Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

November 19th Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
November 17, 2003
East Garden, New York

Mrs. McDevitt read Hoon Dok Hae:

Father asked Rev. Kwak to report about the work of the spiritual world in the Soviet Union.

Rev. Kwak:

Years ago when the Soviet Union persecuted our missionaries it was so difficult. One of our members went to Bulgaria that blessed member had to live underground. He prayed to find who God prepared to receive him. If he was caught as a missionary he would be executed. He was led to a school and he felt something. He then was led inside and he felt he should go down the hall to one room. He went through the door and saw a painting that was done by some of the students. He went forward and didn't see anyone. But then suddenly he met one sister who was so happy to meet him. It was as if there was no fear or hesitation. Suddenly she welcomed him as if she expected him and knew him well. The reason was she had a dream about him coming several times. She said, "In a dream five years ago she received that she would meet a special person. She saw that missionaries face." Therefore she knew it was him. She was the daughter of a key communist official in Bulgaria. The spiritual world guided him. His special village was the place that we could go.


In America all the ACLC clergy should know that God will work through the ministers in America. The white and black ministers are prepared by God. You have to know that the clergy are the very battle line between God and Satan. Just like in Russia, one day the situation will turn around with the clergy. When Russia opened up and turned around I was ready to move. I sent missionaries immediately there.

You (Bishop Stallings and Rev. J. E.), you must have confidence that all of Christianity is about to turn around and also Israel is ready to respond. Now it is significant that a white minister and black minister are here like two twins. On this day it is as if you are getting a new birth. We have to understand that the Moslem world is very strong and they are prepared by God. When they turn toward us the world will go in God's direction very quickly. They are ready. This time has been prepared. True Parents are giving you this kind of education. The Elder Son which you represent must be ready to serve the younger sons of the world. You must go forward now and embrace them, unify them as one family. You must understand the meaning of the exchange marriage. This is the essential key to overcoming enemies. We must encourage them to go through the exchange marriage blessing.

Father was in the Messianic role, Heung Jin Nim was the representative of True Parents. Father could send him to the spirit world in the position of the Elder Son. All the blessed couples have to connect to Heung Jin Nim. and all our ancestors must be blessed by Heung Jin Nim. Father had four children pass away. The second daughter could be in the Eve's position. The three sons that died represented the first Adam, second Adam and third Adam. On the foundation of their sacrifice the fourth Adam's realm could be opened. We must make a special condition to link our family with this foundation. Based on this all the families will be reorganized in the world. That will be the Kingdom of God on earth. Heung Jin Nim reports everything to True Parents. Therefore as sons and daughters of our True Parents we should make our reports to True Parents. It is no longer a prayer but rather a report. We should apply this kind of life to our prayer life. Heung Jin Nim is the elder brother and we are the younger brothers and sisters. We should report all things in our name and as representative s of Heung Jin Nim on the earth. All the reports in the spirit world should be inherited by you. Then as and owner of Cheon Il Guk you should put the spiritual worlds report in practice. As a blessed central family you must make a report for God. Therefore day and night you must not take a rest. All brothers and sisters - if you are not together the Mother must come and unite you. We should understand what Heung Jin Nim is doing in the spirit world. You must practice all these things. You can no longer go to the spirit world as a minister. You must go to the spirit world as a "Representative" of heaven and a son of God. You must not boast of your role as a minister. You must break out of the boundaries of religion and even go beyond religion.

God sent a message concerning me. This has the power to change everything. Now the spiritual world and physical world must be united as one. White and Black ministers must go forward and give all humanity the blessing. The world will try to persecute you but you are following me. This is very important. Don't take a rest. Because of this resolution from God concerning True Parents the whole spirit world will support you because you are following me. I must create an Ocean to purify all the brothers and sisters of mankind. We should then cleans all peoples and faiths. Bishop Stallings and Rev. J.E., your job is to help purify all the waters to cleanse the people. Father just conducted the world fishing tournament. You should bring the top leaders of the world to this kind of place and experience. If you want to be the head person of the physical world you can have such a big power. If you pray in your own name with no accomplishment Satan will laugh at you. Paul would have little value if he did not accomplish results for God.

