Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae - October 1st

Sun Myung Moon
October 1, 2003
7:43 AM
New Yorker Grand Ballroom

Father's Words:

Man and Woman were made for each other. The woman is absolutely precious for she can give birth to True Children. Mind is in the position of the Elder or subject and the body is in the position of the object. The men and women must relate with this standard. The Sun is the center and the earth revolves around it in an object role. Can they trade places, no, the earth is absolutely in the object position to the sun. It can't change, can woman then be the subject over her husband . By the principle it is impossible. How about American Women. Do you have this mind. If you were to take the subject position then you must remove the concave sexual organs. Homosexual marriage is impossible to support from the Principle.

At the time of Sodom and Gomorrah the Bible said, don't look back. Now many are insisting on the right to have materials. How can you insist on human rights, we must concern ourselves with God's rights. If they continue that way they will be destroyed in one generation. No matter how much they feel love to each other, it won't last. After one generation that love can not be passed to the next generation - so it stops there. There must be harmony between subject and object.- therefore even in you clapping there should be a harmonious coming together of your hands as subject and object making a beautiful resonance.

The harmony of husband and wife is absolutely crucial. No matter how rich you are, after three divorces you will be ruined. The entertainers do not have good moral standards and therefore they constantly divorce. Everything in their families is being destroyed that way. Why does a woman have breasts - for the baby. Also for True Love, The first stimulation should come through the lips, the second through the breasts and then through the sexual organs. Many in America are set for destruction. This is the way that Satan has established by Satanic laws of free sex and humanism. This way of life destroys the family.

God has been the most serious about this. Everything has order. The flesh's shape is due to the shape of your bones. Father's flesh is shaped a certain way. Did you decide as to the way your face looks. Just as the bones decides our look, God like the bone also decides our look. We should not be independent but rather interdependent. There must be pairs in all situations. Even in the insect world there are male figures and female figures. This is the Principle. (Father is now walking up and down the center aisle to meet our brothers and sisters.) The entire universe will be stimulated. Actually you shouldn't have to worry about work today, we should prepare for a festival connected with the launching of the Abel UN.

You white people are very independent. You have not had a long history as Americans. The individualistic spirit must be harmonized into interdependence and cooperation. (Father asked Steve Mudget if he was married to a Korean woman). Man represents bone and woman represents flesh. Skin is like a mirror, it should be reflecting what's inside. The sperm and egg come together and combine and grow. Species cannot mix. It will not grow, therefore the theory of evolution is wrong. You may wonder why a religious leader will talk about something as exciting as sex. When you make love should you be quiet or should you make a lot of noise and sound. When you love there nothing dirty. Also, time doesn't matter. Do you like that kind of husband. Men and women should come together. Women do you like your husband to be strong in love or do you deny him. He is the subject. It is beautiful to come at any time. Western men have a hard time sitting on the floor. You can't sit long and have to stick your legs out. (Father sat on the floor with the brothers and sisters and stuck his legs out !!) Do you like my tie. (Yes). (Mother takes care of Father so that he looks so sharp - Father is wearing a very special pink shirt with a special patter, and then he has maroon patterned tie with a handkerchief in the breast pocket of the coat - when we got on the elevator with Father earlier - we all exclaimed wow - Abonim you look so sharp - Mother was beaming and said - Wow !! Abonim - it was clear that Mother made Father look so handsome.) You can get many beautiful clothes at Idea Won. You all should go to Idea Won - they make incredible copies there. You can get a Rolex copy that looks better than the real thing!!!

True Mother is outstanding. Why, because she never shows her emotion easily. She goes through all kinds of trials but she never shows it, she remains quiet, strong and stable. Inside she goes through much but outside she is peaceful and unchanging. Whether it is hot or cold, Mother doesn't change.

