Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father Proclaims Victory Of Formation Of Able UN and Rally

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 2003
Day of Victory of Heaven
East Garden, New York

We welcomed True Parents.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the Hoon Dok message. There has to be one center. God would like to have this kind of love. We should have this kind of rally at this transitional point. Now we have the Abel UN as the fruit of our hard work. Until now many people lied and that's how they live. Now however that time is over. We have True Parents and True Family and that's how we can be elevated.

It is the opposite direction from Satan's way. When we go the right way we can do it confidently because nothing is wrong. If we are living for others, we will be elevated, if we are living centering on ourselves, we will decline. If we live centering on our bodily desires we will decline. The Elder Brother fell to the younger brothers position. This has to be restored. Everything must be restored to the 90 degree angle.

The world says Up Down Left Right - this must be restored to Up Down Right and Left. The order is important. When the order is correct we will go forward smoothly. There are 35 nations in Europe. They must be restored and united. So far the Cain type UN has been the center. However, centering on the calligraphy of victory we had a rally with that kind of heart. That now the proper order is established and the direction of the foundation of Cheon Il Guk in the world will go properly forward.

Germans, don't be proud. Americans don't be proud. True Parents and True Family should appear. All those things should appear. What place is this. This is the place of parents. When you come here, you pray and you do Kyung Beh.

It should only be one axis. There should only be one root. We should have one root centering on True Parents. We should come back to the original place. Once True Parents are here, the mind and body of parents should be claimed by parents. Once you taste the honey, the eyes and nose and everything will taste it. We should bless them centering on love.

To bear fruit, the seeds are coming from Father, not from Mother. Once the seeds are planted, you must go to the position of the field. Mother is like a honey jar. Mother is giving a honey jar for everything. When the mothers breast is empty she feels good and the baby feels good and then the breast fills again. With this you can bring this out more deeply. I know that if we were to stop breathing at night, we could die. We can have that kind of smooth give and take action.

The fact that we ate the fruit of good and evil, we made some delicious food.

We want to eat something delicious. Eve could say, you should be eating something delicious. Our eyes should exist for our nose and everything. Whether we are dead or alive we should be happy. We should experience that kind of bone marrow relationship. Even if you die by loving its ok. Both may feel that way. It can be your climax and the place of True Love. When you say Amen, you must close your eyes. God wants to hold onto True Love. Adam and Eve want to hold on to True Love. Even if your body is not so handsome and good looking, you will have to resemble that.

Three days ago I talked about - who am I. When we love, we want to love someone who is greater. One mind and one body and one thought. One stroke. Then we can have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. No matter how great God is, he cannot love without an object. The symbol Faith in the Chinese character comes from a human being. When we have True Love, we exhale and we inhale harmoniously. Even if we are kicked while we are living for the sake of others, we will prosper.

When you look at Korea and China, we will see one harmony. When you have one harmony in a clockwise direction it brings harmony. (Father had us rotate our two hands around clockwise). No matter how much and how big our desire is we still want our children to be greater than yourself. So far Father had a bad reputation for walking God's way. We should have absolute faith. In our body, the place where we can have true love is our love organ.

When you go to God, this is the place where I can experience True Love. If the persimmon is ripened it will come off of the tree. Salmon means salvation Moon. If you would eat the Salmon you will become healthier and healthier. Now we created the Abel UN Abel UN means that the old UN is based on conflict. The Able UN is the final stage for the providence. August 20th we created the nation of the fourth Israel, now we arrived at the Abel UN All of us have a habit to live in our own way. Habits are involved with momentum, when we try to follow Father we have been in our own habits. Rev. Hwang, you want to be the central person for Korea or for all the World. Do you think we need personnel changes for God's providence. Do we need personnel changes for the west and the east. Without that experience, nothing will exist. You have to distinguish no men and Amen. Korea has 7000 year tradition, and once Korean people have a consensus we can see what people want.

I must offer the breakfast and lunch for you or you may not come back to East Garden. Your eyes should be bright. That is the conclusion of what I have to say. Do you want to be successful. Do you want to be the heir.

Two calligraphy in East Garden in the entry way - Seung Han Sung Chi - Completion of victory over lamentation. Dr. Yang , did you think about it? (Dr. Yang said not enough). Yesterday I spoke until 1:30. I only had a 30 minute speech but spoke 2 and one half hours. Why, I gave my whole heart for the formation of the Abel UN. Unificationist way is Absolute Godism. To be the savior and liberate all of hell and come into the Abel UN. If someone wants to be survivor and King of Kings. Although religious figures and political figures must go over all he obstacles and barriers to survive. Once they go over they will live with you. Once you go over True Parent, True Teacher, True King is the way we must go. Only Unification Church has this formula. Ambassadors for Peace means guiding people before God. Ambassador for Peace has grown to two worlds.

Bishop Stallings - Archbishop? Do you want to be an Archbishop? (Bishop Stallings: I want to be a true son). In Israel they had to fight with 31 kings. I know every page of the Bible and have a photographic memory. Once I remember in my mind computer I never forget it. I could be the central person to guide all the movement up to today. Bishop Stallings is the key Christian blessed by True Parents. The other was Bishop Milingo. If Archbishop Milingo should be made a Cardinal or heaven may bring severe consequences to the Church.

