Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

TP Hoon Duk Hae 11/22/03

Sun Myung Moon
November 22, 2003
East Garden, New York


Rev. Kwak, you must understand very clearly that this is the most important time to understand the Principle and the secrets. The Unification church will become very famous soon. You and Dr. Yang will become very famous. You must understand the Principle so that you go the right way.

Reading: (Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt)

Everything you did in your life is recorded in the spirit world. It comes out with the push of a button. Every detail. Nothing is hidden. That's why we have the workshop with Heung Jin Nim. To set the condition to cleanse and indemnify all these things so that you can be forgiven. When you enter the spirit world, everything is known. You cannot go forward without having indemnified your mistakes. Therefore your daily life must go in the right way. Your life is like a video tape. You only have one life. There is no growth and reproduction in the spirit world by itself - all must be accomplished through people on earth. What spirit world doesn't like is habit.


When you go to the spirit world you have to live a life of report. You will go to different levels of the spirit world based on your life. We must liquidate all entanglements incurred on earth. If you don't clean up things while you are on earth, it will take a much longer time through your descendents.

The creation is very important. Buddhist monks understand this. Through the creation you can understand the Principle. I'm teaching everything that is correct. If you don't follow it you will have difficulty in the spirit world. Computers are remarkable, however the spiritual world is infinitely more complex and with greater speed and vast ability than any computer.

Because Adam and Eve fell True Parents had to be established to restore this. Then True Parents had to establish three generations for completion. You must all have three generations that are blessed before heaven. We must experience True Love on earth to be balanced in the spirit world. There is a protocol and way of tradition before the king. You must know and understand this so that you can relate properly in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our own family is the place where we must build the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless we can do this we cannot go toward the Kingdom of Heaven. We must build an ideal family. We must inherit three Kingships. All family members should be living together. We have to love God more than we love anyone else. We cultivate our conscience and our heart. We are struggling to bring unity of our mind and body. Our body is pulling our mind. Our mind should lead our body. If we live for ourselves we will go to hell. If we live for the sake of others we will go to the heavenly realm. We must bring unity between the mind and body. Because of the fall our mind and body struggle. God doesn't want to see this. That's why True Parents must teach us the way to unify our mind and body. Then we must practice it and through this our conscience will develop and push us to change ourselves. When I was young I did all kinds of things to change myself. Depending on the relationship between our mind and body we will be living in heaven or hell. There is constant struggle. We must overcome this. We must have a life of true love and true lineage. The reason we have religion is to subjugate our body. It is to bring about the Children of the Kingdom of Heaven. Being engrafted to the True Olive Tree and go to the spirit world our conscience is true. When you are united with your conscience we can meet God. When we call upon God, he will appear. This is the way of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Won Ju:

True Love starts from the man and woman this is the most precious aspect. This is the purpose of creation - God, man and woman and children. True Love, True Life and True Lineage all come from the love of man and woman. (Note: at one point this morning Won Ju was reading very detailed words of Father of how when the man and woman are blessed and united with True Love it is the essence of True Love - then the reading went into a very detailed description of how the man and woman should be free to be laying without clothing and it went on and on and Won Ju started laughing and couldn't stop. Then Mother and everyone broke out laughing. Won Ju tried to read again and again it went into details and Won Ju started laughing and everyone broke out. It was the most joyful atmosphere. Then the Father said with a smile you must read - The Whole Creation is waiting with anticipation for your reading!! Won Ju read on but just kept breaking up. Finally Father said smiling, ok. Let's go to the next section. )


You should understand how precious the sexual organs are. They are the Palace of True Love. This is the place that decides heaven or hell. There is a Principle in the universe. If it is violated then we become like human trash. We can establish the True Family through the blessing and the union of the sexual organs. That's when the blood is mixed. This Life, Love and Lineage cannot be established by simply kissing or hugging. It must be through the union of man and woman. That is where life begins, where creation begins and where God can dance. This is the way of True Love, True Life and True Lineage. The love relationship between husband and wife is the most precious thing of all. This is where the lineage can start. This is human beings perfection and God's perfection. Father traveled in the spirit world and through sacrifice found the greatest truth of all. That is that the most precious thing is Conjugal Love centered on God's love. Once we are blessed, the union of Man and Woman is no longer horizontal, but it is horizontal and vertical. The parents become vertical with God and Horizontal to each other and vertical to their children. The man should become very creative at how to move his wife. That is the place where we can move each other and find so much joy. Isn't God watching how we make love as husband and wife. Not only God but the ancestors are there. God wants to experience the deepest joy through the love of husband and wife. Husband and wife should be living in total intoxication with one another. If you do not have this kind of joy then God cannot be happy. This is the beginning point of True Love. This is an eternal asset that we can inherit. When we go to the spirit world we will go as a family unit. God is representing the parent. God, Husband and Wife and Children must go together. We must go through all the cosmos. We can then realize God's ideal of creation.

Those who want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven must be prepared to live a very miserable life.

At Breakfast:

Ambassadors for Peace must be educated so that they can become truly heavenly ambassadors. They must relate with our leadership like Cain and Able. The relationship of Cain and Able must be restored. Some public memo should be sent out concerning their education. This will be so important for international issues. The blessing education must be part of it. The rebirth after the Cheon Il Guk Blessing, the resurrection.

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