Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents - Father Made A Surprise Visit

Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 2003
Notes: Michael Jenkins

True Parent's unexpected visit - They arrived at the New Yorker at 4:40 am.

30th Floor - We did Kyung Beh with True Parents then Father spoke briefly before our 5 am gathering.

7 nations mobilized from the position of 7 Fathers from the same parents.

Elimination of the boundaries comes into the realm of possibility now. 120 leaders out of this 840 should be dedicating to bring all the Ambassadors to the Event. To begin with, if we make all the Christians with the marriage blessing we will easily bring their nations to follow. The Declaration of the Fourth Adamic Nation is very critical for this time period. On this foundation , Cheon Il Guk has to be established substantially.

From Chinese tradition each year has an animal tradition. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Cow, Dog, Pig These 12 animal years have a subject and object relationship.

Even the Greek Philosophy was created based on the principle of these animals. Based on the nature of these animals - characteristics were adapted to describe human life. If you look at the animal world carefully, there is a natural enemy, tiger, deer, lion, sheep and whatever there is always a subject object position. One dominates the other.

When we look at the animal world the balance is kept through the natural dominance of one group over the other, with every group having another one that keeps it in check. God made things this way for balance.

The oriental philosophy of Confucianism is well described in the book called Yin and Yang. Confucianism lacks the vertical concept with God as the center. They call it ambiguously heaven.

That's why Confucianism adapts Christian thought with God as parents then Confucianism will become a most effective teaching.

Our natural enemy to which we must surrender that should naturally dominate us is True Love. Only True Love power can make God silent.

We Moved To The Manhattan Center To Welcome True Parents

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Father's address that will be delivered to the World Peace Council the morning of October 3rd.

Father Speaks:

The time after WWII was as if Christianity had united the whole world, this was the supreme opportunity for Jesus to unite the world and receive the Messiah. However Christianity and America failed in its responsibility at that time. Therefore through the course of indemnity we have come to this same moment in history.

If we fulfill we can unite the whole world to build God's Kingdom. This is very serious. How will you succeed without giving your whole heart. All members must give their whole heart at this time or they will feel remorse.

Father himself has fought through the indemnity course to achieve this kind of foundation. Now all the 5 religious leaders in the spirit world totally support Father. It took 50 years since WWII to build this foundation. Father went through so many difficulties to create this circumstance. Now True Parents came, I know you and you know me. Now all disappeared for the time being. Only Unification Church has this kind of foundation. Washington Times and UPI should spread out this truth. Father is preparing those kinds of methods to spread the truth.

We have to fight with people to get them to look at the right way. Who is the bone, Rev. Moon is. Anyone who fights this is fighting the very foundation of the Providence. The Interreligious and International foundation is the way to World Peace and Unification.

Father is leading us to the right direction and this will bring peace on earth. All the "human rights" must be transformed and corrected. First there must be "divine rights" of God and man. The divinity of man is the issue. We must establish our fortune here.

The 7 nations must become one. Who is the King of Israel - Jesus. Barabbas was the ancestor of Islam, he received benefit from Jesus. The foundation has been established for Christianity and Islam to become one.

England and America are like a parent and child. When you look at history and understand A & E you can understand all the nations in the history of the world. In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven you must have the Unity of Mind and Body. The Pope and all religious leaders, no matter how high they are must unite their mind and body and then they must marry.

The time has come now to take down all the religious barriers and become one. Many religions have become rooted in humanism and have created traditions that are not of God. Most religions did not know that God is a personality of Character and Heart. Jesus came to purify all the blood lineage. The person who came to purify the blood lineage should have met his spouse. Jesus could not accomplish his goal centering on the family. However, in terms of creating the family, Father is opening the way for us. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. I was born for you God. I was born as your spouse. Once you deny your parents, you are not a true person. You must be a child of filial piety to become a true son or daughter. Even in the world, the children cannot accuse their parents and be a child of filial piety. That is the way that Father has established. The 5 founders of the religions, elders in Christianity and the denominations, they cannot say what he has to do. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Do you think that they can believe this.

England is supposed to be on God's side. We can say there is no enemy nation at this time. You are the soldiers to create the Abel type United Nations at this time. This depends on you whether or not you will believe. Some who believe do not take action. True believers take action at this time. You can say by believing and knowing.

God made only one family as the center. God's way was to start with one family centering on God. In the spiritual world we will all be brothers and sisters of one family. Because we didn't have parents, we fought each other as brothers and sisters. Do you think love can be done by yourself. Without an object partner the love cannot be accomplished. All the lineage cannot be done. That's the conclusion. The love of God and the lineage of God needs to multiply into the horizontal realm of north, east, south and west.

So on the original foundation, God can dwell vertically and connect all those things. Man is looking for woman by sacrificing all his life. The greatest desire of man is to find the True Woman. True Relationship, True Man, purity.

As true sons and daughters we have to have peace. We have to become True Parents with True Mother and Father. In the spirit world there is no division. In order to become the true owner. The nation and the world will be myself. I am the owner of the nation and the world. We have to offer all of our effort to create that kind of message. We must create the spirit that we have no western and eastern anymore, that kind of spirit must prevail.

Western thought if it doesn't combine with eastern thought you will fail. Eastern must combine with western thought. We must become one. This is the concept of the Divine Principle. All the national messiahs. Raise your hand if you determine yourself today.

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