Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

American Members filled East Garden - Father gave historic message for America and World

Sun Myung Moon
September 7, 2003

Dear Family,

We sincerely thank the Western members from NY, NJ, Conn., Boston and surrounding areas who packed East Garden and inspired and uplifted Father. This historic message was given by True Father. WFWP Chairwoman Alexa Ward gave encouragement to all members and especially the women to lead the way. Let us now sincerely determine that we will fulfill America's responsibility at this time.

With gratitude to Western members, especially sisters.


True Parents
Hoon Dok Hae
Sunday, September 7, 2003
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins Translation by In Hoi Lee and Hee Hun Standard

American Members must take responsibility for the first, second and third Israel. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, do you understand? We created the Island Federation of nations. They are the foundation for us to achieve our goal. I have now mobilized 120 members from each of the 6 nations (US, England, France, Germany, Japan, Italy) of the allied and axis powers of WWII and 120 from Korea making 7 nations total. They will begin this week. They should be making a great impact with the existing international organization of 191 nations in New York and throughout the world. They realize that all the agreements and promises between heaven and earth must be realized at this time. All the spirit world is being mobilized at this time. Everyone without exception from every nation must be mobilized even if they donít come to America. All memberís hearts, especially American members, whatever your job or mission, must be urgent. Today is the first Sunday in this most historic and important month of September. This is a very crucial mission for you as Americans to fulfill. Even the spirit world will be totally mobilized. You have been living as you pleased, that time is now gone.

We should make a proclamation, the first Israel did not accept Jesus and things went terribly wrong. We must not let this kind of thing happen again. America must stand in the right position as the key representative of 6 billion people. You must fulfill your responsibility. Now England, Germany, France and Italy and Japan must fulfill their responsibility and lay the foundation again. Through this we must indemnify the failures of the Old Testament, New Testament and even the failures of the Complete Testament ages. America was chosen as the second Israel. Why? Because of Christianity. Once the first, second and third Israel unite and go over they can indemnify everything.

Through the 40 year course since WWII I have been walking the path of restoration and I have worked to resurrect Christianity. This work could not be done by God alone, but because man failed it had to be established by man. I was the one who did not give up on America. Here the first, second and third Israels can be restored. We should be united with England, Germany, France, Italy and Japan. America was placed in the position of the Elder Son nation and the position of Abel. Actually Japan and America are enemy nations. Strictly speaking America is my enemy, the government has persecuted me, but I was not destroyed. We now have to restore the Abel realm and the Cain realm. Now centered on America we must bring unity to the entire world. Cheon Il Guk is the internal nation, because the first, second and third Israels failed. However I restored this through the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul Declarations that restored the three Israels and then I could proclaim the fourth Israel. Now the fourth Israel is in the position of the Elder son nation and America is the Elder Brother. We must renew the first Israel realm for World Peace. The first and second Israel failed. Now through restoring their failure we must create world peace. Judaism and Christianity didnít know about this. Judaism made an offering through the creation. Now Jewish people have incredible power over material. Due to their historic focus on the offering, the Jewish people have gained control over the material wealth of the world.

Now the second Israel must connect with this role and by reconciling the two (first and second Israel) and uniting the two brothers, we will then unite all the world religions. With that foundation of the economic power of Judaism and the foundation of Christianity through America, united with Moslems and all world religions, God will build the fourth Israel. Through this we are to bring World Peace. Godís desire is to live for all humankind. In order to establish a parent child relationship we must be filial toward God and True Parents.

Without our intervention Israel will continue to decline. The tragedy of 6 million people in the Holocaust came due to the failure in the establishment of Godís nation 2000 years ago. Now America has been restored the position of second Israel and must come together with the first Israel. Now we have to understand how much we can fulfill our responsibility (what percentage is required to cross over the line of success? ), we must fulfill to the level that brings success. We must mobilize our hearts and minds to make a huge impact. We should bring all politicians, religious leaders and ambassadors to NY to make this impact during this 40 day period from September through October.

