Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Notes from True Father's Words

Sun Myung Moon
December 20, 2003
During Breakfast at Hannam-dong
Translated by Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Mr. Laurent Ladouce
Edited by Ken Doo for posting on the Internet

After Hoon Dok Hae, 10 members of the 7 nations were selected to have breakfast with True Parents. The notes are mostly from Father's words, but may include some remarks from Reverend Jeong. In the beginning of the breakfast, Peter Kim translated an article from the Washington Times for Father. Then Father spoke about our activities:

"You have to establish a school system for the children of foreign residents in Korea. It is the best way to educate foreigners... IIPC was established 2 months ago, and the response all over Korea is extraordinary. We often hear the comment that 'Reverend Moon must not be a normal human being. He is doing too many things.' The Family Party focuses on the education of the leaders throughout Korea. Almost all of these people agree with Father. Reverend Hwang is a young leader, but his leadership in this country is so good. A principal yesterday said that the Peace education should embrace the student body, and not only the teachers.

Soon, you will have 84 Peace Ambassadors in 6 continents. That will be the beginning. The goal is to have peace embassies in 191 nations. The Peace March in Gaza will be the beginning point of a campaign to directly influence the world... People are impressed and saying: Reverend Moon is doing something in Jerusalem that the president of any country would never be able to do...

The Blessing of marriage is something that can be done in the name of IIPC in the near future. When you visit embassies, you should make sure that it will be reported in the media of these countries. I hope that you start to realize how much Father loves you, all of you. You have a very special mission.

True Father's teaching is absolute. In order to achieve true peace, we need Peace Kingship. After the Jerusalem march, your approach-book will be revised. Father wonders how many local leaders in Israel will be mobilized. 500 Koreans will be there, 700 from Japan, 1,000 Americans, and about 800 Europeans. Israel is surrounded by 22 Arab nations, and there is now a competition among all the 22 to decide who will lead the march. There will be many more marches in 2004.

As more and more countries become involved, the world will be forced to take us seriously... We must mobilize thousands of volunteers. WE WILL DO IT! (In English)

Tens of millions of spirits are watching us. The help of the Spirit World can be felt... Not only political leaders but also economic leaders will be educated. You may find it difficult to work but it is worth trying. 20 million people die of starvation every year. Can you be the Messiahs for these people? We can turn this country upside down! Representatives of 7 nations should work just like Father. By the end of 2004, you must secure 120 spiritual children among your relatives and with the community. Father plans to create the World Times. We have a truly amazing network which is working for a great cause. We are going to embrace our enemies.

How to digest our enemies? The Spirit World is ready and is pushing you. Follow your heart and mind and angels and ancestors will help you, no problem (In English). You need to practice what Father is telling you right now, in order to see that it is true. Today is December 20. If you had 12 days, this becomes very meaningful. Jesus would have been able to receive the Blessing. Billions and billions of spirits are watching from above. Suddenly when hot and cold temperatures collide, a heavy rain starts to fall. There will be a similar phenomenon.

When Father ordered the march, some leaders said: "It is too dangerous." But Father replied: "Well, go and die." And he quoted the prophet Ezekiel. You have to reach the level of being ready to give up your life. When Father entered the prison, he had no emotion and remained steady. Father is inviting you to the Nutcracker's performance of the Universal Ballet Company. Please understand that it is not merely an entertainment. There is a lot of prayer behind and it is something important for the Providence. Now, there are two companies in Korea. One is supported by the government and is interpreting the Nutcracker according to the Bolchoi style. Our UBC is private and is following the Kirov style. It is a secret for no one in Korea which is the best!

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