Father then had Won Ju sing a song which is the spirit of Korea. Kung Bat Man (Tilling the bean field). Rev. Su Won Chung's grandmother was great. Through living this humble and pure way she was able to meet True Father. Rev. Chung did you come from Chul San or Yan chul. (in between) Rev. Chung's grandmother went between these two towns singing this kind of song. Everyone who followed Rev. Chung's uncle didn't get married. Dae Mo Nim was in Rev. Chung's grandmother's group. They were so sacrificial and pure.

Holo Arirang is like the National Anthem of the Fourth Israel. The little Island (Holo - lonely) Do (Island) This song sings about Father's life, as a lonely Island being hit again and again and again by the storms and hurricanes, still, somehow it endures and goes beyond. Arirang was sung (the newer one) - Father said this one has the heart to connect us with Father's heart and longing.

Holro Arirang

I. Cho-molri donghaepada hweru-unsom
U-nuldo gosaeng param buro-o-get chi
Chu-gu man olgurro param ma-suni
Dokduy an-bame chal chatnunya


Arirang, Arirang holro arirang
Arirang kogerul nomoga boja
Gadaga himnulmyon shiyoga dorado
Sonchapgo gaboja kapshi gaboja.


III. Kum-gan sam malgummul-un tonghero-hurogo
Sorak san malgun muldo tonghega-nunde
Urie-ne marumdurun odiru-kanun-ga
Onjechum urinun hanago twelka


IV. Pekto san domangang-eso pettago do-nara
Halrasan cheju-eso pettago kanda
Kadago hollo sam eh tattul ne-rigo
Dorunun atsumherul matchi heboja


Father went through 12 steps of the blessing to establish the foundation. In the 12th year (2012) we must finish our providence of Cheon Il Guk. The spiritual world and the physical world must become one. After we complete this cycle it will go back to the original point. China is prospering and becoming a major power now because of this fortune that history is now returning to the Asia sphere as the center. Confucius is not handsome, however in the spiritual world, he is very handsome. He is very wonderful. The problem is there is no God in his teaching. Therefore his teaching must connect with God. Confucius has 7 books, 4 major and 3 minor books. Even God might have the most faith in the world in order to embrace all human beings who were very ugly. Confucius was very ugly. He carried and established all the Chinese Customs.

The first three years of this course of Cheon Il Guk were for this day. We must now on this foundation go into the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk and then develop and expand the foundation through the Abel UN. We must establish cabinet members and ministers as well as people in key positions.

Father said that after 80 he would not use a translator anymore. Because this is the era of Cheon Il Guk. 6000 couples and 2075 couple blessings in 1982 were combined together to make 8000 couples to go over the number 8. The extremes of East and West are enemies, also North and South are enemies. Now the Unification Church can go over all the barriers because we have blessed the saints and the criminals in the MSG Blessing in 1998. If we had not gone over that we would not have been able restore enemies, north and south and east and west. Enemies would have remained separated. The standard of True Love is investing and investing and forgetting. Father is longing for this kind of world of True Love. Humans should live to 120 years at least. Moses didn't get into Canaan, because he didn't follow God absolutely and struck the rock twice.

How could Father give the blessing with the saints and the sinners. Through the blessing of Hitler with a saint meant that the lowest place and the highest place were combined. God did not reveal this to Father, Father discovered this on his own through the principle. He figured this out. That if we love our enemy then saints can love the murderers. This created the condition that the blessing was extended throughout humanity in heaven and on earth and all were covered. The in between evil people are easily forgiven and covered. Therefore there is no corner of humanity which can accuse of feel resentful about True Parents and the Blessing.

Father is the most precious and crucial person. Father created the Cheon Il Guk out of the Blood lineage of God. Father created the Fourth Israel out of the Kingship of God and True Parents. You want to become the President don't you. Father scolded the Presidents yet they took it. I'll bet the translator softened it.

Clap three times and two hands (clap 3 x 2) then we go over Satan's world into God's world.

Mother and sister was the problem in history. Oh Maya (We Sang). Father said this song has to do with the restoration of mother and sister.

At the inaugural speech I said there is no song that can be forbidden in our church, the point is to digest the content. When you go back to your hometown, you must be the king against drugs and alcohol. You should be the champion against these. Who made the drug war in China (Britain), who made free sex and group sex (America). What is more severe, Alcohol or free sex. Free sex is the most severe. The Unificationist must be the one to clean up all of these.

Dr. Yang's name is interesting - he has the capacity to be the ancestor of America.

Yang - Full capacity of Stomach Chang - full capacity of Intestines Therefore you have to run with full intensity desperately fighting evil. With this fullness you have the power to attack. But if you get diarrhea you will die.

In Yute - you must cry out with all your heart until your face becomes red. Everyone loves the Yute Game. If you love this game you understand the secret of the Unificationist. Father feels hot. What if I took off all my clothes and danced!!!

Rev. Yoo from Japan is a very logical person but Father is not just logical he covers all the world of emotion. Father knows all the different aspects of women, some sleep, some drool, some take off their clothes. Some have tried to come to Father's bed. Father kindly stopped them all. They want to come to a true man.

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