Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

God is Our True Parent, True Teacher and True King

Sun Myung Moon
April 27, 200
Blue Sea Garden, Republic of Korea
Rally for Education on Attending and Protecting the Root Ancestor (King of Peace)

God is the originator of the search for our roots; He is the root of the ideals of all families, nations, the world and cosmos, and the source of liberation and complete freedom

Distinguished worldwide Ambassadors for Peace, NGO representatives, leaders from the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, ladies and gentlemen, and beloved blessed families worldwide! My heart swells to see you all here in the scenic Republic of Korea on this spring day.

As you all know, my whole life of eighty-plus years has been a path of indescribable persecution and tribulation. I began my mission at the young age of sixteen after receiving Heaven's call and mandate. Since then, for the past seventy years, I have walked this thorny course, traversing the crossroads of life and death in my battles against Satan.

Humankind had no way of knowing that God, the Creator and Owner of heaven and earth, is the True Parent of humankind. We have been endlessly adrift in a swamp of falsehood and bondage without knowing the means of escape. This is because, due to the Fall of Adam and Eve who were created as our first ancestors, human beings fell into a position of being like orphans in a distant land. Generations have gone by with people trapped under the deception of Satan, the false parent. We should look closely at the world today, to which we have been confined for thousands of years under this false lineage and all sorts of falsehoods.

For thousands of years, human beings have lived as false olive trees. As such, they have lost the ability even to distinguish between a false olive tree and true olive tree. Now, planet earth has become a realm of hell, covered by a plantation of six billion false olive trees. These are the offspring of Satan's defiled lineage. I set out on my path after receiving the seal as the only true olive tree; and I have followed it for the past seventy years of my life.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus appeared on earth with the mission of the true olive tree. However, as we know all too well, Jesus could not bear even one blessed fruit of the true olive tree during his life; instead he was put to death. This was due to the disbelief in Judaism, which did not fully understand Heaven's will in choosing and sending Jesus in that age. And it was due to the failure of Israel which was focused only on its own power struggle. Consequently, for another two thousand long years following the death of Jesus, Heaven laid the foundation to plant the true olive tree, safely nurturing it and letting its flowers bloom so that it might bear fruit.

I have said that six billion false olive trees cover the earth. Yet, even if we wait tens of thousands of years, a false olive tree remains a false olive tree. There will be no miracle by which it will mutate to become a true olive tree. Fundamentally, it has a different root. Those belonging to the satanic lineage of the false olive tree are not converted to the true lineage of Heaven just because they wish to be. For this to take place, they are in need of a true olive tree that comes from Heaven with the root and substance of the true lineage.

The True Root Is God's True Love

A false olive tree should be completely cut off at the stump. If even one branch were to remain, it would lose its qualifications to be reborn as a true olive tree. In other words, the sprout of the true olive tree must be engrafted only onto a clean base not having a trace of the false olive tree. In this way, the fruit of the true olive tree can be harvested.

Accordingly, the circumstances for you, who have had no choice but to live as false olive trees, are as plain as can be. Above all you should first seek the true root. If that is true, where can this root be found? Can it be found through modern science that today continues to develop at a speed beyond our imagination? Or can it be found through extensive readings of philosophy, which is proud of several thousands of years of tradition and which has developed its ideas until the present? If not, then can it be mastered through the doctrines of the great religions of the world recognized by everyone today? To state it simply, the true root can only be found on a level that transcends science, philosophy, religion and the cosmos.

The one who comes as the true olive tree of Heaven should come as the True Parent who brings rebirth to you all. Heavenly law dictates that one receives life through one's parents. The True Parents come to the earth with the heavenly root of true love, true life and true lineage. Human beings were born rooted in the false love of Satan. The True Parents have the mission of ruthlessly severing humankind from that root in order to plant the sprout of true love. In this way, the root of the true olive tree that humankind should seek is the root of God's true love. This root can only emerge through the True Parents. The Association for the Discovery of Our Original Roots is therefore a providential revolution of true love. It reaches beyond the world and cosmos in seeking God by being engrafted through the True Parent who stands as the King of Peace.

