Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's Departing Hoon Dok Hae - Very important for God's Providence

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 2003
East Garden, New York

Suddenly during Dr. Yang' s reading of Hoon Dok Hae Father made a most historic proclamation. True Father leaning back with his eyes closed with his hands flat on the table, with his fingers moving slightly similar to the times when he prayed with his hands outstretched at Olympic Stadium. Father slowly pronounced each word of the proclamation as if it was part of the 10 commandments. "Now we have made a transition as of this day. October 8th represents the 8th day and a new beginning. Before this day the Cain realm of the Satanic world still was the center of external power. On this day we make the transition that the center of all power both in heaven and earth resides with the Abel realm." Moses did not enter into Canaan because he didn't know how to guide the people.

We must be courageous and strong then we can go the right way. If we are courageous and strong then Satan will bow down before us. The more we push this world then we will expand the realm of goodness to God's world.

This is the restoration of the realm of God's goodness. In order to make the Peace UN Abel UN should become one with the Cain UN The real peace world is now able to start. The realm of God's Kingdom should be one, not two. Under this situation centering on Abel UN on God's side we must make oneness with the Cain UN for Peace to come. All my life I did not stand on realistic situation but rather stood on the foundation of the absolute realm. This is the realm of the saints and the historical heavenly figures. Mr. Joo you must stand in this absolute realm, then you can bring peace between fallen figures. Since I proclaimed a greater transition God's power became greater.

God's power called Joshua and Caleb. Now the time has come to see who is Joshua and Caleb. Who will stand with Moses. Your position is in the position of spies. You must be in a position of the spies in the heavenly realm. Even when we call the President to meet with me, we should not simply call the President to have a greeting or a horizontal meeting. You should be able to get him to agree to do God's will. You must have an attitude to develop the Abel UN We must bring unity between the Cain and Abel UN to start God's Kingdom. No matter what God asked of me, I always had a completely Abel position before God's will. How can we create God's ideal. Are there existing materials from which we can create something? No. God always has to start from scratch and then develop the foundation. Then with that foundation we go back and restore the old foundations into new ones. Now, we have to start completely from the position of no foundation and go through recreation.

From the day before yesterday, yesterday and today I had a three day prayer condition. Now today I proclaimed this Proclamation. There should have been a huge gathering here to receive this proclamation. I should have proclaimed a start to God's Kingdom. Yesterday, I asked Rev. Kwak to give the providential direction at this time to the 840. Why didn't that happen. (Mother explained that there was a miscommunication) Father responded that this must happen immediately.

Humanity opposed me through three generations of Presidents in Korea. The top leadership of our church has to deal with that. Do you have the way to meet with him. Don't ask someone to do it for you. You should do it yourself. You should use this American leadership like Rev. Jenkins then you can succeed. If you can't meet them you have to make a strategy. What is your mission, to meet the President directly and convey my message and idea. You should be able to focus on this providential job. Mr. Joo this should be your focus, even thought you have many responsibilities for media, however meeting and advising the President is the top and most central mission. This is the mission of the second Israel and the mission of ACLC.

I had to deal with the situation of the first Israel, second Israel and third Israel. Once I get excuses I feel that I must scold you. Excuses block God from working. Especially when I'm working on tearing down the boundaries. No one knows the meaning of the speech I gave at the UN Why did you try to put my speech in a 20 minute time slot. Who said that this should be done. If I curse Rev. Kwak, Mr. Joo and American leadership what would happen with the spirit world. The spirit would could destroy everything. When you are dealing with your mission, don't think you are dealing with your own small responsibility but you are dealing with the comprehensive and cosmic value of True Parents. When ever you deal with Father you must not deal with his as another person. Mr. Joo, sometimes when you ask for something I rejected you two times. You must understand that the rejection I give is coming because of the Principle and heaven's mandate. From this position I have to decide everything. Some of the leaders may try to use True Father to fit your schedule and help make your mission go smoothly but this is not heaven's way. True Parents don't have to fit in your schedule. You must open the schedule so that God can work the way he wants to through True Parents.

Dr. Yang you have to prepare to make a realm of unity between North and South America. You must form the Lasting Love conference. How many times did I give you this direction. You must overcome. Many times when I have to explain to you its too late and Satan is about to claim you. Mr. Joo, what is the purpose of the Media foundation, it should be a bomb for God's will.

Your ancestors stand in the position of the fallen Adam's realm but as they work with you they can resurrect and be restored into their true position. Once you practice Absolute obedience all the victories will follow you.

Father asked Dr. Yang to read the Proclamation of the Total Mobilization of the Home Town Providence.


From this moment we must march forward for one providential attitude for victory. Once we are able to understand this secret fact, this is like a blessing to you. This is the time for us to have the final decision to have all national boundaries come down. When we look back at this point. That's why I gave the position to Heung Jin Nim as the General. That's why I gave the spirit of One Mind, settlement. If you understand the calligraphy here in the dining area and the heart with which I gave it you can go forward. You have been with me so many years but you don't understand me. From now on we have to go back to the hometown. We have to restore your nation.

