Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Ceremony for the Realm of Complete Unification

Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 2003
Ilchae Tongil Shik
Unofficial Notes by Evelyn C. Drake

On December 21, 2003 at Hannam-dong, representatives of 7 nations and some other Korean members joined True Parents and True Children for pledge service and Hoon Dok Hae. True Father in his special prayer before the pledge service proclaimed the ceremony for the "Real of Complete Unification". After the pledge he spoke with members with the conclusion saying that "from now on, you can order the spirit world to help you and do what you want to do!" During the speech Father asked some of Korean members to sing songs, which in the end True Children, True Mother and True Father himself joined as well.

This grand ceremony was made today. At Gaza, peace in Israel will come about. After the failure of Jesus death, the victory at Gaza strip will bring victory for Jesus to establish the world unification. You can stand in the position to restore your ancestors and all the people who stand in the archangel position. True Parents will restore all these foundations.

Ever since the fall at the age of 16 all these were restored and bring back to earth. Grand-parents, grand-children, now all nations will be changed, their blood lineage will be changed. These 7 nations had received the exchanged blessing. At this time the kingdom of heaven on earth would be establish. Since it was not accomplished before, now we are in Israel.

All these things should have been done over, because of Jesus death, they could not be accomplished. Jesus could receive his bride in the spiritual world. Centering on Jesus bride, 2000 years of Godís resentment was accumulated. Externally and internally it has to be done. Judaism, Christianity and Islam must become one. To establish 12 spiritual groups, 12 ambassadors for peace in Rome, it could have been restored. This has to be connected to the nation of Korea, the Second Advent. Now through this rally in Israel all these things will be restored.

Now by this rally in Israel all these will be restored through indemnity, that is why I proclaimed the 4th Israel nation opening the gate of Cheon Il Guk, held at the holy wedding ceremony. This will expand to the entire world; this proclamation was made today transition of lineage, 3 generation transition .proclamation of Cheon Il Guk ceremony.

Through the Coronation of Godís kingship January 13, 2000, and True Motherís 60th birthday this year, heaven and earth became one, opening the gates of Cheon Il Guk, as True Parents were in the position of king everybody was able to receive the blessing at the same time. For the first time the path of heaven was created centering on unified hearts, and centering on internal and unchanging true love. On this foundation lips and sexual organ coming together as the substantial body of God...

Heavenly father could find his substantial body through Adams family. Origin, division and union, action in the position of child. That is why, we had cosmic holy blessing this year. These 7 providential nations should be united in the past ?it should be restored within 7 years since it was not done we have to restore this failure. Jesus was crucified on the cross. Now True Parents are on the earth to bring this path to heaven, centering on 3 generations, spiritual body, father and son..

Since you have received the blessing, you are the 1st generation. Centering on one body, one spirit, one core, one love to create one unified world. Centering on true parents, family and tribal level Adam is to restore brothers and sisters. Look at Israel at this time, all these things were lost.. Now we are restoring these things through the 7 nations and later, centering on Christian culture. These things were lost and destroyed by the sexual organs of men and women. You have to protect your 5 spiritual, physical senses centering on true love, there should not be shadow! We have to restore these things through restoration of the tribes ex; Moon and Han tribes blessing. Father has been going through this to restore Eve,

At the age of 80 Father is restoring all the mistakes of Eve. In this age, if we are searching for good governance in one generation we have to restore all these things with people on the streets and spiritual world

All the 50, 60, 70, 40, 30, youth, 20, 10 years old and adolescents age, we have to restore these things by restoring the mother. All these people, religions in Korea Cheongdo Gil, the Buddhists fractions in Korea... all the founders of these religions have failed. They all went to spiritual world. Many of these religious leaders died away from their lands as Kennedy died away from his home town, the family of the messiah must be restored as well. All of these people can enter Cheon Il Guk, we can connect with the True Parents in this age. These people are in Gaza, struggling to settle themselves.

People smell two different kinds of fragrances; Godís fragrances and body fragrances. Since the body was fallen, false blood lineage was created. This lineage was not established. This internal parents from spiritual world must unite with the visible parent. 360 degrees coming together vertical , horizontal mission unified together, left, right, front, back middle, center, left, middle, right. Left, right , because of the fall, Everything was reversed. All of these brothers are fighting against each other. We are going through this now.

All these labors unions bring about free sex, women selling their bodies in the satanic world, men also are selling their bodies. Young men are selling their bodies to older women. All these people are doing evil deeds and evil conduct to fulfill their sexual desires. All these spies these men are like snakes! What will happen after that? We see so much disorder in society today. In America, you have all those lawyers, judges recognizing this evil sexual life. The relationship between man and woman should be sacred. We are living in this kind of world where free sex is the norm. Who can solve the problem, and the struggle in Gaza? Only the owner, the messiah can solve it. Why religions are fighting against each other. The eyes, noses should not fight against each other; they suppose to be united in love. All these things were destroyed at the fall centering on Satan. Now we have seen so much break down in society. What is happening? Now we are going to the road of destruction, because of the fall of Adam and Eve. We have to restore these things, Japan believes in the female Goddess, due to the failure of Eve. Now after 40 years this must be restored by women in Korea, China, and Japan. Because of world war II Korea was not liberated, it was in a trust ship by United States and England. They have the responsibility to do so also the UN. America walked away and did not fight in the end, even in Vietnam War. Boat people of Vietnam suffered because of America ís failure... In the Vietnam War so many died also in the Korean War. So many people live in China they are half Korean, Chinese. They have been running away just like boat people...