God is invisible and man is visible. We were meant to be the visible representation of God. As high as you can be and as low as you can be. You can be wide and high while at the same time we can be narrow and deep. Do you think there is harmony between the North pole and South pole? Yes. Then if they were to change it would destroy everything. What is the axis of America? What is the axis of the Family? What is the axis of True parents and the axis of God. It is True Love. In front of True Love God has absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. With out sperm and egg there is no lineage. Without the sexual organ they cannot create lineage. Therefore the sexual organs are linked to eternity. Within three months I can learn how to do best. Now my speeches are reaching up to 400 volumes. Germans had many theologians, Bart was a famous theologian. He didn't write many books. But Bart sent a message from the spirit world that all should follow True Father.

Germans are very proud of their nationality. They believe they are very scientific. Americans are always analytical. Does God resemble Americans? No. I think God resembles Rev. Moon!!! However God wants to dwell in you. When you resemble God, he will dwell in you. What nationality are you? ( Japanese) The Japanese are very orderly - they will get here 30 minutes before. However Koreans are very different. They will not get here 30 minutes before or even 10 minutes before. Suddenly at 5 minutes before the all show up !!

People thought that Father would be Americanized with in 5 years. However I have been here over 33 years and I have changed you. Have you become Americanize or Moonie? If you listen to me and my words, you will never perish. Never. God is working so hard to recreate humanity. Who can compete with God. Because I know that I know that I should work hard. Humans like to eat, have sex and sleep. If you follow that way of indulging in any one of those areas you will go down. You will decline if you don't sacrifice. Some want to have nice homes and enjoy life, yet they will not prosper through the generations.

Should you have many children or just one. Many. I have 14 children. Many women in advanced countries don't want to have children. However this is not good. Those cultures that have more children will prosper. You should be careful. You must have many children or your culture will decline and lose its fortune.

Let's have Hoon Dok Hae. Who likes Hoon Dok Hae? I haven't met even one person that likes Hoon Dok Hae. Not even Rev. Kwak likes Hoon Dok Hae. Father is the only one that loves Hoon Dok Hae. Do you have confidence to defeat me. No. Then you should go to the spirit world right away!! (Laughter) If an 83 year old man can still beat you maybe its time for you to go. You should have confidence.

When I speak, I don't know what I'm speaking but God's words are flowing. This is the teaching of life and all circumstances. I'm teaching how to live and how to die.

Is it worth it for you to do Hoon Dok Hae or not. It is so precious. Should you do it for just one hour? Its not enough to read just one hour. You can't even cover one of my books in an hour. American, German and English women should be careful!!

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the Hoon Dok Message.

Father's Conclusion:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel must all be blessed. True Parents are bringing the spirit world and the physical world together as one. All should receive their certificate of rebirth through the Cheon Il Guk Blessing. All should be blessed.

Centering on Jesus the full restoration could not occur. Now centering on the second advent all must be restored. The first, second and third Israel's must come before God. Jesus inability to bring restoration should be restored. What the first Israel was supposed to do did not happen. Jesus was to engraft everyone to the true olive tree. That didn't happen. In Israel, only 2.8 % of Israel's population is Christian. If Jesus had been accepted by Israel he would have established one cultural sphere. What is God's will, to establish a family and to establish a True Child. Adam and Eve were born as God's children and should not have deviated from that path. When we are born, are we descendants of Satan or God. As long as there is the word, -- human fall. all was lost. Did you inherit God's lineage or Satan's lineage from the fall. Satan's. Not even one child through history could receive God's blessing until the time of True Parents.

Where is the root of the problem of divorce? It is in the woman. When she finds someone richer, smarter or more capable she will leave the man for another. Who do the children belong too? Where did the seed come from - the man or the woman? The seeds of life comes from man. The woman is like the field that nourishes the seed.. Women should not leave their husbands. If you join the Women's liberation movement is that good or bad. One of the most difficult things that can happen to a woman is that she cannot bear children. Yet in the modern advanced nations (including Korea) women are shutting off their wombs. This is very serious.

