Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

True Parents Welcome Back to East Garden - Israel Pilgrimage Victory Proclaimed

Sun Myung Moon
September 24, 2003
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by H. H. Standard

Note: Very important words from True Father concerning this historic dispensation in America with 7 nations participating and the victory of the second pilgrimage is proclaimed after the following reports. (All American members are encouraged to join this campaign full time from now until October 13. - We need 40 more full time immediately - we have 138 - we need more.)

Rev. Peter Kim reported that True Father set many conditions in Alaska for the sake of the world providence. Particularly Father prayed many times for the safety of the 120 clergy who went on the Pilgrimage of Peace to Israel and Palestine.

Dr. Yang:

(Dr. Yang reported concerning the clergy.) It was an incredible example of the power of True Parents in the era of Cheon Il Guk. We went to Rome and learned of Paulís suffering there and where Peter and Paul went to Prison. On the foundation of the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul declarations the fourth Israel has been proclaimed. We went to the Holy land with this spirit. God gave us great clergy and 14 special representatives are here to great you. Everywhere we went True Parents power opened the door. It was incredible. When we marched through Jerusalem we marched with 120 Christian Pastors , 120 Muslim Imams and 120 Rabbis and Jewish Leaders. We were blocked but the spirit of True Parents opened the door. When they tried to stop our march our IIFWP in Israel worked with the Israeli Police and then they supported us. The Imams and the leaders of the Al Aqsa Mosque opened their hearts and supported us. Then when we went to Gaza the leaders from all sides trusted us. The Imams in Palestine received us with an incredible welcome and sent special gifts for our True Parents. We will now present these gifts. (Father invited all the clergy to have a picture with True Parents. It was only do to the power of True Parents. (Picture was taken) Now we would like to ask True Parents to sign the Jerusalem Peace Resolution which was signed by 120 Christian Clergy, 120 Rabbis and Jewish Leaders and 120 Imams and Muslim leaders as well as all the leaders of the worlds religions. We have to say that the IIFWP foundation in Israel is very strong. The leaders there are doing great work from the Family Federation and our Ambassadors for Peace. The Middle East Peace Council was formed. Through the Middle East and especially Jerusalem and America and Palestine are the keys to solving the world wide tensions between Christianity, Islam and Judaism. I will call up the religious leader at this time to share something from the Pilgrimage.

Imam Bundakji (Islam) Ė A salaam Ailaikam. I great you in the name of God the Beneficent, the Merciful and in the name of Moses, Peace be upon him, the name of Jesus Peace be upon him and Muhammad peace be upon him. Iím the leader of the largest Mosque in the western united states and before I could say that I bring you greeting on behalf of the American Muslims, however now, having met some of the key Imams of the world of Islam II can say that I bring you greetings on behalf of the world Muslim leaders. They love you Father and Mother Moon. Father and Mother Moon I came to love you so much more than before, it was through your representatives and their sacrifice and hard work. They worked so hard. Also the leaders in the Middle East from ACLC and IIFWP are really working hard. The ACLC is truly an organization that is guided by God and is most central in bringing peace in the world at this time. You brought great power to us in the Middle East on our Journey and we could feel your prayer for us. True Parents, you have suffered so greatly in your life and therefore you can feel the heart of oppressed peoples throughout the world. I was shocked at how much the Palestinian Imams and key leaders respect and love you. You are the one person who can bring us all together. (Imam Bundakji created an incredible atmosphere for all religious leaders to feel deep love and respect for Islam).

Rabbi Ben Ami (Judaism) Ė Shalom!! Rev. and Mrs. Moon, I sincerely thank you for your love for Jewish people and I want to say that you movement is doing more and is more committed to bringing unity of religions and peace than any organization in the world. I saw a great work on our pilgrimage this time Ė God is with us.

Senator Donzella James Ė Ambassador for Peace Ė Georgia - Father and Mother Moon I feel like a little girl up here today. I was so moved to be on this pilgrimage. It was such a deep and profound experience to walk where Jesus walked and go where he suffered. I was so moved True Parents concerning the heart you have given for the miracle I saw in Jerusalem. I saw Jews, Christians and Moslems embrace as one. It was overwhelming. I feel like I did when I was a young girl and I used to spin around many times and stop Ė suddenly you feel so dizzy. I feel dizzy at what I saw in the Middle East. I feel hope because I feel Godís love and True Parents love bringing Jews, Muslims and Christians together as one.

