Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae with 500 Leaders

Sun Myung Moon
November 22, 2003
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Koreans, Japanese and Americans leaders are here today. Not only earthly people are here but also the people of the spiritual world are here. This is the day that we make a new proclamation and we must begin a new path. This is the day that we will launch a new movement. We must become one global family.

The new movement must be focused on settling the new Fatherland on the earth. The spirit world proclaimed a resolution and we must have one lineage. What is the most important thing. The path that we have to go is the path of the Resolution that is proclaimed in the spirit world. We must proclaim this on earth at this time. What is the most important thing? The resolution that has been proclaimed in the spirit world is also my resolution and our earthly resolution. This is the time to settle God's family on the earth.

What are you going to do from now on. Are you just going to be working in the world to make money so that your family can survive? We must have one family completely united on the world level. The proclamation and the resolution in the spirit world must be done on the earth. The spirits in the spirit world want to come to work with us so that they can be blessed and grow to perfection. Those who are blessed are desperately coming to work with us. Those who can bring the victory on earth is not God or Jesus, but we ourselves.

Before restoring the nation and the world we must make sure that our family is restored. We must be connected to God's True Love, True Life and True Lineage. We were connected to Satan but now have reversed that situation. We must become new blessed families who have joined with God's love, life and lineage. There must be three realms of heart centered on the parents and the children (myself and my children). We should bring total oneness now between the earth and the spirit world. This is truly a time of great transition. Centered on a blessed central family, we are responsible to restore our family and tribe. All these sacrificial conditions made by our True Parents were so extensive. We launched the IIPC in the beginning of October. Father gave the speech - The New Elimination of Boundaries - boundaries are eliminated by unifying my mind and body. We need to complete the Peace Kingdom without any barriers. That should be done by each family and we should be united as one. All the blessings from heaven to earth must be celebrated today. The Israelites are the Chosen People (Cheong Min). At the time of Jesus the chosen people should have united the mind and body and completely been united with our Lord, Jesus. Now Heung Jin Nim liberated the archangelic world and a resolution was proclaimed and Heung Jin Nim and the five Religious founders gathered together. Now the spirit world is placed in the younger son position and the earth is in the Elder Son position. On this foundation we can launch a global family. Today is the day to proclaim this new dispensation. All the Blessed Families in the spirit world are completely united as one and are participating today with us. By bringing oneness of husband and wife we can realize all of this. If there is still a struggle between mind and body it will not work. We must understand that this is the time that we must indemnify the failure of Adam and Eve. Even if our mind and body are not perfectly united we should conditionally have the faith that we are and practice this through Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.

God's children have been struggling over the division of mind and body and due to this God has been suffering. Chun Ju Pu Mo, Chun Ji Pu Mo (Parents of Heaven and Earth). On October 25th we commemorated True Children's Day with this understanding. We should have at least three children and give unlimited birth to children. We should consider having 12 children, just like Jesus had 12 disciples. On January 13, 2001 we had the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Some condition should be made with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God needs substantial objects to be completed. He created man as his object and then woman as the object of man. United as one the become the perfect object of God. Because of the fall, mind and body was separated, man and woman was separated. Spirit world and the physical world was separated. and the blood lineage was destroyed. For the lineage to be united the sperm and egg must unite. How does it happen - by kissing? By the union of concave and convex. Is there anyone here that doesn't have a sexual organ? Do you need it. Without it there can be no True love. If we hadn't fallen, we would have been God's children. If there was no fall all would have been united.

We must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Do we have that kind of witness now. If we had not fallen would we have True Love, True Life and True Lineage. The question is now, can we reverse the position. Now on earth the Holy Spirit must come. There is a division between the spirit world and the physical world. We must establish the right condition for the blessing. The failure to receive Jesus must be restored. There must be an engrafting into God's lineage. True Parents are teaching all of this. Just like Jesus could ascend to heaven. On the 40th day he could ascend. Heung Jin Nim was the same. Now Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are one. By uniting with True Parents we should remove the fallen lineage totally. Your ancestors went to the spirit world and now they are being resurrected.