America must fulfill all its responsibility and fulfill all of its resolutions. Husbands, wives and children must be mobilized. We must even pressure each other. This is the responsibility of all American members. Who is the commander in Chief in the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim. Now there is an incredible returning resurrection going on. These reports are coming on earth. There was a report from Heung Jin Nim that he could stand in this role because of the victory of True Parents.

Heung Jin Nim (HJN) reveals that the problem of the world is the stained blood lineage, however only True Parents can change or cut this blood lineage. Because Heung Jin Nim went to spirit world representing me, then the blessing could be extended to the spirit world on True Parents behalf. First Elder sonship has to be restored, then parentship and then Kingship must be restored. That is the order. This must be approved even by Satan. This is the only way, even if we die. Ultimately this is the way we must go. Fulfill your mission. The first Israel and Second Israel cannot be allowed to settle or go down, if we lift them up they can unify the world. We must be serious about Hoon Dok Church activities. National Hoon Dok Church should be established where we can provide the necessary environment to completely eliminate Satan from this earth.

Now I have prepared new Holy Wine. This is for the whole family, and represents the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament age. No ownership is acceptable in Godís eyes. America was born after the fall, America is no exception. America has made free sex common and allowed homosexuality to become established. Homosexuality will destroy the principle of creation within one generation.

Therefore we have entered a new era, we donít need True Parents in the same way, why? Because True Parents have given you forgiveness and all the inheritance necessary to establish yourself as True Parents. You have all that is required. All you have to do is fulfill your own portion of responsibility. Therefore you must perfect yourself. You should not have any property, all material must be offered to God. All children must be offered to God by letting them work for God and True Parents.

We had the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul declaration. Asia should be in the parents position. Now China and Korea are going down. The most serious situation is between North and South Korea and without America, Korea cannot be unified. You are the blessed families, all possessions and materials should be transferred to the church. If you have anything in your ownership you will be in trouble. There is the story in the Bible about Ananias and he didnít want to give up all his material and he died. To establish this nation, you must give up all materials. If you are keeping something it is like being a thief. You are not qualified to own anything. We should have no ownership. We must separate from the false parents and connect to the True Parents. We must connect to a new age. We have to give up and abandon these kinds of possessions. Then God will bless us with the materials and will distribute everything to us. Otherwise we will become thieves.

Last year in December I gave out everything I owned. I made the example. America should set the example right now. You should be willing to give up everything to feed others. You should be willing to give your own clothes and your underwear. Before establishing the constitution, we have to be aware that we cannot have our own properties.

I understand that the constitution of this nation was based on the Christian spirit. Centered on True Father, even communist world and Muslim world could be saved. Without me they had no chance and no hope. Thatís why we should be involved in Interreligious activities. Dr. Yang, you should send out a message to the public. Four to five families should cooperate together. For forty days, we should work hard. The President should make a public announcement as to what we are doing. We are now living in a turning point of a great change. Are you fully aware of it. (Raise your hands if you understand). Now the message of Heung Jin Nim was sent to True Father (his own Father) and the message is True. If you donít believe it itís a problem.

Now first, second and third Israel has passed. We must now build the fourth Israel in a completely new realm. Now we must become the Holy Sons and daughters of God. The most important thing is language.

Heung Jin Nimís Message Chun Cheon Kwon Moon, Heung Jin, Pil Sun. (Victorious Commander in Chief) The false parents made a simple history on this earthy. All blessed families must restore this by accepting Heung Jin Nimís message. We should offer all our possessions.

The parents of heaven and earth have restored everything. Now True Parents do not rest even one moment. They proclaim the power of the spirit world, and they have proclaimed the fourth Israel. They have proclaimed me General of the spiritual realm in this era of the fourth Israel and yet I feel so unworthy.

Through the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship this age could dawn.

Father: The key is Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.