Rev. Hwang:

I could see from Dr. Yangís report that Father has created the fourth Israel. Father is leading the first, second and third Israel into the creation of the fourth Israel. I am just overwhelmed to hear and understand what is going on. Father is dong this through the bringing unity of the Christian clergy and then through them embracing all the religions of the world. We congratulate Dr. Yang on this incredible work in history. We thank you sincerely.

After the declaration of the fourth Israel on August 20th, Father is working now combining the foundation both spiritually and physically. Politically, culturally and in every way all other events. The most historic moment in history was the birth of Jesus. At the time of Jesus death only Mary Magdalene stayed with him. There was no Bible and it seemed that there was nothing left behind. Yet afterward the incredible foundation of God rose from Jesus life and sacrifice.

Now Father is leading this providence concerning the 6 providential nations concerning WWII. Three allied nations and three axis nations. The United Nations should have been an institution guided by God. Because of the rejection of Christianity and the failure of the nations to unite to fulfill the foundation of substance, the Lord of the Second Advent had to walk the path of the wilderness.

These 7 nations should have represented all of the nations. We should bring unity between the physical world and the spiritual world. All the divisions and conflicts throughout human history should have been resolved on the foundation of the unity of these two worlds.

How do we bring victory. We do Hoon Dok Hae at 5 am. Then we go out and testify to True Parents. I am personally very amazed. The Israelites went to Egypt. They suffered for 400 years in Egypt and then they went through 40 years of suffering in Egypt.

The Lord of the Second Advent should have been received after WWII. Because of this failure Father had to go through a 40 year wilderness course. The elders also went through the 40 year wilderness course. Now they are on the front line with all of our members and they are working so hard.

Centering on the Word we are creating a foundation for the renewal of the UN. The Word was the center through which man was to be recreated. Now we are distributing the revelations from the spiritual world and also from the physical world. Fathers words are being given now representing the physical world. We are now giving Godís message.

We had to deliver the Secretary General of the United Nations. We wondered how we could do it. One Austrian brother was working near the United Nations and thought that he saw the SG. When he got closer he found out it was true and that it was the SG. Only those who have their ID cards could get into this special area to meet the SG. However somehow when the security saw the badge of our IIFWP volunteers they said that badge would be accepted.

We have yellow uniforms, our Peace King Cup team has yellow uniforms, our soccer teams have yellow uniforms. This color is what is used in America to pray for the troops to come back safely. (A yellow ribbon is tied on the trees). Our responsibility is to inform and deliver the message.

Yesterday, we one brother dressed like George Washington and another could dress like Abraham Lincoln. Our slogan is George Washington said What? Abraham Lincoln said What? It is truly exciting and it is profound. Again through the yellow wind we will receive Godís message. It is Truly working very well. Cars are going slow to find out what is going on and it is incredible fun.

This is something that no one can do. Only True Parents could bring this kind of revolution. Some are going out for this campaign. Three days latter we are going to bring the yellow wind and the tempest. We are going to bring this message from heaven.

We are walking this very special providential path. You must resolve all these entanglements. We are going to do that on October 3rd. October 3rd was the day 4300 years ago (2300 BC) that Korea was established. In 1988 Foundation Day was established. Father is developing the fourth Israel. We are bringing the first, second and third Israel together as one. Iím your true daughter True Parents and on behalf of my husband and I, I want to thank you for your blessing to my family and for allowing me to be an Ambassador for Peace to the Middle East with these religious leaders.

Rev. Carl Rawls Ė Hopewell Baptist Church Ė Selma Alabama Ė (Led the Selma ACLC march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge.) True Parents, Father and Mother Moon, I am grateful. We prayed to go to Gaza. Somehow when we marched in Selma we pledged that we would go to Gaza and march there. Through the prayers of Father and Mother Moon this dream became a reality. I went on the Pilgrimage in May and it was incredible, but I have to say that this was far more incredible as we marched together for peace. It was unbelievable to see each barrier like when they tried to stop our march, and how they changed and let us into the Western Wall and then the Al Aqsa Mosque with the heart to allow all religions to respect these holy places and rally together as one family under God. True Parents, my wife and I believe in you and are grateful and we totally see that Peace is coming through the coming of our True Parents.

Fathers Words:

What is the meaning of Israel Ė Being victorious over the angels. God brought the victory and God had to restore everything. The angels have to take their proper place by the children of God creating their proper position. This would restore the nation and the world. For this reason Jacob fought at the river Jordan. We must victorious on earth and in heaven. Before Jacob all belonged to Satan. He suffered in Haran for 21 years. That is how Jacobs family could be multiplied on Godís side. how can we restore all of this. Because the blood lineage of the family was defined.