Now Jesus mission to bring God's Kingdom to Israel can be established. Now with our True Parents we have to restore everything. Looking at Rachel and Leah there was a division. There was a division between 10 tribes and 2 tribes. Unless they come together in the proper order of Cain and Abel we cannot restore the families of the world. We must now restore the Land of Canaan. We must restore God's people from the level of the family to the level of the world and cosmos. We must restore everything that was lost. We must restore 120 nations centering on the United Nations. This should have been accomplished when the UN was founded. That was not done because America could not fulfill its responsibility after World War II. We must totally liberate Israel. In Korean women call men "Opa". That means Elder Brother. Jesus should have been able to clean up all the lineage by the age of 40. He could not do it. Imaging a woman who has relations with many men and suddenly a baby comes. Who is the Father?

Humanity has gone this way. Satan is promoting the promiscuous life with no responsibility. Gay marriage will lead to the point of elimination of the lineage. There is no future there.

God's dual characteristics are not fighting. We must become like this. The difference between 18 years old and 24 is that Adam and Eve should have been a factory of True Love for God. Once per month the woman goes through here period. We should come together as man and woman and produce children and true love. The woman should have the kind of heart where she yearns for her husband. You have to go through the four seasons which is spring, summer, fall and winter. We must inherit God's love and True Lineage. We should follow God's providence through religion. Without religion there cannot be proper relationships between God and human beings. We must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in True Parents.

Everything is about to be reborn and we are about to come to the time of the one true owner. When the ship goes out for a long time the supply of water is not spoiled because it is constantly moving and never decays. That's why we need this kind of difficulty and challenges. Which is heavier, salty water of clear water. If Father brought in harmony and balance to the nature. Salty water must be purified. The salty water in our lives must be cleansed. All salty water comes from the fall of man. That is why we can restore everything. In America we have many races living together because of Christianity. However this is not pure water yet. There is homosexuality and family breakdown that is why we must change the direction to God's love. The question is whether you can substantialize what I'm teaching. Do you understand. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang? We need liberation in America. Korea, Japan and America must be liberated. They can be liberated by the blessing. From the individual to the family to the nation. If you believe this raise your hands. (and your feet !! and spin around 360 degrees!! Clap with your hands and feet !!! - we did all this).

Now we have made new beginning. There must be no difference between Korean, Japanese, Americans and all nations. In July 3rd we made a special proclamation. We have to establish the world where we can see an infinite world. Today, 10 billion planets in the solar are all completely interdependent. They are interrelated. They must become the owners of the universe.

In America we automatically say "Good Morning" when God feels that it is not a good morning. "Good Afternoon" and "Good Evening" but there are false kisses in the evening. Women do many false things to stimulate man. Sometimes they use their breasts and nipples to stimulate man. This is false. The breasts should be for the baby and only for the spouse. No one else. Human kind cannot commit homosexuality and prosper. The lineage will be destroyed.

Why am I telling you all of this from the early morning. Is it true or not. I'm not talking about politics, or business or any other teaching other than the way of True Life. Is this true or not?? ( TRUE!! )

White people are the polar bear race. Black people are coming from a high temperature zone. From looking at the water so much, white peoples eyes turned blue!! Polar bear wants to eat up everything that he sees. In order for the Polar bear to find something to eat he must be able to fly. I'm teaching you how to fly. In a sense you could be the worst women and men but you have changed under my teaching. You are now becoming the best men and women. No matter how bad a criminal is there is always a conscience in every person and that is why there is always hope. By going this way we can inherit God's true lineage. The one who can connect this lineage to us is the Savior. He must unify religions or otherwise he will be taken away and we will all be taken away.

What is the date today? November 23rd. (Father said to one American sister in the front Father saying the date clearly. Father said you can here me clearly. Good. If you listen and follow all can be done. Three generations should be coming together. If your answer is clear then it is no problem.

(Father asked Mother to get the memo. Mother gave Father a small sheet of paper)

November 23, 2003
Peace UN (The Abel UN and the Cain UN should come together).

We are proclaiming the Peace UN. The Cain UN has been very powerful. We should now bring down the national boundaries. The first speech on this providence was given by Father concerning the removal of National boundaries. Students and professors should be mobilized. The Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament are represented here. It is the process of restoration. That's why three generations are being represented.

Originally spirits could not be blessed but now they are due to Heung Jin Nim's condition.

You must study the three speeches from August 15 - October 3 and October 15.

