Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Special Ceremony with our True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 2003
Notes by Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

I want to report briefly about a special ceremony held by our True Parents this morning at Hannam-dong.

On Sunday 21, December 2003, Father declared Ilche-Tongil-Chik, which was translated as Unification Ceremony of One Body. Peter Kim asked me later how it had been translated. He agreed, and added: "Yes, literally, ceremony of oneness through unification."

Anyway, the official translation and explanation will come later.

Nothing particular singled out this Sunday, and we had received no indication before going to Hannam Dong. Father spoke about this ceremony after his prayer, the Kyungbae of the True Children and all of us, and Family Pledge.

It seems that the ceremony is held on the eve of the Gaza march, in an effort to connect this march to the central providence of bringing into oneness and harmony whatever has been divided through the Fall of Adam and Eve, and later on through Jesus crucifixion. Father spoke until 7:15, and then asked Won joo to read the Hoon Dok Hae of the day about the meaning of the sexual organs. Yesterday, she sang after reading, therefore today, she sang the same song, but before reading. Peter Kim offered the concluding prayer. We then had a fantastic surprise: one of the True Children came, the one who is a specialist of martial arts and the author of the book "The Moment". Sorry, I can't remember his name. He first sang in English, and then in Korean. And then, guess what? True Mother sang Kagopa, and then invited Father to sing with her. My god, this was really Heaven on Earth!!! Alright, I cannot insert a picture here, but let us say that Mother had a long dark green dress and a read sweater without sleeves on top. Father had a suit and a brown shirt.

Some members were invited for breakfast, I hope that you will hear from this event later.

God bless you all
Laurent Ladouce

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