Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

True Parents Birthday

Sun Myung Moon
February 3, 2006
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by staff in Korea

The international delegates of the UPF joined True Parent's Birthday Tribute. Former and Current heads of state, Professors, Religious Leaders, Media professionals, Civic and from over 120 nations of the world attended the 8 am Pledge service.

True Parents entered as Rev. Kwak was the master of ceremonies. Father lit the 7 candles before the beautiful round "towers" of fruit, nuts and cookies representing all the creation. Father began from the center lighting the candles, then the far right, far left and rotating back and forth toward the center. It was again a most beautiful occasion to share the heart of True Love with God and True Parents. Father is wearing a dark suit with a red tie and Mother in a beautiful turquoise Chima Chogori.

True Parents offered a beautiful prayer and then offered their full bows to God. Then Father and Mother took their seats behind the offering table. Next True Family and the wives of the five saints offered Kyeong Beh. Then all blessed couples bowed representing heaven and earth. Then the representatives of the three primary nations of Korea, Japan and America. Representatives of all Continents (Rev. Schanker and indigenous leaders represented the continents), then Judeo Christianity, (Dr.Walsh), Islam (Mr. Taj Hamad), Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism. Then representatives of True Parents relatives, representatives of the Free World and the Communist world.

Then Rev. and Mrs. Kwak offered the representative prayer for all the families of the world. (They were joined by Jin Man Kwak and his wife).

Next an excellent video presentation was given that demonstrated to the 10,000 gathered including the 300 Universal Peace Federation Ambassadors for Peace, the vast developments for peace achieved by True Parents. From the Middle East to North and South Korea, True Parents' work has become central. At the same time the 120 City World Tour was featured in which in country after country True Parents were welcomed by Presidents, Prime Ministers and the top leaders of the nation.

Rev. Kwak then read a special report on True Parents work centering on the spiritual foundation of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Christianity now growing through many stages to expand through many diverse organizations to achieve peace and True Families on earth. This was a tribute to Father's life and sacrifice to honor him on his birthday. The center of all this activity is that fact that True Parents successfully reestablished Adam and Evers position recreating God's Ideal Family. Rev. Kwak testified to Father's life of living for the sake of others and the central work of Father to bring the change of blood lineage, engrafting all humanity into the Tree of Life.

Then Rev. Kwak read a testimony to honor True Mother, for this is also her birthday. True Mother is the Co-Founder of every providential organization and every dispensational activity. She is the True Mother of grace and holiness. She bore the historical burden of all suffering and challenges from the evil world to block her path. She overcame all trials with patience and love. She stands in oneness with Father and has fulfilled the role of True Mother. She is our True Mother with a heart of infinite love for all humanity. Surely we could not stand here today without the love of True Mother. How can we express our gratitude for her. She also was the center of all the courses of the True Children and always stood with True Love in all situations.

Now, True Parents, you have achieved the completion of all the dispensational conditions and courses and now we are witnessing through the Universal Peace Federation the substantial realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We will fulfill our responsibility to bring the complete settlement of your Kingdom before heaven and earth.

Then Congratulatory remarks were offered by dignitaries representing the Universal Peace Federation (the Abel UN). The speaker of the house of the parliament of Nepal.

(He and his wife stood before True Parents and offered a bow of respect.).) "Father and Mother Moon and distinguished delegates, I offer our heartfelt congratulations to you representing not only the delegates here but also the 24 million people of Nepal. The work Rev. Moon has done for peace has been recognized by all factions of the very challenging conflict in Nepal. When he came thousands of people gathered on the streets of Katmandu with banners and respect welcoming the King and Queen of Peace. Even Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, welcomed True Parents. I am proud to say I was proud to be the chairman of the program committee to welcome you to Nepal. I want to say that you are the highest example of the way of True Love even risking your life to accomplish the world tour." (Paraphrased). "On the 22nd of November people of all professions and students welcomed you on that day. Your vision and methodology for peace brings hope not only to Nepal but all the world. You are leading the central movement for peace in our world at this time with a vision that will achieve lasting peace. May you see the fulfillment of your long cherished dream of a Unified World of Peace and may you both have good health and long, long life. Congratulations."

Dr. Cho Sun Lee from Korea who is Chairman of he Seoul Peace prize and a most respected patriot and long time legislators of the Korean Parliament (7 terms). "I wish Happy Birthday to True Parents. I am two years younger than Rev. Moon and we fought together at the same time on different fronts to liberate Korea and protect this nation. I can testify that Korea is has become a great nation. Yet there are many serious problems that plague Korea and threaten its future. I have seen the personal sacrifices that Rev. Moon is making and has always made to save humanity. There are many shady sides of Korea in which many are confused and have no ideology or clear moral direction. Rev. Moon is addressing these areas to give direction and principle to the people who struggle in darkness. I asked him to be careful about his health but he said, I already gave my life to heaven and am just doing whatever I can do. I have no concern about my life, for it is in God's hands. We truly hope and pray that Rev. Moon can live to see the day in which the total liberation of darkness an the total freedom and happiness of all Koreans and all the people of the world."

Father's Address:

Whenever you have a gathering like this I feel that people here have more joy than those of the outside world. Through this you can receive God's blessing. Please become the friend of God and be a person like an angel who can travel like angel all over the world with God. (Father's Speech is in published form.) I drank a lot of water during the rally of 70,000. I want you to know that this is not my words but these are the words of God. God's Ideal Family: The Model for World Peace. (presented in the 120 city world tour).

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