Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's meeting November 23rd afternoon

Sun Myung Moon
November 23, 2003
Hoon Dok Hae with 500 Key American Leaders
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins

We read the messages of the resolution of Jesus and the Founders of 5 great religions. Then we read the messages of 120 key Christian leaders.


These messages are true and are important for your direction. You must have greater determination than these leaders. You are the important leaders of the world. You must have much stronger determination to fulfill.

Rev. Peter Kim:

What helps me with the messages is to put myself in the shoes of the speakers and think what I would say if I was in their shoes.


You must be the owner of God's providence. You should declare yourself that the spiritual world is here on earth. Spiritual beings through the Divine Principle are understanding and supporting us. We must do more to put our heart and ideas behind this way. All the saints have given their confession. We must follow this. We must follow what the saints have declared. You have to come to the place where you understand that these messages are your messages. You must digest it to the point until it becomes your own message.

At 3:45 PM - Father:

So far you have been only believing these teachings from the spirit world, but now it is time to know it. This is no longer just a concept. You have to know it.

On the earth your mission is crucial. You can only advance forward through the Principle and Unification Thought. How can you clearly act in the way of the Divine Principle. So far you heard the messages from God and the spirit world. Those who do not believe in these messages do not understand. Do you believe it or know it. When you can't understand it means that your physical senses and spiritual senses are not united. Only with spiritual sense can you fully understand and know this truth. You need God's armament. No matter how powerful Satan's power may be. Now you have arms of truth. By looking at how you are sitting and looking at your faces, I can tell what kind of person you are.

Your 10 senses have to come together as one. You have to clearly understand about the spirit world. Is that True. On behalf of God and True Parents as Messiah and Savior can you take responsibility or not??

Women who say that they can take responsibility must stand up. From now on you must represent God and True Parents as the King. You must then be able to completely eliminate Satan. The women stood up.

We are making a heavenly declaration here. Heaven and Earth are watching you now. Those who resolve to make this determination clap you hands.

Now for the men.

This is an interesting time that is going on in the world now.

Before the arrival of April we must overcome and bring victory on every level. We should have Tong Ban Kyok Pa rallies wherever we go. Spirit world and the Physical world are united together. We have a joint responsibility to see them fulfilled. We should not only liberate earth but also the spiritual world.

We should have at least three children. The blessing should be done through Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for all. We should be able to reach our goal. We should be able to reach our goal through the blessing. Then we can have true liberation and freedom. The parents of heaven and earth. We should understand all the details of the spirit world.


You should have a rally in your own area. These messages should be proclaimed to your tribe. The archangel has been the enemy of God, we must restore them so they will not oppose us. To do this you must restore your tribe. The important thing is that you give the blessing to every couple. This is the most important thing. You give them blessings. On this foundation, everything will be reversed. Cain will become Abel and Abel will become Cain. They will unify as one. Our parents, grandparents and relatives will become like younger brothers and sisters. Even if we don't say so much they will begin to seek the blessing from you.

Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang you should send a public memo and inform everyone that today was the model of the rally that we should have. There is nothing more precious than this. When you settle you will realize great power. We should not be behind others. Don't try to witness to outside people right now. You must witness to your relatives. If each of us is doing this we can bring so many to God so quickly. Also if we do this we will bring then to engraft into to True Parents and through this we will become completed sons and daughters.

This is exactly how everything could be restored. We should be ready to liberate the entire world. The entire world should be brought forward at this time.

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