Now spiritual world can support us. The ancestors that became absolute good spirits can bring tremendous support to us. The Holy Marriage Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gateway to Cheon Il Guk.


Rebirth represents the Old Testament, the resurrection represents the New Testament. When you see a pregnant she should be given Holy wine so that her child can be born in the Realm of Rebirth. Realm of Resurrection 3- 16 years old. Finally the Realm of Eternal life (Blessing) Centering on these three different ceremonies. After 17 they can receive the Holy Blessing Ceremony. Because of the restoration of the first, second and third Israel through the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul Declaration allowed for the proclamation of the Fourth Israel. It is time that we could cleanse all of these things. The central point now is to build a nation. Without a nation we have nothing. Jesus didnít have a nation. This was the problem. 6 million were killed by Hitler because there was no nation. The Jewish people control money because they are following the way of controlling and making the offering. Jesus must be crowned as the King of the first Israel. We should understand very clearly. We should go out with confidence and cry out on the street. All of you cannot see me so easily in the future. We may have to move to an Island nation and completely cleanse the blood lineage there and develop that way. We need to drink the Holy Wine. There is no ownership without a nation. When you get married. You should be naked and without ownership. Then you can go back to the original place.

In order to create the Cheon Il Guk, Father created the Sun Moon Peace Cup and so many organizations to fulfill the providence. Father is the only one who could be the cure to all humanity. Father is trying to build something for the future based on the Ocean Providence. Do you understand? Even if Iím not here you must fulfill your responsibility. If there is a thief in the movement, we must take all of his clothes off. The 36 couples have been totally forgiven. We must understand this. In Korea there is a secret Ambassador who discovers all corruption and problems. That Ambassador is Heung Jin Nim. When you go home you must become a prince and princess. If you donít become like a Prince and Princess then you will only be like an actor or actress.

Many actors and actresses in the movies are promoting illicit love in the world. Japanese, raise your hands. Americans? (many American sisters in the front). America must be established in the right place.

I am the teacher. I penetrated all the secrets of history. Therefore Father can guide all of you. You donít believe Father do you? (We do). In this September all the man and woman must be clear that we must work so hard. The woman should work harder than the man.

This is really serious, once Father orders them, they will follow Father. Once we go over the barrier of the UN, everything will be completed in seven months. You have to be in front.

Each one of the disciples should have accomplished their mission. During the 34 years of Fatherís mission in America, Father tried to fulfill everything in the dispensation. Although Israel doesnít like to know this truth, we have to let them know very clearly. They must understand that Jesus was to be their King. America tried to destroy all the foundation of the Unification movement, however Father knew how to survive. Even though I was opposed by America, I loved America and taught Americans (of every level) the way that America can go. Now I am respected. Korean national leaders all opposed me in the same way but I continued to love and invest. Now they are all gone but Iím being welcomed and received.

Jesus must be honored as the King of Israel. When was the Fourth Israel proclaimed. It was proclaimed on the 18th anniversary of Fatherís release from Danbury. This was understood by the spirit world. All the five major religious founders and the Presidents were all completely in one accord. We must create 430 couples. This is the time for Action. We need to work so hard. We must work in the elder son position. If you rest at this time you will get sick and may even be taken to the spirit world. We have passed by the time of indemnity, but you still need a condition. It is your heart, devotion and especially your hard work. How do you think about it. Japan and America and Korea are supposed to be one centering on True Parents. In this sense, America would be defeated in WWIII if it comes to a war based on the Pacific Ocean. All the people will be destroyed if this escalates to an international nuclear war. That is why the Island nations providence. is so important. We may have to move there.

America killed so many native Americans. Although Iím related to the Indians through Asia it makes America an enemy even so I loved America and continue to do so. Mike Jenkins do you understand. The way to win is with women power. Through the women you can win over and unify and control everything.

All the Blessed Families are the Owners of Cheon Il Guk thatís why you have the position to fulfill this. We have to work without stopping now. There are 24 hours a day. We should study three hours per day. All the blessed families must give time, not just money.

