Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae - Father Is With Us Every Morning - It's Like 1977 Again

Sun Myung Moon
September 28, 2003
Manhattan Center
Grand Ballroom - 7th Floor
New York


We must understand that today is September 28 and we are going over the number 9. 7 x 4 is 28. We have to proclaim the day of victory for the Abel UN. We have to declare this proclamation for the world. We must perform a circular motion on the worldwide level.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Hoon Dok:

Won Ju read concerning the restoration of Jacob and Esau. They had to be restored by parents. Jesus followed the same path. America must do that because America represents the entire world. In Korea on the national level in 1975 Christianity and the Government opposed us. However, through our condition we could win the victory both spiritually and physically. In America, centering on 1976 the victory was won over communism at the Washington Monument. Through the Danbury course I paid indemnity to restore Christianity to the Abel position. As long as Unification members stayed united with me then we could bring the victory. At the time of Jesus, only Jesus was resurrected. However, at this time all who united with Father could be resurrected. Number 13 is an indemnity number and in the west its worst number. Now its been restored to the best number. Now through Father's release from prison Fallen world is in the position of the elder son. In order to indemnify everything the first and second generation must unite as one. I am in the position of Father and you are in the child's position, also it is a Abel and Cain relationship. Through my imprisonment, everything was brought together as on. Since 1945 we have walked the path of indemnity to bring Cain and Abel together.


Religion in the position of Abel must bring the Elder son representing the political world to God. They had to go to the national level and be restored. You have to restore the heavenly lineage, to restore this we must overcome the resentment of heaven.

We should now bless our siblings and parent to bless our child and we have to restore the lineage. The United Nations and America must be united. If that happens changes can occur very rapidly. When that occurs we can restore whole nations at once. The key to this path is exchange marriage. Satan laid the foundation through the blood lineage. We have to overcome persecution and that is how we can purify and overcome. Satan cannot invade us. If the intelligence agencies try trouble will come to them from Heaven. We should be united with God, day and night. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute Obedience. The 7 nations could not be united as one. I prayed for the 7 nations night and day. We even had a blessing at the United Nations. We opened the gate to bring all humankind together. Nevertheless they opposed us. Already our condition was a success but within them they struggled and fought and trouble came to them. If they continue the path of eye for and eye, tooth for tooth total destruction will come. America must restore this. America as the Elder Son must end the violence in the world. Everything must be offered to God. Everything must be offered. In the Middle East America should have brought peace. Because this didn't happen we have to reorganize everything. That is why you are here. To restore this and bring the nations to the proper position. Even spiritual world is totally united with us. Moses prayed earnestly to enter into Canaan. Due to failures he made, he could not enter and only Joshua and Caleb could enter. When the Israelites came into Canaan they had to keep God's absolute tradition, because they didn't they perished there. Now we in America as the Chosen people must give up everything from the Satanic world and completely separate from the past and make a new beginning centering on God's tradition.

Some may criticize what is going on here with True Father, but if we don't do as Father says Father God will have to say goodbye to America. No matter how precious America is to God, if the proper conditions are not met God will sadly have to abandon this nation. This is being decided now. How serious are the American members? You must know how important this time is. Combine True Love with the nation and the world. God doesn't have his son and grandson. Satan's love, Satan's life and Satan's lineage. To overcome this you must forsake you body, family and life for the sake of Cain. This is the only way. Any kind of mission doesn't have power. Satan cannot overcome this foundation. Only on this foundation, through the day and night can we overcome. After this kind of victory there is no power that can stop or hinder us. This is the formula for absolute victory.

Father wants to bequeath everything to you.. The Pope can't give this or any other power. Only God can give you this authority through his son our True Father. How must you invest at this time taking, action, action, action, action will bring victory. Action is the key. Not prayer or any other condition. You must take action centering on Father's direction and heaven will bless the effort.

Do you need Cain and Abel fighting or united. We are living in such a battleground. It is fearful. Asians, Germans, British, Italians, Japanese, France, America, Korea. So much is going on here. The Germans want to through Britain into the Ocean. Britain is in a better position to make an indemnity condition. Abel must not waiver. France would like to make concessions and compromise finding and easier way.

Even Father suffered to become the King of Abels. Even if he were struck 100 times he should become a compliment to heaven. Abel is the one who is complimenting this situation. You must establish this center well. If you don't establish the proper center you will go down. When you want to go up, the formula requires that you go down.

Those who have strong faith, can they be Cain or Abel. Someone who has lots of energy strength and power is the one that must become Abel.

I overcame all temptations. Because my sense was developed I could tell that something was smelly when someone tried to influence me to go another direction. I could tell if their motivation was wrong. The same with women. I could sense their motivation and no matter how emotional they might become I would have no give and take whatsoever no matter how emotional or angry they might get. Because of that I could survive and overcome all temptations.

Every cell must change from now. Otherwise we cannot go back to God. Cain is the one who is not willing to sacrifice for others, Abel is the one who is willing to sacrifice for others.

We have to understand the sin of white people and the British. They brought the opium to China and created the Opium Wars. They did this for one purpose - to kill them. They not only hunted animals, they actually hunted people for sport. This is incredible sin as an Abel nation. For this reason great indemnity and the problem of drugs is coming to white young people.

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