Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

TP arrival in East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
November 18, 2003
East Garden, New York

Rev. Kwak's Report:

On October 3rd Father inaugurated a most important dispensational organization. The IIPC (Abel UN) was established to bring peace in the world. On October 14 Father was liberated from Hungnam Prison. This was the 53rd Anniversary of his liberation. The next day on October 15th the IIPC was established in Korea. Representatives of the 6 primary enemy nations that came out of WWII were there. They represented the reconciliation of enemy nations and joined together to form a 7 nation team. To prepare for the IIPC in Korea they visited all embassies, diplomats and key international leaders to educate them concerning the IIPC. Many attended the inauguration. The ultimate goal is to establish the Peace Kingdom. The current UN should be viewed as an "elder brother" and the IIPC should be like a "younger brother". Because the UN is not fulfilling its responsibility to bring peace on earth the "younger brother" must take up this responsibility. The IIPC will be the essence of the Peace UN.

We should not only think about what organization we belong to now. We must think more deeply about our overall purpose before heaven. We have to make this point very clear. Once we inaugurated the IIPC we must work to substantialize our goal. When in Korea, Father went to Yeosu in which we have developed a major shipbuilding company and also developing a resort there. We also held an international fishing tournament on October 21 - 23rd. We held this event with the official support of the Cheong Nam Province and also the large city officials. All the professionals connected with fishing came there. The Governor of the Province and many key officials joined the 3000 dignitaries gathered for opening ceremony. Significantly, there was some Christian support given there. Maybe 30 boats were mobilized. Helicopters were used for judges to overview the tournament. There are many islands in the southwest part of the sea. In case anyone gets sick or had any accident, Father made preparations for them to have emergency medical care. One helicopter passed numerous times and no one knew who it was, but when the helicopter came close it was True Father inside waving and smiling at us !!! Next year Taiwan will host the event.

Then we celebrated True Children's Day at Chung Pyung. Father gave some special motto and guidance. Father wanted us to become heirs of True Parents tradition and inheritance of blessing. We are to become "representatives" of True Parents in all of our endeavors. We should have at least 3 children (by adoption if necessary). Father explained that when we establish a family we must have the proper base for stability.

As we have established the IIPC we are realizing the Peace Kingdom. We will set up guidelines in the future for the establishment of the Peace Kingdom through the IIPC. On November 8th we had a special ceremony. Many government officials and ambassadors for peace were invited and tribal leaders were invited. Many others were invited to this event. We now have to expand our foundation to include non-Unificationists who are blessed by God. The main way to bring this oneness is to unite the spirit world and the physical world through the messages of the spirit world. If we united between the spirit world and the physical world we will unite the heaven and the earth and will create the atmosphere in which the Kingdom of Heaven can expand rapidly. Of course we cannot drink, smoke, take drugs or commit adultery or illicit sexual relations. These are basic guidelines for the Kingdom of heaven on earth. We must do Hoon Dok Hae together and create the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God.

Other than that there were many things that were done internally and externally to develop the providence at this time. From now on, centering on Korea, diplomacy should be done and the headquarters of all embassies should be established in the Pyeong Hwa building. This should be established on the international levels. We are preparing that in the New Yorker Hotel as the International and Interreligious Peace Council in the U.S.

Also, we will focus our worldwide movement on the development of the IIPC through our activities in Israel. We will have a Middle East Peace Initiative consisting of a conference and rally. A huge rally will be held on December 22nd in Israel. We will also work with Palestine and Israel. We will have an international conference or IIPC.

We are now working on the development of 210 Islands that will focus on bringing together many of the rare species of Animals and birds and all of creation that are not readily available for the world to see. The 84 special world Ambassadors are going to many special places in Korea and Japan directly under Father's guidance. This is a special providence. Father directly invested in this hand picked group of the world Ambassadors and the first Ambassadors selected for the IIPC. They met with True Parents many times including in Cheju Island. Where we went are so many fish and many bridges connecting different Islands.