Resolution of Spirit World

You just read it but you don't understand it. The resolution and the proclamation must be clear to unify our mind and body. Do not think that this is something totally disconnected. It is part of you. You must proclaim it and inherit it. You must have religious leaders and political leaders understand and endorse and even proclaim this truth.

Mass Media - Presidents Proclamations

Mass media also made a resolution. This sealed the direction for the media world. Now we should have a Peace Movement or Corp and have a Peace gathering in Gaza and proclaim that the Ambassadors for Peace are from heaven. This must be Interreligious and International. We need a strategy to build God's Kingdom. Do you know that the King has arrived. England has a Queen and Japan has an emperor but eventually they should come to the True Parents. If you have True Love you should be able to digest anything. How about the dirty things of your husband. Can you clean his feet and nose? If you have true love there is nothing dirty about your spouse. With this kind of love your can digest democracy and communism. True Love became the natural enemy of the fallen world. Everyone must be quiet, otherwise it cannot be digestible. Is there a convenient attitude or an inconvenient attitude. True Love can digest and swallow everything. You need that kind of concept - yes or no? Americans are saying yes, and it sounds like Jesus. Without taking that kind of attitude that you will digest everything with True Love you will go up. If not you will go down. If America goes the right way then the world will not say, Yankee go home!!! America has not been going the right way in the world. Americans and especially American women are very proud and think they are doing well. Rev. Moon is embracing all individuals of every race and every background in the world. They are thinking that it is a powerful sight. What is a real root. It is True love. That is the real root. Based on that real root all things are connected. Eventually through this True Love process all organizations will come. You have to become a better person. True love is totally connected to Freedom. The root of freedom is True Love. Parents love and Mother's love is always observing and trying to help and improve the children's direction. When a mother is filled with True Love - you can even taste your babies feces and not even flinch.

Resolutions of the US Presidents

Americans do you believe it or not. Do you believe it or not.

Heung Jin Nim's Message:

This must be spread this message. It is True. If you do this you will go up. If you don't you will go down. The spirit world message must be spread and then you will go up. If you don't your ancestors may take you to the spirit world. When you spread this message you ancestors will be able effectively to bring God's Kingdom.


In Korean GAZA means "Let's Go" Let's have a gathering in Gaza for religious leaders for peace and understanding.

Hoon Dok Hae: (Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the Owners of Re-Creation - August 15, 2003, Little Angels Performing Arts Center - Seoul - note: contents will be posted separately.)


We must memorize these contents and completely restore these contents of the fall. We should receive the blessing and then give out the blessing freely. The God blessed sperms and eggs will begin the process of True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Then we can have the rebirth registration ceremony and registration of our families as well as the resurrection ceremony and finally the perfection ceremony. Centered on the Peace UN we must turn everything upside down. You must be aware of these contents or otherwise your families will go in the wrong direction. We have to commit to restore this even in our dreams. Now we will read the second speech. You should connect to the hometown of your ancestry and develop it. Everyone must be reached. We should go block by block and deliver these speeches. This is a training time. You should be educated.

Through the contents of these messages we can develop the proper settlement of the Kingdom of God on Earth and the original site of Peace. Until now we did not establish the foundation of the Kingdom of heaven. We need a site of peace. We need an individual, family, tribe and on to Universal and Cosmic, "SITE OF PEACE". This is the place .

Rev. Kwak will read the October 3rd Speech - the New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace (Contents will be sent in a separate post)


You must understand that we are in a position of offering to God. If you family does not make this offering you will be blown away. You must offer all of your possessions to God. We must understand. This is a key condition for the Owners of Cheon Il Guk. We must have a special ceremony of Cheon Il Guk holy salt. We must take the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and we must secure and expand the blessing. From now when you use Cheon Il Guk Holy Salt and Holy Wine you can separate from bad conditions. When you meet someone on the street you will be able to give them a testimony and move their hearts. You can give the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine at any time. If they don't understand you can go to their home and serve them and give them education from your heart.

