Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok - September 29, 2003 - Living With True Father Every Day

Sun Myung Moon
September 29, 2003
7th Floor Grand Ballroom
Manhattan Center
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Mrs. McDevitt read the Hoon Dok message.

You have to realize yourself that you must fulfill your responsibility. You always have a way to participate in workshop or other educational training. Father has no give and take or connection with fallen Adam's family.

You have to start from the original place. God couldn't have marriage. God couldn't register his family because of the fall of Adam. Because of the Fall - God couldn't become the owner of Cheon Il Guk. In order to return to the original place you must fulfill your responsibility. True Parents, Rev. Moon are changing Satan into God. You should make determination to clean all political parties centering on God. We should recreate all things, because centering on the fall they lost everything. I am the person that lost everything (you should think like this). You must leave the old lineage behind and through the holy wine change the blood lineage from God's side to Satan's side. Whether you like or not you have to run this way and make the goal. You have to be careful and a lot yourself. You must be a prince and princess in attending God. If so, you can live forever. If Jesus had lived, he could have married and given the blessing through Rome. However, he was crucified by the Israelites and now we have the campaign in America to remove the cross.

Father's Words:

This content shows the final path to peace in our age. If we had understood these contents we could have built the Kingdom of God.

What about man? He is the substantial embodiment of Sang Sung and Hyung Sang of the subjective side of God. What about woman? She is the Sang Sung and Hyung Sung element of the objective side. These two must become one to reflect God. Without knowing this principle man, in his ignorance, insists on himself or herself only. Plus, minus, there in man and woman. If man and woman were measured in units we could evaluate. Because there is not measurement as such people evaluate one another incorrectly. People who have no knowledge do not understand and think they can own the cosmos with no condition. How about Rev. Moon, every condition and proper establishment of order and foundation had to be created for me to stand on each and every level. I could not simply "stand" as the True Parent. Each and every step of the way had to be formulated and developed based on restoring all the missteps in history.

As a stream of Philosophy, everything will flow according to the principle. If I don't fulfill these positions dealing with vertical and horizontal, front and back and right and left can I stand in this position. Only when everything is fulfilled can we stand.

Human mind is changing from morning to afternoon. Does God change? No, does the creation change from morning to night in its purpose - no!! How about the human mind. It is shameful before the whole creation that Man changes in his direction and purpose.

A school of fish is a good example of unity. Can you cut the right hands fingers and put it on the left hand. No it won't fit. Everything has an order. The right side will not simply fit into to the left side. Dr. Yang, if I hit you, you like it. Michael Jenkins, likes to be hit by Father.

Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius and all the founders could not bring perfection to the family and to the world.

Everything is arranged by unit and organized according to principle. Everything has a plus and minus aspect and is harmonized by God. All cosmos develops by units and formula. You are the owner of today but you will change by tomorrow.

Nobody could make a conclusion. The most important thing is to make a model of Man and a Woman. In Business they make a model of what they want and then they can improve it. In this way we can make a horizontal and vertical. Either on e separated ins not enough. You need both in harmony and then a spherical shape will emerge. You need front and back and then everything needs to be one. Spherical movement doesn't bring problem. Therefore cosmos resembles movement of the spherical shape. Man and woman unite and then you become a spherical shape. Through True Love then you harmonize and then become the object of love to heavenly Father. This gives you direct purpose and understanding Under the light you cannot escape from the clarity of God. If you go against this pattern you will go down. Your body centered on nose, eyes can you hold the power, centering on money, power, knowledge can you be the center that attracts heavens fortune. I've been with many scholars and they didn't even think about this principle. Western nose has a big nose and eyes, why do you want to be here. To come here I have to wake up at 3 am. If there is a woman likes to work all the time and a man who likes to work all the time they say he's crazy. Everything is concave and convex. Everything is in a spherical shape. No time to slow down. My place is serious. I cannot rest. There is no concept and starting point of the process. The starting point is at the Sung Sang but needs an object to develop. Everything has to be an exact process and order. The monkey cannot come form another animal. Darwin is wrong. Even if animals try to plant the seed with another animal it can never live, the principle will not support it. No matter how scientists try this life transition does not occur from one strain to the other.

When I went to South America to establish the newspaper, many top leaders came, even so I didn't meet any of them. If you come to my speech and don't want to sit in the front row there is something wrong. If a mosquito comes then automatically swat it because it doesn't benefit us. If it did we wouldn't swat it. What is needed is True unchanging love. If you understand my words would you say Amen. (Amen!!).

What do you want to be a champion of? Everyone wants to be a champion, a champion of eating? No a champion of love. Do you love me. With what do you love me. (through the truth) Truth? If truth is just alone it can be ice cold or red hot. With truth alone you all will run away. There most be love.

What about the knowledge of the world. Now many still cling to their economic and political ideas but they will not bring solutions. What about homosexuals? They are on the path of destruction and will be extinguished after one generation. They will not prosper. In 32 states they are talking about homo and lesbian rights. These are not Divine rights. These are humanistic self centered rights that destroy mans purpose. Do you want to be vertical or horizontal" Vertical. First the Mind and body must united then Husband and Wife, parents and children. This is why we start from the family church. The family church idea starts in each families homes. This is the family church, it is not a concept, blessed central families live this principle of making their home into a holy place and church. Then from there you go to the community, then nation and world.

If you stay with me one week you feel to give up everything. Why? Are you being brainwashed? Black man, White man, Yellow man, all they all being brainwashed. What kind of power is this. What kind of power can do this. Only true love. Every body is born by mother. How about you western women? Do you believe in subject and object with your husbands. If you don't understand this you will destroy your family. One time divorce and go down, then another time divorce and go down, third time divorce and go down. In Korean, you say up and down and left and right. The world of love, the women made the mistake first, so everything became upside down. Right became Left. I want to stay with you all day, but you have many things to do. The owner of creation is me and my family. The nation becomes the world. My family is the problem, where can you live. God's subject love cannot deny that place. Even if it's a Reverend, if he is fighting with wife or others in disharmony then God cannot be there. Centered on your own ideas you cannot fulfill. The place where Father is united, is up middle down, left middle right, front middle back, then think about it. This place is where God will work.

Absolute love will last for ever, but free sex love will not. The first is uplifting, unchanging and creates a stable love environment. The second creates an atmosphere of betrayal and resentment. Because of love we can be crazy. True Love is not complicated love.

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