Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's phone call (complete)

Sun Myung Moon
December 23, 2003
Notes by Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

I apologize for sending incomplete notes of Father's phone conversation with Reverend Kwak on December 23. Here are the complete notes which I took this day (Laurent Ladouce)

Fatherís phone call

"Make sure that you declare certain things so that the blood lineage can be changed and people can be connected to God. This was the original responsibility of the Israel nation since Jacob and Perez: they were responsible to establish God's blood lineage on earth. The Jewish people should connect to God. Jesus came as the fruit and was to be the head of both Judaism and Israel. This is the first meaning of interreligious and international. Now, the first, second, third and fourth Israel have to become one.

Peace-UN has to be established. The LSA is the one who fulfills this mission. He comes as the True Teacher, True Parent and True Master or Owner.

The Second Coming has come to this earth to restore what Jesus could not fulfill, in order to perfect the interreligious dimension. We must bring the entire world into unity. This was not done at the time of Jesus. If Jesus had found his bride, he would have established the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, in the position of True Parents, Reverend Moon declares the 4th Israel. We can reverse history where the body had been controlling the mind. Now our mind can control the body and we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. We can liquidate everything, we can bring the Blessing and the total harmony of the Spirit World and Physical World.

The entire spirit world will be mobilized. When you lake a statement, you should say clearly that the IIPC will become the true United Nations. The ideal of Creation will be perfected. We have to enter the Kingdom of Heaven from birth.

Israel was the point where all conflicts were concentrated. Reverend Moon, as the ancestor, focused all his energy to solve this problem, and he was able to bring so many religious leaders. 7 nations were supposed to proclaim this content in Israel. We are now restoring this through indemnity. The desire of the 5 great sages is fulfilled, all the philosophies are completed. Throughout the 6 continents, we have to reach out to reach out to 191 nations.

We have to fulfill what was lost. Heaven and Earth are supposed to become completely one. From Israel, the victory is to go to Korea. Reverend Kwak! You must understand that coming back is not an issue for you. You have to fulfill this responsibility, this is more important than coming back. You have to educate them. Teach these people about the true, genuine UN. God is the center of all these lofty ideals. We can completely pull out the root of the problems. The master of peace-UN is God.

We have to proclaim who the Reverend Moon is. The Spirit World is cooperating. We enter the age of safe settlement where the mind can dominate the body.

You understand? You have to stay there with the Arab leaders and Jewish leaders. Please raise the flag. What about the 840 ambassadors for peace? Are they now appointed? Do you know who will go where? They must be established throughout the 6 continents.

Father will connect this to Korea so that God can be the God of freedom, peace and happiness. All human beings should receive the Blessing in three stages: in the womb, later until the age of 16, and for the marriage. Also, husband and wife become one in three stages of lips, breasts and sexual organs. Eve is to remain stuck to Adam. Individualism should be destroyed, and homosexuality should disappear.

Adam and Eve were to enter the direct dominion. We have to restore the hegemony of God. Centering on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Israel, the Kingdom of God is to come. Father was able to eliminate paradise and hell. The people who receive the blood lineage through the Blessing will be completely free. We can clarify that God is the cosmic parent of heaven and earth. We have to proclaim that the parent of Heaven, Earth and Mankind is established.

"....(Referring to Family Pledge) Because of True Love, our Blessed families are the owners and we can create the Cheon-Il guk. Heavenly Father was invisible until now. Also, there was no mother figure. All Blessed families have to stand before Father and Mother. God will have a substantial body. This was supposed to occur and be completed at the time of Adam and Eve, God will settle down. You yourself have to be the King of your tribe.

On that kind of foundation, you will be able to attend your parents. Let us complete and perfect all that.

We shall testify that Reverend Moon can stand as the father of all mankind. What is Panmunjon? Panmunjon will become Kunmunjon, the Golden Gate. It will open the gate of Heaven. Everything will be one. A free person with mind-body unity will exist, a new person free from conflict.

You have to become that kind of individual, family, nation. Those who opposed us will now change. Until 2012, we have to completely unite all these things. This is the responsibility of the 7 nations and of the embassies. We have to reorganize the whole family system.

In the Gaza strip you have to create kindergarten, elementary school etc Ö

You have to find and restore 12 people in your tribe. Father sacrificed everything for God. The family has to sacrifice for the tribe, the tribe for the nation, the nation for the world.

Is everything fulfilled now? No. Until 2012, through all broadcasting systems, we have to convey all these things. You have to become second selves. You have to be recreated. You should stand as an owner on the foundation of restoring the elder brother. This kind of principle is a reasonable principle.

In the past, Germany, France etc. used to say: "My nation" but we must go beyond national borders.

You should be able to say: I took part in the love between my father and my mother. The seed of True Love must be multiplied. Orphans have no parents. The seed of love is to produce fruit. You are the participant in your parents love and you have to become the fruit which is ripen.

When the father and mother passionately kiss each other, I can become a happy person. We have to participate in the resurrected love of father and mother. Please understand the seed of true love, this is the whole process of restoration. You need to understand how the grand-fathers and fathers have toiled for the appearance of the perfect male. When the sexual organs become one, this is where God can come. (Father talks about Mount Sinai).

The sexual organs are also where the urine comes through. The most holy place and the waste place are close to each other. Man is to smell sweat and woman should smell perfume and fragrance. The woman should love the sweaty husband who comes back home and is exhausted. Centering on the Unification Principle, you have to educate. Please use the next days to give education.

Israelites centered on the lineage started with Abraham and Isaac.

Because of the Christian rejection, I was expelled and had to restore all things from the level of servant of servant. You have to educate for 8 days, centered on the 840 people. They need a 8-day education. You have to declare Cheon-Il Guk, you have to declare one nation of peace. 84 people, you need to liberate the grief and bitterness of Jesus. You have to star the education. If this is not done, there will be much regret in the spirit world. Reverend Kwak! You have to declare that Reverend Moon is the Messiah. Representatives of the 7 nations are here and should be grateful.

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