Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Serious moment at Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
November 25, 2003
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins

America must take the lead and be in a hurry. We must bring unity between plus and minus. This time everyone must be part of it. Centering on the embassies we must recruit people right now. Christianity should have taken the lead to bring all enemies together and reconcile all the enemy nations. England, America, Japan, France, Germany and Italy should have been united centering on Korea. The Lord has come. America must recognize the Lord or otherwise this blessing and mission will transfer to China.

Actually China has incredible power to impact Korea. Now China says Kim Il Sung is done and tells everyone you should follow Rev. Moon then Korea would unite and all would be fulfilled.

There is no time to wait. We must move very quickly then we need to create Ambassadors for Peace. We have to realize that God is interested in a Kingdom. In Japan the representatives of 7 nations were incredibly welcomed by Japan with and incredibly warm welcome.

We must move quickly. We must move through all of our rallies and events until April 10th next year. No one would even dream of it. God likes the idea of a monarchy because it removes the cycles of election after election which can obscure the focus and direction of the nation. Israel must be united as one. Ishmael and Isaac must be reconciled as one. Then all three Israels can unite as one. The fourth Israel should be united and completed through the process of what we are doing in Israel.

All the blessed central families should have holy salt and sanctify everything around us. We must sanctify and holy salt everything. We must restore all materials. We are in a special age. What we are trying to do is to save the son. What I'm trying to say is that your children should not be doing things as they want. We have to restore all the blood lineage of the world. All must be restored back to God's lineage. God's things, God's children and God's parents should be restored. They all should be built through God's peace kingdom. This is something that is inevitable. Therefore we must understand the value of Holy Salt and Holy Wine. We now have the King of Kings. The Peace UN is not enough. We must have the Peace Kingdom. We must have the owner and parent of the Peace Kingdom. For us to do this we must restore Gaza which is in death valley. Even if we die to do this. We are here to liberate you. We came here as the representative of the chosen people we must not hesitate. We are the chosen people we must have Absolute faith at this time. If you are afraid there will be problems. For this to be achieved I cannot sleep even two hours a day.

You Christian ministers must be willing to stand up. You must have a heavenly weapon. A spiritual sword. Centering on the Universities and the Harvard Divinity School should be part of it. Once they join us all the alumni will join us together. We can bring all the students there. This should be done in America. We must hurry.

15,000 Clergy should be mobilized and the chief leaders of each tribe must be mobilized together. This must be done. Then the President will listen. I want to emphasize the importance of Tan Ban Kyok Pa activities. If you don't understand it perhaps its better that you die. The Christian leaders who are 1200 who signed the document to take down the cross. They are like a raging fire in the wilderness, if you cultivate it it will grow. I came here to help you bring victory in Gaza. Its not just a matter of money. Its a matter of heart. I don't need to come back to America. My mission is completed here through the 33 year course. You must also catch the young people through the Lasting Love conference. You have one more chance. Your chance already passed but I'm giving you another chance. You don't even know what I'm doing.

We made so many foundations in Korea. The government and even our own people didn't know and understand. Now they see we have a foundation everywhere.

Be strong and I will talk to Rev. Kwak.

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