Engraftment Through Blessed Marriage

Dear guests, how can the root of God's true love be engrafted to fallen human beings who are false olive trees? Even a false olive tree would perish if it were completely uprooted. Engraftment cannot take place on a dead tree. The question is whether it is a true seed or a false seed. As you are the descendants of the Fall, Satan's false blood courses through all your bodies without exception. Consequently, your life goal should be one of striving, at the risk of your life, to receive the Marriage Blessing from the True Parents who come with the root of the true seed of Heaven. Your goal should be to receive the true root, that is, true love, true life and true lineage. This has been the purpose of providential history for salvation that has sought a true person. In other words, it is a movement to re-create human beings by completely eradicating Satan's false blood, and having them receive the true lineage of Heaven, thereby being reborn as Heaven's true children.

Those who receive the true lineage in this way and begin their lives as a true olive tree have the duty to establish families belonging to the true root. They should make the True Parents the central axis, so that Satan's false root can never again reach out to that true tree. They should then establish a homogenous race characterized by the Mongolian spot, a race that is in the position of the elder son of humankind, the new seed of a lineage that unifies the earth. You should preserve the true lineage that you inherit through the Marriage Blessing, and build upon God's creativity by establishing a combined realm of three generations -- grandparents, parents and children -- within your families. You should first offer to Heaven all your possessions, which you have accumulated within the satanic world. Then, you should receive the new right of possession from heaven. You should inherit God's realm of heart, the essence of this true root, and make the practice of true love, which can liberate and release the historic and bitter resentment between Cain and Abel, your life's tradition.

Distinguished guests! The time has come now for you to make a new beginning with a strong resolution. Heavenly fortune dwells within this nation and race. It is not, however, because of your success; nor is it because the Republic of Korea is special. It is because the True Parents of humankind, raised by God, began the providence of passing on the true lineage centering on the Korean people. We should all applaud God and True Parents with sincere gratitude for bestowing the true root upon us who were otherwise destined to live forever as false olive trees.

You should now cast aside the old habits and layers of vanity you had as a false olive tree in the era before heaven. Now, you should become the elite force of heaven that practices a life of true love; that is, living for the sake of others. This is a life of a true olive tree belonging to the era after the coming of heaven. It is a path on which you should establish in your families the root of the true parent, true teacher and true king that shall never wither away.

Dear guests! Soon the time will come when nations will be registered into God's kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. The time is coming when all religions shall take down their signboards and join the ranks of that kingdom. Tens of thousands of clans and tribes worldwide are merging into a single race characterized by the Mongolian spot. Numerous good ancestors in the spirit world are anxiously waiting to be engrafted to the true olive tree through you. Regardless of how good they were when they lived on earth, your ancestors who entered the spirit world as false olive trees are wandering about like duckweed, unable to take root in that world. This means that unless your families receive the blessing, your ancestors will be trapped in circumstances that would prevent them from ever taking root. Thus, you should become the eyes of Heaven upholding the true lineage -- the true root. You should become a bridge that your ancestors can have faith in and depend on, a bridge over which they can cross. You should know that the Marriage Blessing, which you receive from True Parents, is priceless. It is of such tremendous value. It is a blessing of infinite value that deals not only with the eternal life of your clan today but also that of your ancestors and descendants.

Dear guests, with the beginning of this year, the fifth year of the kingdom of Cheon Il Guk, I was nominated, crowned and enthroned as the King of Peace of Cosmic Unity on the inter-religious and international level, and this I proclaimed throughout heaven and earth. From this time forth, the world will rapidly change according to Heaven's initiative. The battle cry sounding the transformation and creation of a new heaven and earth is spreading throughout the physical and spiritual worlds. Today, on this providential land of Yeosu and Sooncheon, we will shout for the opening of a new page of liberation and complete freedom in history until our lungs burst. We should light the beacon of true love on the mountaintop.

You should all become the owners and vanguard who will build Cheon Il Guk to transcend religion, nation, race and the world by building a bridge of blessed families across the vast Pacific Ocean!

In conclusion, I have prepared a special gift for you all today. It is a booklet consisting of a collection of vivid and moving testimonies sent by the representatives of the four great religions and representative world-renowned kings, presidents, journalists and scholars who have already passed into the spirit world.

May God's blessings be with you and your families.

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