All women should carry the information (fliers) in their handbag and be ready to witness 24 hours per day. Dr. Wilson, are you Jewish? Was President Wilson a good president ? He made the league of nation. Dr. Wilson you should not be like a Jewish person, you should be a good Unificationists. You must become the vanguard of establishing the fourth Israel. You should be the flag bearer of the family flag.

Father is the vanguard of Christianity and is helping all the world. America should not be indebted to anyone. It should be totally self sufficient. Father protected America by doing the work of Christianity. Many Americans get fat and then have to go on a diet and lose weight. You should gain weight to bare children. You should have a baby every other year.

Heung Jin is the Commander in Chief in the spirit world. He is truly our Elder brother and is trying to save all of us. He is doing the duty of filial piety. Sisters should call him Opa and brothers should call him Hyung Nim. You should understand that he is making incredible conditions.

The time to believe in Religion is over. The first, second and third Israels are restored. They were resurrected and now connected. Now the fourth Israel is proclaimed. Now we must build the nation of peace. The first Israel (OT age) is like a baby in the womb. America is helping Israel and Jewish people (even though they rejected Jesus), Americans donít really understand the deeper reason why they are helping Israel. Both Israel and Korea were both established in 1948. The first and the third Israel. Both were established based on Americaís help. Jesus was pierce on the cross, even in that circumstance he gave one sentence that become the condition to save humanity, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." The way to make peace is to make an "exchanging marriage". This is the only way. There should be an exchange between enemies. Father guided the blessed couples to marry your enemy. Father matched that way and he was amazed at the clear results. This is the most incredible way to make peace. This is the fastest and simplest way. Even if I let people alone, because of the spirit world they wonít let you alone. Through the spirit world the second generation will come to realize that their parents are so good and they will repent. The same will happen with True Parents. Through the spirit world people will understand and they will repent. There must be unification of the language. You must understand how important it is to study Korean.

Dr. Yang, Mike Jenkins, you must push members really hard to fulfill their responsibility. Do you understand?


(The full text is being sent with these notes) The Sun Moon Peace Cup was a great success. In the Summit in August Father proclaimed that the era of harmony of all religions now has been achieved. To be aligned with Fatherís providence the spiritual world is now being educated. Now the founders of the five major religions are educating and guiding their followers about this time. Education, must occur through the Chung Pyung Providence. We must have one mind, one body and one heart. You also have cleansed with your own sweat and tears. The blessed families on earth should know that we have great support from their ancestors. We are in a time when we work hard, so much blessing will come.

5 Religious Founders: Declaration of Jesus and the five founders.


Do you believe in these messages. Jesus should have stood as in the position of True Parents and then he would have equalized Rome. Thatís why Jesus had to go the way of the cross.

We should be volunteering soldiers. We should be involved in activities. If we take responsibility for it, we will fulfill the providence. You should go over that. Everything that we are saying is teaching us we should go over with the spirit world. Now the population of America has 270 Million. You should be so grateful for what has been done to protect America. Many wanted to destroy me. I only survived because God protected me. The problems are partially Americaís fault. What Iím telling you is the truth. My desire is to put you in the major leadership positions in the world. If you are in the position of HJN younger siblings, we have to live the words that are taught.

Many nations in the world are following America but that is not always good. We must liberate Jesus and totally liberate his pain and sorry. He should be established as King of Israel. Americaís tradition is free sex, homosexuality. September is an important month. You have so much to do. First Israel perished. I donít want you to follow the same path. If we follow them we will be plummeting to hell. I donít want you to go wrong and I want you to establish the right position. Thatís why Iím reeducating you. You white people, when I think of the persecution that I received from you, this sin should be cleansed. We should overcome the problems and do a Tong Bang Kyok Pa for the international organization in New York.