God has been trying to purify the corrupt impure water of humanity. All those religious founders could not have their own families. They had to stand in a position similar to archangels. People didnít know why they couldnít have a family. Now all must be restored. Jesus laid the foundation and fulfilled the responsibility on the spiritual plane now it must be extended to earth through True Parents.

Religions have not been able to fulfill their responsibility because they are being blocked by politics. The real problem for religion was that Godís lineage was not established. Satan brought the fall through fornication. That is why in the last days Satan is desperately trying to claim humanity through free sex fornication and homosexuality. This destroys man and binds him to Satan not to God. Human beings could not be the owners of the fruits of prosperity because it all belonged to Satan.

Whenever Godís good people stood up they were killed. The Martyrdom of Christians occurred, the holocaust of 6 million Jews. This was indemnity. If America doesnít listen to me an even greater indemnity will be paid. Now we must know what is the right thing to do. Itís not just a matter of believing in Jesus. We must practice it. We must live it. We have to go over the barriers of race and religion. There should not be religious barriers.

Now you call me the True Parents, yet many of you used to persecute me before. Now we are trying to establish a new tradition. The white race is like a polar bear and they came down and took things as pirates. If they continue this way they will never bring peace or unity. The British created the Opium war. If any nation, America or any nation just lives for itself it will rapidly decline.

Jacob risked his life. That is how he will overcome. At the river bank of Jabbok, he gave himself not for himself but for God. Leah and Rachel struggled and Elizabeth and Mary struggled. How do we restore this, we must know clearly what Satan wants and what Satan doesnít want. The blood lineage was defiled. This is what must be restored. Jesus was blessed 30 years ago. Who can believe this. This is what must be done to clean up this world. Once they are engrafted the Kingdom of Heaven will come on the earth. Those who have engrafted into to True Parents will have new leaves. Every time I went over a hill there was another hill but God always prepared a way for me.

Now we are in the era of the fourth Israel. The first, second and third could not fulfill. Now with the fourth Israel we must bring N, S, E and West. Beyond race and religion. You may be proud of who you are and what you are. You should all be engrafted to True Parents. Donít be proud. You have to completely clean up your life. We must overcome all the obstacles with the United Nations divisions. Once we overcome we could be able to give the blessing to all humanity in 7 months.

Unification Church members should not think this is "my" church, this is actually the foundation that God has prepared for all of Godís people from every race and religion.

First we must deny ourselves. Do you understand the meaning of the fourth Israel. It means the angelic and spiritual world must be completely united with the earthly world of humanity. God could not have his lineage or children and grandchildren. God could not even enjoy marriage. We must not fight among religions. We should not be divided. In the future this world will be divided into four categories. God must bring his own lineage with the True Olive Tree. God now can have his own family. Women are concave and men are convex. They are meant to be together. We have to follow Divine Principle. Now do you understand the fourth Israel . Jacob had to restore things from his Uncle Laban. He had to restore it. Jacobís victory at the river Jabbok was so significant. God supported Jacob to win. After the proclamation of the fourth Israel those that violate must be separated. Americans cry out for human rights and the sanctity of individualism. Now many states are approving of homosexuality. Because of this America is declining. What about Divine Rights of heaven. Which is more important Heavenís rights or human rights. Most important thing now is to be repentful. Once you are engrafted, you must be connected to Godís Kingship. Through engrafting to Godís lineage you can become the backbone of Godís Kingdom. God allowed Satan to strike in the beginning. Through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience you can overcome this world. You can call your own ancestors and decide whether what Iím saying is True or not. Your ancestors will come and testify to you. You must listen to them or there will be trouble. You must not be proud or seeking some position.

There were a lot of struggles between Rachel and Leah. They should have been loving each other. Esau's family should have been taken along with Jacobs family when they went to Egypt. This caused the Israelites to lose their blessing. Different leaders in Korea opposed me. Because they did this nothing they try is working.

Why do I help Israel. What benefit is it for me. Why do I help the Middle East. Jesus message should have gone to Rome in such a way that brothers would really love their enemies. That is what Iím doing to bring about the restoration. That is why Iím committed to help Islam and Judaism and Christianity to unite and reconcile. Victory came at the Jerusalem Declaration and through this effort True Parents brought victory again on the March for Peace in Israel and Palestine. Now all can become one.

That is why I prepared a heavenly army. You are being trained here so that you can go back to your countries and multiply this effort. Why is there difficulty. Because Godís side is always struck first. That is the way of indemnity. Why were six million Jews killed by Hitler? In 1990 Gorbachev opened the door to Democracy.

Cheon Il Guk means that two come together as one. This is the symbol of heaven. Husband and wife or brothers come together as one Ė that is the Kingdom of God on earth.