Mrs. McDevitt read the Letter from God:


Then after God's message the five founders of the religion then proclaimed True Parents position and role. Jesus is a Blessed Central Family. Do you want to just believe this or put it into practice. So you shouldn't run away. You must make a victorious foundation. I told you to take down the cross and even bury it. The cross was not what God originally intended. He wanted Jesus to be accepted by the chosen people. There should have been no division. There is no denomination or particular branch of Christianity in God's eyes. We must get rid of the concept of division and denomination. Now with the foundation of True Parents we must be blessed and build the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus must send his representatives to support you in this. Dr. Yang you must be really determined to do this. I asked you to put the sign of the UFC on each church. This must be done. There is difficulty because of this. Bishop Stallings and Rev. E. , you should be able to educate the students at UTS and then awarded an honorary doctorate. Michael Jenkins, you must restore your tribe. You must witness to your own tribe. If each one does that you will prosper, then we can reach the whole world. If you don't do that then you will go backwards. If you do right you will go forward. Muslims and Christians must become one. Muslims in many ways are stronger than Christians.

You must unite to build the Kingdom of God on earth. We should reorganize the family. We should fly the Family Peace Flag over every church, mosque and synagogue. You have to understand that Heung Jin Nim is the elder brother of the spiritual world. Centering on True Parents we must realize that we have the authority of Heung Jin Nim and all the powers of the angels and saints in heaven. All the brothers and sisters must be liberated from their suffering and bondage.

We should build worldwide condominiums in which several families from enemy nations live together as Ambassadors for Cheon Il Guk. This is the way of the 84 special Ambassadors. They key is how to digest the problems of the Middle East. It cannot be done without Father. Christianity should have become 12 strong tribes and they should be doing the rallies and the activities that we are doing to save Israel. Father shouldn't have to do this. This was Christianity's responsibility to digest these problems with love. To restore that you are representing Christianity centering on me and the boundaries are being removed. Each nation has its own system and each system should be reorganized into one heavenly system. We should have a different system of business management. We should have a new system to deal with the mass media. The Mass media is a most fearful thing. We must be able to handle it. Christian ministers who are telling their congregations not to listen to Father Moon. Now Father is doing the work to bring peace in the Middle East. Many good Christians are beginning to ask why we are not supporting Rev. Moon. We must establish the system of the Tan Ban Kyok Pa (breakthrough on the neighborhood level) in Korea.

If we are not doing the right thing we will be destroyed.

The top leader of America should be able to give a speech in Gaza concerning peace. This would bring great impact. You should restore sheep, not goats. Our ancestors have been living like goats in the mountains, we must restore them to be sheep in God's Kingdom. Father took his hand his left hand and knocked over the glass of water. He then said this symbolizes the cleansing of all. All is cleansed from this point. Now you Christian ministers can go forward. From the perspective of what happened in the early days in Korea, American Christianity tried to completely destroy me. They did everything, therefore from a strict sense America is like my enemy and Christianity is like my enemy. I went to Danbury Prison. I was given a special title in Danbury - a title of saint in Danbury. Through this I indemnified all the failures of Christianity and then could forgive America with this condition. When I was in prison, I started Hoon Dok Hae there.

From now one we must really listen to the Hoon Dok Hae material.

Rev. E. your first name is means royal, your last name means family. We must have rallies or gatherings in Israel and in Gaza. This must be done. The Christian world has no idea what to do. The Christian world has my mission yet they don't know what to do. Heung Jin Nim has the position of educating all the saints in the spirit world. All the major saints at first looked down on him as a person who was so young. He had to pioneer the way and win the support of the spirit world. Everyone must pay attention to their own teachings. We should not witness to people we do not know. We should witness through our relatives. Now we should hear what is going on in spirit world - you must understand that these reports are true.

Mrs. McDevitt read Heung Jin Nim's Testimony (from January 1, 2002 and September, 3, 2003) (These files will be sent separately).


During the reading of Heung Jin Nim's testimony. We can realize how the spiritual world is working. Now they are coming to us. Bishop Stallings, you have to think about where you are now spiritually and adjust yourself now to the standard of heaven. You must be tuned to the right stand. As Blessed central families we must be in the position of elder siblings. If we don't do the right things the spiritual world will take us away. We will become sacrificial offerings. We must share the blessings with the Cain world. If we don't share this properly the blessings will be taken from us and given to the Cain world. If we don't do well our ancestors will take us to the spirit world.