While Father was in Korea the Il Hwa Soccer team won once again the prestigious national championship. The sponsors of the other soccer teams are huge multi-billion dollar corporations. It is truly amazing that our soccer team (Il Hwa Chun Ma - meaning One harmony heavenly horse) has won the Korean national championship three years in a row!!! The number one high scorer of all professional teams was Chun Ma's Do Hoon Kim !! It is big news in the media. No. 1 in Korea for this season. He also set record for the highest number of goals made by any player in one season. There was one player that was having great difficulty with his coach on another team but he became a star player on our team. In the newspaper he said it was the atmosphere of "harmony" and unity that allowed him to shine.

Our Brazilian Team Soro Kaba Tournaments will come in Sao Paolo. Until the end of this year centering on the Family Party (educational body) a lot of key instructions will be given. Father treated the soccer team very well and has been giving family and peace education to the coach. This team has done so much to help the reputation of our church in Korea. What ever you are doing if you do your job correctly you will become the champion.

Another thing that Father is emphasizing is the Tong Bang Kyok Pa (breakthrough on the neighborhood level) and globalization of the Blessing of Marriage. Heung Jin Nim did a special tour of Korea and many key sites. He also visited key Buddhist sites and the Chief Buddhist Monk welcomed True Parents. This was Haein Temple. Heung Jin Nim expressed gratitude for the trip and could appreciate so deeply the history and culture of the Fatherland. He also was deeply moved by the profound beauty of the land.

(Rev. Kwak then offered a beautiful heart of repentance to True Parents that he couldn't fulfill many things that Father asked. We can see why Rev. Kwak is the "representative" of all blessed families.)

We must let go of all of our old ways. Not only external habits and customs but also internal attitudes and ways of the heart connected with the old world must be completely changed to the heavenly way. For example when we feel that the burden of Father's heart and life, we must have a heart to take away the burdens of our True Parents. There is no comparison between what we can do now and what can be done in the future. Now is the most precious time. In many ways the outside people that we don't know must be brought into True Parents directly. There is no barrier that cannot be overcome between ourselves and any other person. Father has been waiting for us to change. Father has to point out our shortcomings because we didn't change. We must just totally abandon all the old concepts.

What is the best method of doing it. It is Hoon Dok Hae. This is the best method. This is how we can share the same values and concepts. We must bring everyone from outside the church and inside the church. If you are doing alone this will not be Hoon Dok Hae. Heaven is waiting for us to do the right things. If we make the right conditions then everything will be done. Father went to Danbury, the Kae Chun Moon was proclaimed (the "Gate of Heaven is Opened".) One prisoner committed suicide there and Father saw it. Father made a special prayer condition because of this. Many in history who could no longer endure the pain of prison and committed suicide. Father wanted to do something for that person. Father wanted to pay some price and save that persons soul. Father is always willing to go to the dungeon of hell to save humanity.

Whether that person is a lowly sinner or a high level dignitary - Father feels the same. He wants to save every single human being. He himself was in prison but he was concerned about the well being of his fellow prisoners. Therefore, with this heart as was proclaimed on True Children's Day, with this heart, we must become "Representatives" of True Parents. We must become the heirs of True Parents. They want us to become better human beings and lift up our children to be True heirs and True Sons and Daughters of God. From this perspective, Tong Ban Kyok Pa is so important. If you go as this king of "representative" you can bring the blessing to all of humanity. All should now drink the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. Rev. Hwang made a kit that everyone can carry. Father advised him to make it even smaller so that it will fit in your pocket and at any time at any place you can give the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine to cleanse and forgive all humanity.


To do this we must be in the position of a sacrificial offering To do this we must give out our energy freely. Sometimes people who are so fanatic that he would like to set himself on fire to make a statement. We must not do this literally, but with this kind of heart of total sacrifice we should "burn ourselves up" in giving. Father came down all the way from the bottom. How can we allow any lineage of the archangel to remain. It must be changed to God's lineage.

Rev. Kwak:

Hell has so many different gates. Father found the way to open each and every one of these gates. We must now give ourselves and substantially fulfill the Peace UN and completely substantially change the world. We have to change and bless every human being and even the child in the womb should be blessed by Cheon Il Guk holy juice. We must take responsibility from our own clans and our own tribes. On behalf of America and the second Israel we must be grateful to our True Parents.


I will believe that you will do a good job even if I'm not here guiding you. I believe that you will do the right things.

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