Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Afternoon Session with True Father - October 4, 2003

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 2003
Day of Victory of Heaven
East Garden, New York

Afternoon Session:

I created leadership to make the Ambassadors for Peace. I know all things through the spirit world. You don't need your own way and thinking. That will lead you away from the church. We created the Living Offering, did you fulfill your responsibility to give the Living Offering?

Jesus disciples went to Rome and died because they didn't have the blessing. But Father has blessed 120 Million (actually many more) and more couples in the spirit world. Therefore we have a power unlike any other.

Do you want to be in the Peace Army - (yes). We are going to create embassies throughout the world. Father went totally into the wilderness for this. When in the wilderness I could always change my direction and find the person of devotion. The most important historical figure is the one who operates with an attitude of devotion. Do you have an attitude of devotion. About 2/3 of the members left the church. The blessing is not just making love or living according to your own habit. You must be a True Person who understands this secret.

Mr. Oyamada, Did you make the Korean church in Japan? Did you dismiss the Korean church. Father knows everything.

Rev. Kwak's Report:

In 1945 just after WWII on the foundation of Christianity's central position due to the allied victory, Father should have been received. God prepared so many foundations to receive the Lord. Based on that foundation, Christianity was to take responsibility as the second Israel. Christianity came to Korea over 120 years ago through missionaries from England, France and America. The American missionaries were dominant. Korean Christianity has a short history of its mission. The inside Belly church and the New Jesus Church and the Holy Road Church were the foundation that God prepared to receive the Messiah. They were all proclaiming the second coming. The victors liberated the vanquished and gave up their colonies. Americans made a huge mistake in allowing Korea to be divided. Russia occupied the North. It was a tragedy. In that environment the UN emerged. The purpose of the UN was to prepare the foundation for Father to be accepted. Father successfully walked through the wilderness course and overcame. On that foundation Christianity was reclaimed after 1985

WCSF held the world peace blessing of marriages. All the wilderness course went from 1945 - 1985. At the end of this course HJN was sacrificed and Father was put in prison. It is the course that we went to Danbury Father made the conditions to unify Christianity. Then a 7 year course could ensue until 1992.

Then trouble came again and through True Mother's work and the WFWP the Brides position was reestablished. Then the series of blessings were created. 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998 Madison Square Garden, 1999, 2000, 2001 was the World Peace Blessing at the UN and the 60 Couple blessing. Then in 2002 the 144,000 Blessing and all Interreligious Blessings occurred. Father could proclaim the Abel UN on this foundation. Then Father's speech was the absolute center of the victory of the Abel UN The responses were wide ranging. Many were shocked, many struggled but basically they are overcoming. The conference, rally and all activities were successful before heaven and earth and the new IIPC has been successfully established before heaven and earth.

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