Absolutely we need True Parents, father must bring everything together, those Christians think they are the best, but, they have no idea what is going on in the unification church and the divine principle. When someone ask you what do you possess? You have to say that you are the owner; you own everything that our True Parents possess. Reflect on yourself, who you are, know who you are! Father taught you all these things. You have to burn your past away. How difficult this path is, all these things must be put in progress. July 13th returning to heaven ceremony, then what did I do? October 1st, True blessed families Ö The fact that we are here as blessed families centering on Heavenly Father, is because of this kind of merit, we should offer everything to heaven. Clothe in my own creation, Cain and Abel are to purify and make clear and transparent the lineage. On this foundation become liberated owners. We must make this requirement individually. America sends to Israel, Korea 2nd Israel. This goes beyond; father knows the illness of this world. Jesus was killed on the cross. The second coming came to reach, to clean all these things. In the land of Israel, Jesus has to be resurrected, as savior in his land. The 2nd coming, True Parents, came to restore all this things. England is an island nation centering in the mother position. And US in the position of father should unite and connect together all the 6 continents. But they failed to do so and Godí s ideal could not be realized.

In Confucius talked about these life styles, and the 5 ethics. This must go to a higher level, town, village, could be united becoming as a shoot, tree, your ancestors have the same seeds 5 thousands laws and regulations. All these religions have these condense laws. But the most but the most important thing is to unify the mind and body

You inherit them from God. The mind is the master teacher that is when your mind and body fights, you have to represent through body. Father searched deeply these principles. You are all unworthy, you canít do this on your own; you have to connect with God, True Parents. God can wear a body. The family of unification church must have 3 children, not two. You need this in order to create the kingdom of God. Parent, child grand-parent, God is trying to create this kind of world.

The Segye Times must stand to reveal the secret of heaven, love the family and world. Many people are criticizing me for saying these things. Like the Niagara Falls, there is no place that fallen man can stand. They are like bugs. Master must do that. America talk about things, they are just talking. America supports the UN but they ran away. This is Americaís responsibility to liberate Korea. There are not pure Americans. Jesus did not find a nation for 34 years. Father founded the 4th Israel nation.

Godís will that I know, you must know and you must be unified. Rev. Moon is responsible for the nation, he is king of kings. Five great religious leaders and saints from the spirit world gave messages saying Rev. Moon is the savior and the messiah. We have to restore true love, life and lineage, making true families grafting to the true olive tree. That is the international blessing. What nation is that every nation must engraft to? Salvation of families, not individual, if everybody know this then there is no complication in restoring the whole world, if not then you are a thief. You have to be responsible?

Godís providence was delayed for thousands of years because of the fall. Jesus death was not Godís will. Absolute love, obedience and faith are what God desires. Who can stop the war between God and Satan? We have to break down the hell. Cheon Il Guk, the 4th Israel, must be restored. What are Christians and Moslems? they have to be united... Second coming must come to restore all these things.

Unity, unification, where eyes, nose must become one with God not Satan. Keep your eyes straight. How many kinds of eyes do you have? One kind of eyes? You have to control yourself, your body, before you control the world. Body and mind are the most fearful place that is Satan and Godís fighting field, True Parents are fighting field; everyone's fighting field. Freedom is not a problem you have to unite.

If you donít have any child you must adopt sons and daughters. Do you have a receipt? The blessing is the receipt. You have to cut away from Satan. Bear fruits of true olive tree, even persecution should not stop you; create the kingdom of heaven and earth.

Christian ministers are studying the principle. You must say that my seed is different than yours. Unification members must do that. You have received the blessing, havenít you? You must be grafted. Satan opposes the blessing, because he knows itís value. Christian ministers in Jerusalem can be connected to the true olive tree. They should stay there for 3 years. Cut away 191 nations that are members of the UN, connect them to the true olive tree, no time to wait.

Your 2 eyes have to be one. Just like the founders of all religions, you have to go through trials and tribulations, and then go up. Father tries to solve the food problems in this world. What are the most difficult things to do? Father knows about farming.

By becoming a truly person of unity, and honestly? As sexual organs is the palace of true love. God can use it to create the blood lineage that can be connected to Godís lineage. Rev. Moon of the unification movement has revealed the secret. The womb is the place to carry the lineage, to raise babies, and to carry the seeds of heaven. God can not perfect oneself.

Love life and lineage are connected to the sexual organ. This is the holiest place. Everything is in a pair system, and love is the greatest weapon. This is why free sex has to go to hell. All the old and young people must have this kind of love, all universe must be united following Godís lineage ?digest all these things. What will happen to God? He will be a greater as love grows, we our selves are to bring greater fruits to enter the kingdom of God, only through One True Parent.

Man and woman must invest in each other to love after the age of 60 even before you die, you should not die before the master and the owner. Everybody has their place to die they will stay in one place even dogs wait for their master. All creation sacrifices their lives for their master. Sexual organ has the seed of all cells; and then the unchanging eternal new life is born. This is the concept of love come to unite all things.

Sexual organ of man and woman are different but they become one in true love. Realm of Complete Unification is creating the concept of complete unity. Man's sexual organ is like a serpent and with Satan became poisonous snake which has a fork tongue says one thing with one and lie with the other... The western world does not practice love, the true love, for parents

The vertical aspect and the horizontal aspect in exchange marriages can bring all families into one. Now we have this kind of families. Purify the blood lineage with the heavenly heart and this world will become one. Unificationist must live togetherÖWe have to live together with spirit world very clearly. Then you can fight and go anywhere, go to prison and live there, but you have to survive anywhere. From now on, you can order the spirit world to help you in your entire mission.

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