You want to have grandchildren donít you. You must have your lineage. In order for man to be the owner he must have a woman and a woman must have a man. Why do they need each other? For lineage. Why can we say that we are parents, only because of children. How can God be the parent, only because the children allow him to be the parent. We donít need religion after the restoration is over. Even Unification Church will not be needed any longer. Eventually we must end the need for religion and bring us back to the true relationship with God. All this fallen history must be stopped, even if all of the Unification Church members must be sacrificed it is ok if it is to bring this new History for God. I have made so many billions of dollars and yet I didnít keep one penny. Everything was given away for the sake of others. We must establish Godís foundation first.

The first, second and third Israelís should not be divided. If people had been united with the Messiah, we could quickly have the Kingdom of God. Everything is for the sake of others. All of the Motherís body are for the sake of the children. They should be taught the way of filial piety and loyalty. For this to be done, the Mother should really attend the Father. The Father should teach the way of the Principle.

Who can resolve the problems of the Middle East. Now the Palestinians and the Israelis are locked in an enemy relationship. Who is going to solve this. Only Rev. Moon can do it. The same conflict is going on between the North and South Korea. Christians think they are chosen, Jewish people believe they are chosen. Chosen for what? For themselves? No they were chosen to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world. They must repent. Islam and Judaism are both still coming from the eye for and eye teaching. Jesus brought a new understanding, that you should suffer for the sake of your enemy and to liberate your enemy. His side was pierced for the sake of manís sin. How many Christians, Jews and Americans have persecuted me. How much did Father Moon still try to save them.

Father did everything he could to save humanity. Fatherís way is always to bring them to a voluntary surrender. Thatís why Father brought the 7 nations together.

Bishop Stallings, you should not be proud of your being an archbishop. When you go to the spirit world there will be a hierarchy based on the blessing order. The elders suffered greatly before you to lay the foundation upon which you could stand. Always be grateful.

Even if you meet me for the first time, you may feel like you met me before. If you keep meeting me you may feel that you want to stay with me in the boundaries of this spiritual atmosphere.

Many have tried to kill me, still I seek to build a way for them to go to God. I survived and overcame. No one can stop me because God is with me. I will try to save them all.

Now the Presidents are testifying to me from the spirit world. Donít be proud of who you are. Do not try to take a high position, always try to refuse that position and go the lower way. Night will become day and day will become night.

Thatís why we can have exchange marriage. Thatís why there must be no ownership or possession. You should attend someone who attends True Parents like they are a King. The same is with Christianity. It has a big foundation now, but it will whither away if they remain divided and fighting with each other.

The Age of Law is coming. It is not the Law of the Old Testament age. It is the law of the fourth Israel. It is based on the heavenly law of indemnity. First the blood lineage must be reversed. All the evil words should be destroyed. Sodom and Gomorrah would have been saved if there was even 5 righteous people. Lot left with his family and his wife looked back. If you look back you will be like a thief. Israel offered materials for the providence. Rev. Moon doesnít have anything now. He risked his life and gave his family as a sacrificial offering for humanity. Some of you in your own field may be very proud, but you should not be very proud. Father cannot be here without result. Even if I lived alone in a cave in Mt. Everest, do you think many people would come and seek me out. You should know what kind of hierarchical order there is in heaven. You may not understand because it is not in your scripture. However, it is in the Unification Principle.

Rev. Hwang now you are here to train these seven nations. Dr. Yang you teach these leaders properly. We should be in the position of educating all people, all saints even Jesus. All 66 books of the Bible are so difficult to understand. Think about what I have to do to understand the Unification Principle. Breaking down boundaries in world peace.

Fatherís speech of Breaking Down Boundaries and World Peace was read by Dr. Chang Shik Yang. This speech should be given to 70 Million People.

Unification Church members as the example of life to the world. We must reflect on how many boundaries we have in our lives. If our lives donít reflect the way we feel. The question is not whether your music is traditional or modern and popular. The question is how do you digest the lyrics and if the lyrics help people to break down boundaries. Those who want the 38th parallel to remain and say itís a good thing are wrong. This is the gift that I would like to offer you tonight. Today Unification church members are to gather the total living offering fund. This will be used to build the Abel UN.

We must end the boundaries of all people.

After WWII, the united Christian cultural sphere could had unified the world at that time. The fall created the first boundary. That between Man and Woman. You must know God. How well do you know him. You must fully know God to expel Satan. God is the master of the Universe.

Whatever you have given, God will reward you thousands of times more. These are the principles of eternal life.

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