You must be able to engraft your tribe and your nation. I may not come back from Korea, but you have to work on the victorious foundation that I have established by understanding God's providence. Once you offer thanks to God, you can overcome everything.

We must make the base for the religious leaders from the spirit world to work through the religious leaders on earth. How, through the reading of the spiritual messages and through the religious leaders on earth proclaiming the Messiah in conjunction with those in the spiritual world. We must warn the world of the grave danger that exists if we pursue policies of war. Alignments will occur that naturally run along enemy lines. The President cannot ignore this nor can the leaders of all nations. We must seek peace by finding ways to sacrifice for one another.

Mr. Joo why don't you give a DP workshop for all the leaders of the Media foundation. We have to utilize the internet. We have to choose the most important information and send the email to all the departments of the governments of the world.

We have to act, we have to move. If you don't do that, then I will do it. I can come to Washington at anytime. Once I have established the Abel UN, then many people may create a misunderstanding of my role. They may think I'm trying to control the world. Therefore you must guide the leaders of the Abel UN so that the world understands that we want to work together. Father wants the Religious Leaders and the Political leaders of the world to come together and work harmoniously for peace. They should guide the world under the inspiration of True Parents teaching. What is that teaching, "Love your Enemy. Sacrifice and live for them. Live for the Sake of Others."

We have to be careful of the concept of Kingship. If we don't convey this properly the people may feel that we are proposing some kind of hierarchy and control. That's not what God wants. We need Parentism, in which all are obedient and loyal to the heavenly parent out of love and heart. To give the correct understanding we have to convey the suffering course of our church history and restoration and particularly emphasize the exchange Marriage.

How can we make that kind of foundation. Rev. Kwak, from when will the internet newspaper start. Already, I gave direction in May. You must start the email and start the internet newspaper. You must start the internet newspaper by True Children's Day.

I am planning to have a rally in Israel centering on the 7 nations representatives. We must have this Israel rally connect with the Lasting Love conference. With the 84 special task force that went to Korea, they should have the same IIPC conference in Korea. Even in Korea, we must call the Ambassadors for Peace in all the conferences.

Here in America we must meet Secretary General and let him know that the Abel UN is ready to support and work with him . We have to use that UPI and WT report at the UN. We have to use this for God's providence. Rev. Thomas Hwang should go back to Hong Kong immediately.

We have to set up a certain routine to spread this out to all the 191 nations.

Otherwise there is no way for you to fulfill your role. Mr. Joo, Dr. Yang and Rev. Kwak do you understand. If we don't go the direct way we may lose the foundation to Satan.

You have to recognize the providential time, whether morning or night. Once morning comes you must recognize how the animals, plants and all things go naturally along their course. We should have this same depth that naturally we go God's way each and every day.

I'm now on the foundation that even if I were to drink wine Satan could not accuse me. Alcohol, Drugs, smoking - we can not do these things. We have to make a personal bank account for those who had smoking, drinking and drugs and they must give an equivalent amount of money to giving for God's will and the peace of society. If society was to do this then things would become clear so quickly. We could use this fund for God's kingship.

Michael Jenkins - Do you understand how serious Father is at this time. How serious my message is this morning. (Yes, Abonim).

At breakfast we reported to Father with Rev. Kwak about the success of the IIPC and the Rally. Father was again comforted and smiling. He got excited as we reported the details of the rally. We also reported more concerning Gaza. Father signed the picture that he and mother took with the 7 nations of 120 representatives (840) sealing the victory for the 7 nations reconciliation, the IIPC (Abel UN.) and the Rally. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh are to be commended for guiding us through this very dangerous period in God's providence. Also Rev. Hwang and Dr. Yang and Mr.. Joo were recognized by Father for fulfilling their responsibility with the reconciliation of 7 nations, the establishment of the Able UN and the embrace with love of the UN through the Rally. All families who rallied on October 3 did a great job. God bless you families for understanding the seriousness of this moment in history. Thanks to the 7 nations who remain faithful at this moment working toward the October 18th finale with the Ambassadors for Peace and then on to bring peace between Palestine and Israel. God is working. The time is still very serious. Father heard our report about Gaza and that Dr. Yang promised to donate computers for the young Palestinian children to learn with. Father got inspired and donated computers The Palestinian religious leaders were so moved that they said they will call the center the Rev. Sun Myung Moon Learning Center in Gaza. Father said, "Give these computers to the Palestinian children and the other half to the Israeli children. Both should receive equally. That's why ACLC must quickly return to Gaza."

Then after breakfast True Parents departed. When Father came out onto the steps, True Mother went on and entered the car. Then from the steps Father spoke directly to Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang. It was an incredible moment. Father said that we must hold a rally in Israel on October 22nd. We must bring 120 Clergy and 84 from 7 nations. All nations in Europe should support this and we should fulfill God's will. 1400 should rally in Jerusalem.

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