Rev. Kwak, a new system must be established on earth. The tribes must be organized. With each moment everything is changing. Christian ministers should be working for the peace rally. How many will participate for this gathering in Gaza. We must be able to mobilize all the Chief Priests and Imams. They should open a way to harmony between the physical world and the spiritual world. All spirits in the spirit world as well as all people on earth should be blessed. Spirits from the spirit world must now come down to help us. Heung Jin Nim's report is absolutely necessary. He is reporting facts and the actual reports of what happens in the spirit world. A pipeline is being made to heaven now and must be established and expanded to every nation on earth. If this is expanded we can give this to every human being. If we don't follow this our fallen nature and the evil spirits will get stronger and stronger until we are taken to Satan's side. Bishop Stallings and Rev. E. must be totally united. Please say Exchange Marriage. I am saying this to the Christian ministers who are here right now. Christianity went the wrong direction and many just married on their own and then divorced. We must keep the practice of Exchange Marriage. Exchange means that the lineage must be exchanged from the evil lineage to the good lineage. This should be reversed. That's why it is called "exchange" marriage.

Bishop Stallings and Rev. E. , you must prepare the members certificates. Now all that needs to be done has already been accomplished in the spirit world. You need to establish the right course on earth. All the contents of this message must be memorized. You should understand the model of the spirit world clearly. Now we need to go to Gaza and have a gathering/ conference with religious leaders for peace. This is all related. Now the second Message of Heung Jin Nim. Once the Peace UN was established then heaven and earth could be turned upside down. Unless we break down the barriers here, they cannot be fully removed in the spirit world. True Parents set the conditions on earth to remove the barriers. True Parents gave the keys to the Kingdom to Peter.

The rebirth ceremony, the resurrection ceremony. Through words the fallen nature was created and multiplied. Therefore through words from the time the children are little they should learn the words of God. You should teach your children Korean from the time your children start speaking. You have to quickly give your children blessing. Parents did not want to have many children but blessed families should be determined to have many children. At the hospital the doctors thought that I was a barbarian because I caused Mother to bear so many children. In the spirit world they will see that they were completely wrong. Now Heung Jin Nim is mastering Chinese culture, religious tradition and language. He is studying 8 languages. Bishop Stallings you would be elevated spiritually so much if you learned Korean. Tong Ban Kyok Ba is to break through - its not destruction but liberation.

7 nations ambassadors for peace should be multiplied to 70 nations. Rev. Kwak, you must educate them through Hoon Dok Hae. When you are giving a report they are doing Hoon Dok Hae seriously. Dr. Yang, you must do the same. New York, Washington. 12 cities must be powerfully impacted until this time.

This must be accomplished through April of this year. The 840 must fulfill by next April. 40 Days could become 4 years and can become 40 years. Do you think that the peace UN should be accomplished in just 40 days. If I said it would be 120 days they would not come. You should have perceived this. You must accomplish the peace UN in the next 4 years. Only through the establishment of the fourth Israel and the Peace Kingdom on the foundation of the restoration of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. Through this the unity of Cain and Abel can be finally achieved. What I'm saying is not vague and ambiguous. Now we have to visit all the Christians in the spirit world and bless them. I don't know how many members you have in your congregation, you have to bless them, even by force.

You should remove the name of your denomination. Who will the President of this nation in the future - it will be the owner of the Interreligious and International Peace Council. You must bring unity and oneness in Christianity. There are too many barriers. If you are serious about Hoon Dok Hae you will respond to it. Then your mind will be moved. You must do HDH with your heart, and blood, sweat and tears. You should shed tears when you are doing HDH Dr. Yang. Not only tears but you should be able stand up and wring the tears from our clothes like a waterfall coming off. Dr. Yang, you must go this way. Don't think about many other things. Live for the sake of the world. Rev. Kwak, you have too many conferences and discussions - your methods will not work. Don't have too many meetings. UPI should know where we are going right now. In the future, we should know who will be the owner of this nation. It should not be under a narrow realm of one religion. It must be under the realm of God.

