Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's Telephone Call To Reverend Kwak (1)

Sun Myung Moon
December 22, 2003
Notes by Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

Yesterday evening, December 22, we all went to Hannam-dong to watch the satellite broadcast of the Jerusalem rally. Father did not make any comment and the gathering ended right after the end of the program.

This morning, we were back in Hannam-dong at 5:00. We were the witnesses of an extraordinary telephone call between Father and Reverend Kwak. I say "extraordinary" because Father was so passionate and absolute. He just blasted the message for 80 minutes without stop. And all of us were struck by the depth of Father's words. We tried desperately to catch up and take as many notes as possible.

Before writing down my imperfect notes, I would like to tell my personal impression. For me, Father summarize in 80 minutes the essence of his teaching during the past 100 days, i.e. ever since the mobilization started.

I would see it like this: the Jerusalem rally is really an apocalyptic event, in the etymological sense of the term: it is a powerful revelation of God's secrets given to a multitude. Through a specific event taking place only once and in a single place, so many universal providences are decided, which will affect every human soul fundamentally.

And Father's words to Reverend Kwak were truly divine. It was like God Himself talking passionately. For months, Father has been creating history with his words. He has taught us something new, which is going to take place. And yesterday, in Jerusalem, the word of the Messiah became flesh, became the mainstream of history.

As his disciples, we are the first one to hear and to see. But the truth is something obvious which every flesh will see and will even touch.

When Father spoke over the phone, I was constantly saying to myself: this man is a genius, he is a genius who reveals in simple words what is going on right now at the very core of the Providence. However, Father is not simply an intellectual genius, he is the genius of human redemption and of the liberation of God. When we follow Father, we partake in a cosmic drama with thousands and millions of actors, famous or unknown. Their names are Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham etc. but also all our humble ancestors, myriads of spirits. All these existences are tied together in Father's redemptive heart. Father is really the redeemer and the savior of all mankind.

And who is Reverend Kwak then? Well, he is surely the best among all of us, and we know it. His position is that of a perfect object of Father's teaching. He gives a special stimulation to the Messiah. For Father to be able to stage apocalyptic event, he needs disciples to protect his work and attend him everyday. Reverend Kwak is the most attending disciple, I would say. He can resonate with Father's mind more than anybody, being like a second self of True Father.

Well, this is my long introduction. You may feel some unnecessary pathos in it, for which I beg you to forgive me. Here are the notes in my notebook:

"Make sure that you declare certain things so that the blood lineage can be changed and people can be connected to God. This was the original responsibility of the Israel nation since Jacob and Perez: they were responsible to establish God's blood lineage on earth. The Jewish people should connect to God. Jesus came as the fruit and was to be the head of both Judaism and Israel. This is the first meaning of interreligious and international. Now, the first, second, third and fourth Israel have to become one.

Peace-UN has to be established. The LSA is the one who fulfills this mission. He comes as the True Teacher, True Parent and True Master or Owner.

The Second Coming has come to this earth to restore what Jesus could not fulfill, in order to perfect the interreligious dimension. We must bring the entire world into unity. This was not done at the time of Jesus. If Jesus had found his bride, he would have established the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, in the position of True Parents, Reverend Moon declares the 4th Israel. WE can reverse history where the body had been controling the mind. Now our mind can control the body and we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. We can liquidate everything, we can bring the Blessing and the total harmony of the Spirit World and Physical World.

The entire spirit world will be mobilized. When you lake a statement, you should say clearly that the IIPC will become the true United Nations. The ideal of Creation will be perfected. We have to enter the Kingdom of Heaven from birth.

I continue with the notes taken during Father's phone call with Reverend Kwak at Hannam-dong

"....(Referring to Family Pledge) Because of True Love, our Blessed families are the owners and we can create the Cheon-Il guk. Heavenly Father was invisible until now. Also, there was no mother figure. All Blessed families of the Unification Church have to stand before Father and Mother. God will have a substantial body. This was supposed to occur and be completed at the time of Adam and Eve, God will settle down. You yourself have to be the King of your tribe. On that kind of foundation, you will be able to attend your parents. Let us complete and perfect all that.

We shall testify that Reverend Moon can stand as the father of all mankind. What is Panmunjon? Panmunjon will become Kunmunjon, the Golden Gate. It will open the gate of Heaven. Everything will be one. A free person with mind-body unity will exist, a new person free from conflict."

(To be continued)

Laurent Ladouce 

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