How much Christianity and Judaism persecuted me. Where is Christianity? Ití s almost just a name. What about the drug war? This is the time to change all the history. This month of September we can change everything in history. What happened to Saddam Hussein? You donít know. Now America is in a difficult position. It is important to behave ourselves to know Godís will. America can resolve this by leading the way of bringing all religions together. This will solve the problem for America.

You must understand that you are responsible for America. Do you understand? You must bring about the change of this country. Words of truth will always advance and develop. Now lets read the messages from the Presidents. Everyone should welcome these messages of the Presidents. (Father began walking the room)

Now the Messages of the Presidents: Godís letter.


You should know how important this meeting is today. May God Bless You All.

When you go back you must make a good environment for the second, third forth and fifth generation and so on.

Because Americans didnít fulfill their responsibility we must indemnify it now.

We have restored the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. We have created the 4th Israel. Israel is like the Elder Brother, America is second Brother, Third is youngest. Because first and second and third brother, must be rectified through indemnity by the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Now it is our nation and our God and Father. Now we are attending True Father and Mother and we must be willing to give our life to make this new world. We should demonstrate the idea of one tribe, one nation and one world. We must fulfill this.

What went wrong with the first, second and third Israel must be corrected right now. The fastest way to resolve this is through exchanging marriage. It should be crossed over like this. It should be extended to the family tribe nation world and cosmos all the way to God. What went wrong on this side must be indemnified on the opposite side. Thatís how we can start a brand new world of peace. Now we can enter an age of great conversion by making exchanging marriage and changing the blood lineage. This is the real way to solve this situation.

We must do it. We must act as the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Now where are you from. Donít say America. Iím a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Cheon Il Guk - we should be proud of being citizens of Godís nation. So far we could not be registered or report our birth. Now we can bring equalization together. !!! We can march toward the world of peace and the Kingdom of God forever. Cheon Il Guk ins the internal country and the fourth Israel is the external country. This is how we can be free. We came to such an age right now. When you go back to your family, you must bless your siblings and relatives and make them as your tribe, then your parents and then your grandparents which becomes one unit. You should liberate your ancestors and bless your ancestors and come all the way. You are the leader of your tribe and thatís why you are called the Tribal Messiah. Next you go to the Peopleís level in which you expand your tribe. With 12 tribes we can make a nation. By blessing them you make them part of your tribe and the heavenly nation. You must be resolved to fulfill your responsibility. Anyone who is older than 8 years old Ė they should distribute holy wine to your neighbors and anyone around you. From birth to 2 years old - Ceremony of Rebirth , 3 Ė 17 Ceremony of Resurrection, 17 Ceremony of Eternal Life (Blessing of Marriage). They must be educated so that they can follow the subject. Mothers and sons should be united to inherit the tradition of True Parents and Heavenly Principle. If someone is conceived or pregnant, we should give them holy wine so that the child is born in the pure lineage. If the child is 2 -3 they can really begin to learn language, at that time they can become very united with the mother and become children of filial piety and then become children of allegiance to the nation. Father, Mother and children should form a movement to restore the nation. If we restore 12 nations then we can restore the world. To do this we absolutely need unity. Then we enter the level of restoring the world. Once we restore a nation, 12 nations will be much easier and the world easier than that. They can start from a grassroots movement called Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Through this restoration the children will all be liberated and the world of light will finally arrive.

We should constantly be giving out holy wine. The baby is born from an unstained blood lineage. The mother should join into Kingdom building. All we witness too should give Holy Wine. All above 8 years old are qualified to give out holy wine. Six nations that participated in WWII will become one with Korea. Incredible time is waiting for us now.

On the day the Palestine and Israel are united it will be the end of all war in the world. That is why we need Cheon Il Guk and the fourth Israel. This is the responsibility of the second Israel. They should come together and work together to build Cheon Il Guk and achieve peace through exchange marriage. More than half of the world is Asian. Russian and China should all join in, then through the blessing you will create equalization. You can give them blessing and they can belong to your tribe. I am


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