Jesus followers were not united. Moses followers were not united. You should tithe. 10 percent is not enough. The spirit world had the resolution, therefore on earth we must have a resolution. If you are not doing it how will we bring unity to the world. We must have this kind of gathering in Gaza. We must have this kind of rally in our own family. We didn't bring a national level settlement yet. We must have a huge mighty nation in the Peace UN. Rev. Kwak you are my in-law, you must understand. Dr. Yang, you must also understand. Rev. Hyo Won Eu went to the spirit world without fulfilling his responsibility that's why the Eu family must fulfill his mission. The Hwang family must fulfill the Hwang family mission. If you do the right things there will be a home run!!! When you hit the ball you must have the right position in soccer. You must have the right position with your foot, leg and knee.

You must know the right angle. You don't know the right angle many times and that's why you don't defeat your opposition. This applies to soccer and spiritual work. You must also consider the right distance and how to work properly from the right position and line. Each player must clearly know his position and the right strategy. If someone has to have the third kick it is too late. You Americans proud and yet you can even stand behind the Koreans in the world providence. You should wake up and come back to your senses. What if China the Asians unite. If Americans don't wake up and get serious Asian power will take over. You have to be very serious. Rev. Hyo Won Eu should have educated students from Seoul and Tokyo University. It was not done. We should have blessed those students. We should be giving the blessing. What ever direction I give to you, you should just do it. I don't even trust Rev. Kwak's way completely.

Some leaders made the Unification Church someone else's church - not what I want. We must establish the way of three generations. They must be united centering on Rev. Kwak. Rev. Kwak you should understand. Though our ancestors and many did everything wrong we should forgive them.

There should be no such word as enemies. Jesus said we should forgive 70 x 7. 490 times. Father says it should be more. It should be millions of times with no limit. The fact that Jesus was able to forgive his enemies even when the Roman stuck a spear in his side. He forgave the Roman - not just as an individual but through him he forgave Rome. Through this he opened the way for God to save Rome. I'm not using anyone. I am not interested in what you can do for me. I'm only interested in serving and saving you. What about the 6 million people for the rally - you say there is not enough room but if you bring the people the boundaries will fall down and everything will be opened. Even in Christianity there is the new testament, old testament and Judaism and the Koran. There are many divisions. There was a huge ideological division between democracy and communism yet that could be solved. If Christianity and Judaism fulfilled its responsibility no further religion would have been necessary.

I prayed for the last 57 years for the 6 enemy nations. If Ho Ho Bin had listened to me the whole of Christian history and communism would have been totally different. Incredible suffering would have been avoided. We have embassies in the building in Korea. We must create condominiums for the Ambassadors to live in. Even if we have to borrow money it would be worth it. We should not use money as we want. IIPC, what does that mean. Interreligious and International Peace Council. That should be properly established and developed. The IIPC can be properly established when America and the UN can be united. I came to a point where I cannot true America or the UN, therefore we must restructure. That's why Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo should be totally united to influence the top leaders of this nation.

If you can do it then Koreans will have a place to stand. The question is, centering on me, you must restore a key Presidential family. You need a key condition. You need to travel and educate the presidents of the world and teach them the spiritual world message. I already gave you clear guidelines. If a key presidential family doesn't listen to me they will be divided. If they had listened to me during the 50 state tour they would not be suffering they way they are now.

No nation will follow America now. If they do they won't get anywhere. What I'm telling you is that you have to follow me. I have the formula to restore all of history and to unlock the keys to the providence of restoration. Now centered on the American Christian ministers and Amb. for Peace, if you want to do something great it will only work if you follow my direction. What I am telling you is to listen to me. You must be able to meet the President of any Country. I could have met them if I wanted too. I want you to meet them. I want to elevate your position by making the right conditions yourself. You must bring result or you do not have the authority to say anything. When are you leaving. When are you going to Korea? It is based upon my visit to China. Then don't worry about it too much. They should have some religious foundation. Depending on their position America can be in difficulties as well. I came to America and did everything possible. I'm not going to take anything from America. I'm going to leave everything behind. America could be cursed but I'm not cursing at them.

Christianity was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. However this nation has been opposing him.

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