We must understand that because Abraham didn't cut the dove in half it created a condition for Satan to invade. We must realize that Jacob made a mistake by not bringing Esau and all the family into Egypt. If they didn't do this they could have united in Egypt and Moses would not have had to lead them into the wilderness. The 40 year wilderness course and the death of the first generation was not necessary. For us we should not need to be in this position of indemnity. Had Christianity accepted Father after WWII and the 6 enemy nations come together after that there would not have been Father's wilderness course. We should have been able to attend the Lord of the Second Advent. It was God's original desire. We would not have had to go through the persecution time. After Korea was liberated from Japan the door was open to receive the Second Coming. President Sygman Rhee came to my Grandfather and asked for help. There was a clear plan to link this directly to me. Unfortunately Mrs. Maria Park and the Il Hwa Women's University and the Christian church in Korea totally turned against me and I was rejected and expelled into the wilderness. I had to fight the whole power of Satan with no foundation. I had to do it by myself. There was no support.

How did I win - My secret was in "Loving Your Enemy" and giving the Blessing freely to all people until their blood lineage could be restored. I spent 33 years in America. I spent the best years of my life in America. In order to do this, this must be completed by 2012. Everything must be offered. to God. All the false seeds planted from A & E must be restored and brought back properly to True Parents. God created everything through his love. We must have one lineage - which is God's lineage. We must bring all the youth to True Parents. Father's wilderness course must be restored. Your things and your children must be offered to God. This is how we can be liberated from Satan's world. My American age is 83. Through the opening of the Holy Wedding of True Parents and the Opening the Gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. Through this gate we can go to the heavenly realm.

A Korean, Kwan Jun (Regional Director Rev. Lee's son), a Russian, (Alexi) and Thomas Hwang's son (Namhi who is recovering). This came because this is such a critical time. If America doesn't fulfill the blessing will pass on to China. Every American has a button. They can all say OK but they have their own button which only they can decide. China has one button. When the leader pushes it they all follow.

I am deeply worried about America, can America deal with the Moslem world. No. That's why we have to resolve all these things before the end of the year. Then you can be engrafted into the nation of our True Parents. Everyone must wake up to how serious this is. America must be reawakened. They must take responsibility. Even if America fails and goes down, Unification church will not go down. We may have to go to another country. Education is very important. Three generations are crucial for this. You should be ready to go to Russia and China. Even if I'm not here you must be willing to take full responsibility for America. You should carve these words in your bone marrow. China is ready to support me. It's only a matter of time.

China doesn't have a clear way of religion, they cannot go on like that. With the cooperation of China. We must bring unity of the first, second and third Israel. Within a week, I must go to Korea. There are mountains of things to do in Korea. When the descendants of Israel went to Israel - if the women were united there would not have been the struggle of Cain and Abel. The struggle of the Middle East is like Cain and Abel. Christianity should be totally Interreligious. We should work through the peace UN and bring unity of the nations of the Middle East - without bloodshed. At the risk of your life you must spread the message to everyone around you. You have to restore every human being around you. If your Father has a drinking problem you have to help him come back to God. This is such a desperate time. Americans must get on the boat. If they don't they will be lost. They must come into the realm of the Unification Church then they will be protected.

Father's Prayer at the October 15th Dedication of the IIPC in Korea:

Thank you so much for bringing this victorious day. We pray for the Women's Federation that is gathered here. Together we pioneered this path of blood, sweat and tears. Your path, Heavenly Father, has been so miserable. You have been leading the way of sacrifice. The Christian churches should have been united. If they had we could have fulfilled so much earlier. Your heart was broken by this and you suffered through the time since WWII. Still I have followed you without question and we are now following the way to reestablish Christianity and unify all religions. Because Christianity was not united then Communism could flourish causing unspeakable misery and suffering. K. I. Sung should not have tried to take your position as Father of the Korean people. This must be restored. I understand that you are now working to break down the impossible walls that have existed throughout human history. Please allow us to understand your heart and love. Now we must understand the religions must deal with the realm of the mind and due to their failure we must restore this. We must restore the unity of the mind and body and bring unity among all religions. People were sacrificed and brought through and incredible suffering course. Those from the north have never been able to return to their hometown. They are yearning and longing for their hometown. They are suffering there. How miserable your heart must be.

Please allow us to remove all fallen nature. Now we have the title of Blessed central family and many times from that position, out of our ignorance, we cause you unspeakable pain.

Now let us raise the flag of victory and let us march victoriously forward to establish the Kingdom of God. Now I offer you the Abel UN and please let us go forward to successfully fulfill our responsibility before history. With all the requirements of heavenly soldiers with one heart and mind. Please accept this prayer.

In the name of True Parents.

(We broke for brunch at this time)

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