If a woman divorces three times, she can become quite rich. Is this the right way to go. What about the concept of free sex. This is not correct. Some may say that Father is a dictator because he is so hard on the American women, however he is trying to guide women the correct way. Women, you should not get married with any idea that you might find another if this doesn't work out. You must make it work, no matter what. Would you want to marry twins? Just because they look alike. How many times should you marry. (One time). If a woman goes and has many relations with many men she will be trampled by the universe. If she goes this way she deserves it. How can I say this when my first wife and I separated. Because, I never left her. She left. me. Women are the problem. The main value of the women are to make the family stable, and develop the lineage. They must have children, that is the highest value.

True Mother is so pure. She may not be so knowledgeable about the secular world but she is so pure that she could be raised correctly according to God's will and now she deals with the world. Mother came from the lineage of the fallen archangel. To do this I had to go forward with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Therefore I came this far with that kind of belief and faith. Since she came from the fallen lineage I had to go completely the opposite way of the universe. I had to deny everything.

When I call you to come for these special providences you think I'm calling you to help me. But the reality is that by coming here and being with me I am helping you to pay indemnity. This is helping your family and lineage. You are proud of America being a superpower yet your nation is degraded full of free sex and promiscuity and many evils.

Why do you need high heels? You could fall down. Western men can be womanizers. Women want to be as tall as men and keep up with men, that's why they wear high heels.

Actually the man's western suit is uncomfortable, if I button the buttons then I can't move freely. This must be redesigned.

This is the way that the world is existing. Free sex is being promoted to all people especially young people. Someone goes dancing and then they get close and go with that person. The next night they go with another and another. It destroys the spirit of the person.

Now everything should be put upside down. God's culture should come into the central power. Evil should come into the period of the night. God's culture should come into the light. Then there should be constant adjustment and free flowing centering on God's culture of all faiths and religions, races and peoples. Then good can go to night and evil to day again and keep circulating until the good digests the evil.

We have to understand that the vertical lineage was destroyed. Everything became horizontal. Everything came into violation.. There must be the restoration of the vertical order. So much within the western culture lacks the vertical tradition and therefore people of the world are being influenced to other nations of the world.

Respect for Elders, Parents, teacher. The people that the Chinese fear the most is not Japanese, but its Koreans. America has approximately a 230 year history. Compared to Korean history its like a baby. American's strength is goodness and honesty. However it can go the opposite way. It is amazing the 1.2 billion Chinese can be united like they are. The Confucian teaching is actually quite simple but it has strength to bring unity together.

American men don't want to marry an American woman because they are so strong and bossy. Let's come to a conclusion and think about it. God became the King of silence. Because God had to repeatedly forgive the fallen human beings. Even though the blood lineage was purified through indemnity through history it was still linked to Satan's blood lineage. Now through the blessing the blood lineage is cleansed. However only through exchange marriage can we really bring the full restoration of the family and the reconciliation between enemies. Exchange marriage purifies the family. If all enemies married one another then we can bring all together. This is the most important process to bring peace. Those who have exchange marriage will see their lineages prosper. If you marry your children close to each other. If Jewish marries Jewish, they can have a problem that the same lineage occurs and the same enemies continuously oppose this lineage from the spirit world and physical world. Now is the Jewish person marries an enemy - then the enemies will not want to persecute that new lineage.

Actually from the strict point of view, no one is worthy to live with God. Therefore God has been keeping silent. After WWII the UN was to have received me but I couldn't say anything at that time. One western communist leader sent an assassin to kill me. How do I know. The assassin came and testified to me and apologized.

Do you think that this can't be done without an exchange marriage? This is how enemy relationships can be restored. This is how our family can be forgiven and loved. Through exchange marriage. Throughout the world this must be done.

Now we must create the environment in which we can be totally united as one. We must become one global family. We have to understand why Father has been keeping quiet.

Then once we establish the foundation of True Love, we can break down the barriers and God can end his silence. We want to bring God's forgiveness and love to all - How - through exchange marriage. Russia and China should come together. Then God will be so free. If white people do not like black people it cannot be. Think about a white woman with a black husband. It is possible that one child looks white and one looks black both breast feeding from the same mother. Those children could be raised to be the world's leaders. This would be pleasing to God.

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