Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

News of the 84

Sun Myung Moon
December 24, 2003
Notes by Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

The Hoon Dok Hae was mostly about the nature and activities of Satan. One passage explain the strategic position of Eve, the only woman with 5 male characters surrounding her, namely God, Adam and the three archangels. Her strategic position could also be viewed in terms of the meaning of the sexual organs, which connect love, life, lineage and conscience.

The Hoon Dok Hae addressed some questions about the gravity and seriousness of the fall.

"Do you want to receive the love and lineage of a thief? The Archangel Lucifer initiated the Fall. Therefore, we have received the lineage of an adulterer as Paul says in the Romans."

"Why cannot almighty God, the God of love, forgive Satan? This is because Satan defiled the love of God and the lineage, thus destroying the very purpose of Creation. He deprived God of the most precious thing."

After the reading, Father spoke to us rather informally. We could feel his curiosity about the 84 members.

"Who are your ancestors?" Father asked Linda Trigoll, who was sitting in the front. Linda tried her best to explain that she had mixed lineages, including Cherokee blood running into her veins. Father seemed quite intrigued by this word "Cherokee."

He later turned to our brother Michael Diekirson, the number 1 among the American Ambassadors for peace, and asked the same question. Michael explained that his blood was a combination of African American, Indian and white peopleís blood. Father then asked him whom he would love most, the Blacks or the White. Michael, who was never inclined to indulge in resentful feelings, explained that he would love everyone equally. Father encouraged him to love white people more.

Father explained one more time the origin of the American people, and the role played by the Puritans of the Mayflower. When the Hoon Dok Hae ended, he asked President Kwang-Hee Sa, of the Segye Ilbo, to come and sing a song with another brother. This brother then explained to us the activities of the Hoon Dok College, as one of the key tools to educate people in the community.

After breakfast, many went to the Dowon building. I spent a few hours preparing a press release about the Jerusalem rally, with the help of William Peat and Reivick, who collected the different articles published so far, and of Eric Richardson, who edited my text and added selected pictures.

Thursday 25

We greeted one another with joyful "Merry Christmas" when we woke up at Guri around 3:30, and also in the bus leading us to Hannam-dong.

"Merry Christmas!" said True Mother to all of us after we had greeted our Parents at 5 a.m. Father smiled at all of us and then asked Won Joo to start reading. The Hoon Dok Hae addressed the issue of rampant immorality in the Western World, with problems such as free-sex, teenage pregnancies, AIDS, homosexuality and so forth.

What was interesting was the spiritual explanation given to these phenomena. All religions warn us against sexual sins and immorality, but the Hoon Dok Hae was shading a deep light onto these modern phenomena. First, free-sex, homosexuality and lesbianism show the influence of the Archangel Lucifer on peopleís lives. When individualism is rampant, people seek love just like the Archangel Lucifer in the Garden of Eden who was coveting Eve without any possibility to connect love with marriage, family and lineage. But another explanation was given to us. The Hoon Dok Hae reminded us that Satan always imitates God. In the time of Jesus, Heavenly Father worked out his Providence of salvation by having Mary conceive a child through a relationship with Zechariah. And we know that Jesus was to marry the sister of John-the-Baptist in order to create the first ideal marriage and ideal family.

From this viewpoint, the tragedy of the sexual revolution which has been plaguing the USA and the Western World since the early 60ís can be seen as a consequence of Christianityís refusal to accept the Lord of Second Coming and the Wedding of the Lamb. The Hoon Dok Hae insisted that it is crucial for the Messiah to reveal heavenly secrets about the incestual birth of Jesus in order to liberate people from ignorance and Satanís dominion.

When Father spoke to us, he insisted that we should know the value of the first love. He asked us to forget and destroy all memory of past loves. Then, he looked at us seriously and asked: "How much have you been able to unite your mind and your body? How much do you know True Father? How much do you know yourself? Whenever you hear the Hoon Dok Hae, you need to repent. We now have 8 days left to prepare for True Godís Day which will mark the beginning of the 4th year in Cheon-Il-Guk."

Father told us that Christmas is not the real date of Jesus birth. We need to celebrate True Godís Day, and then the birth of Jesus on January 3. Father then started to remind us of the painful process to establish the True Godís Day in 1968, and all the opposition he received.

When the Hoon Dok Hae finished, Father noticed that the Korean NM to Paraguay had just returned from Jerusalem. He was asked to offer the prayer and then to report. In order to do that, he dressed with his yellow jacket of IIPC and a special cap. He reported with great emotion and insisted that, in his view, the next step after Jerusalem is now Korea and the reunification issue.

As soon as the report finished, Mother entered the room and said a few words to Father, who smiled.

Father then said: "We could spend the whole day in reporting. But we have some important things to do."

"This is Hyo Jin Nimís birthday!" True Mother added.

We had all contributed 10,000 won to buy a present for Hyo Jin Nim. To our greatest surprise, however, True Parents showed their concern for us first. Within a few minutes, lots of bags were brought in the room, and Mother gave them out. Brothers mostly received winter sweaters, and sisters different types of clothes. One more time, we were overwhelmed by the love of our True Parents.

Members used this Christmas days in various ways. Dr Kim of team 4, brought many brothers and sisters to a Presbyterian church, some others went to Myungdung Cathedral. Others did some shopping. I was mostly busy preparing my fourth photo album.

We had a brief Christmas celebration in Guri which started at 8:15 p.m and was emceed by William Peat. Performances by Philip Withers, Oivind, a choir directed by Noriko, Pascal Hochster, among others, were appreciated. We all received humble presents that we had bought for one another.

At 11:30, our 9 members who had gone to Jerusalem were back in Guri. Most of us noticed their presence only when we woke up the next day.

December 26

The Hoon Dok Hae was marked by the presence of Reverend Sun-Jo Hwang, as well as our IIPC members who had come back from Jerusalem. Won Joo read detailed explanation about the meaning and the scope of the Ocean Providence. Three points were emphasized.

1. The Ocean Providence is an answer to the food problem. Father feels responsible to feed mankind properly. Human beings need to be trained about fishing and the maritime resources. Father said that water is absolutely vital, and our body consists mostly of water.

2. The Ocean Providence is crucial for World Peace. Maritime resources are strategic. He who conquers the seas will conquer the world.

3. The Ocean Providence is an excellent training for the young people. It is highly educational.

During the Hoon Dok Hae, Father made us pledge several times to love the Ocean and fishing. He said that he learnt to love fishing progressively. In the beginning, Father felt incredibly tired with this activity. He explained that fishermen have a healthy life and live long.

After the Hoon Dok Hae, Reverend Sun-Jo Hwang offered the prayer, and Father asked one more time Mrs. Kang to talk about her favorite topic: Augustine, her husband.

"You may think that I am little bit lonely with such an invisible husband. Well, I live 24 hours a day with several family members: God, the True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, and Augustine. I tell you, life with him is very substantial. Please understand how we should prepare for our eternal life in the Spirit World. And please realize how Blessed you are. I want you to always be grateful and say Thank You.

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