world will collapse.

God created the environment first, if you are born you would need something to eat.

Before wishing for controlling the universe, you should control your own self. When children are young they want everything to be done their way. Their mind and body are in constant struggle, so the parents should teach the kids about how the mind should control the body. When parents are fighting they cannot say to their kids, 'Don't fight.'

When divorced parents fight over the children that is just like hell. In America when a couple divorces, some women takes away 80 to 90 percent of everything -- or at least 30%~50%. Laws like that can lead to destruction.

The lifestyle and habits of this fallen world should change 180 degrees. If you can live like that your life will become good. If you try to live like this you will know that these words are absolute.

When communists torture someone, they lock that person without any clothes in a room covered with red paint. People start to go insane because there is no other person, and they realize they are by themselves.

I was by myself in communist prison and from this end to the other end of the world and they call me a heretic. Heresy of the family, heresy of the tribe, heresy of the nation, heresy of the world, and even the whole world called me a heretic. Even God tested and challenged me. But I did not give up. There was no space for me to submit to failure. The person who knows has to take responsibility. Only God knows where my path is; Satan does not know. When you overcome your fallen nature only God knows where your path is.

We are at the dividing line, the crossing point. Good is rising and evil is declining. How can we go beyond the crossing point? I am an enemy to Satan. Even if the world opposes me, I do not get discouraged. When you see me from the side you can see that I have a face of a warrior.

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