Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae - August 27th -East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
August 27, 2003
East Garden

Won Ju McDevitt read Hoon Dok Hae concerning True Motherís 1992 WFWP Inaugural World Tour.


Centering on Abraham, the wives Sarah and Hagar divided and their sons Isaac and Ishmael divided. Just like Rachel and Leah were divided. This now must be healed through the unity of Cheon Il Guk with the Fourth Israel. The coming Pilgrimage is a key to this unity.

I have to liberate and unleash everything like this. Due to the fact that after WWII they didnít Christianity did not fulfill, we had to do such conditions to restore all of these things. True Motherís speaking tour in 1992 was a major restoration of the divisions after WWII and the failure of Christianity. Centering on Cheon Il Guk and the Fourth Israel the Religious and the Political world must become one. Father can give the blessing very freely based on the role of the Messiah. Christianity is the foundation of Jesus. Israel is supposed to be the country of Jesus. However there is no Israel centering on Jesus. Now centering on rebirth through the blessing we are to restore this.

We must understand how important Motherís position is. In the spirit world she is in the highest position. All the people in the world need to become united with True Mother and all the beings in the spirit world must go through the mountains and the valleys and must go through the way of loving their children and overcoming to make a true family.

True Motherís position is vertical with True Parents. After we clean up the earth, Father will bring the vertical relationship into order. Through the blessing the vertical relationship with True Parents is established. We have been through so many mountains and valleys. Now, having overcome all the mountains internally we will overcome the mountains of the problems of this world.

June 26, 1999. True Mother was given the plaque by True Father as having completely fulfilled her mission before heaven and earth. She completed the process of perfection. This is not theory. Therefore, based on this, the religious leaders in the spirit world could proclaim True Parents.

Our media foundation should have taken responsibility to guide the President and the UN because they didnít do so we lost four years. Donít go a horizontal way. They must go a vertical way. From the top. Based on the UN and the US we need to make unification of the first and second Israel and we must follow this with the third Israel which is Korea. As Jesus has done the role of John the Baptist. We have done the same thing. Mother went around the whole world and made the foundation restoring Christianity.

The Second Israel is the nation in which Cain and Abel and the Mother can be united. Based on the three declarations Father proclaimed the fourth Israel. US and UN must do their job otherwise Father will make an Abel UN. Michael Jenkins and all American members, you must understand that you cannot follow me centering on America, you must go beyond America to follow me. You must take care of the world. In Africa without water you cannot survive. You must find the water to survive and proper.

America needs water and rain. America needs the water of life. I will pour water and rain on other nations if America doesnít fulfill. America must fulfill at this time. Without Mother, there would be any sons and daughters in the world. You should understand the key teaching of True Parents. You need to answer what ever you are asked. All the world is supposed to become the same level of education based on UTS and UTS education. Father has UTS alumni through every kind of leadership, political, media, academic etc. If you donít graduate you will be regretful. Who is a graduate here? (most raised their hands). All leaders must graduate from UTS.

I now congratulate Mother on her victory (Father held True Motherís hand). Father educated and raised True Mother. Now China is the rising tide, now Japan is being choked. Because Japan is in the Mother position of the world they must fulfill.

This is the time when we move into Cheon Il Guk and the Fourth Israel. Four religions need to make donations to support the four wives of the religious leaders. Dr. Yang it is your responsibility. You must support the Washington Times with millions and millions of dollars. With Mike Jenkins you are going to do it. Donít look to me for support for America. I gave everything for America and now it is your responsibility.

We are moving into the settlement of the Victory of Love. We need to establish our tribe through the blessing. We must go to our hometown in Korea. You must understand the providence or you will not know where to go. You shouldnít worry about future preparations. That is my role. My sons and daughters are at a very crucial point so they become like a target. We must become filial sons and daughters, and divine saints and sages. We should make a strong group of people in the world who, by going through so much suffering and hardship, become the strongest people in the world. We need the family party, but not a political party. A family movement. Unification Church is like the Fatherís position and the Family party is motherís position. The political leaders need to be educated to understand the way of the patriot. It is time for me to meet all the world leaders and guide them this way. This is the time to orient the world toward the King of Kings. Thatís the meaning of the family party. All the world leaders will come to be educated this way by True Father. The Cheon Il Guk Holy Blessing and the Coronation of True Parents, that was the first marriage that was complete before heaven and earth. This originally was to occur in the Garden of Eden.

Without the proclamation of those two ceremonies we could not go to heaven. All of you here were former enemies, therefore you could not begin to unite and come together without the Cheon Il Guk blessing and the Holy Wedding of our True Parents. The owner of recreation is myself and my family. At the inauguration of the family party I proclaimed that we must establish the true family Ė my family as the owner of Cheon Il Guk. Not "our" family. We must think that I must make " my " family the owner of Cheon Il Guk. Jesus couldnít enter heaven in the spirit world because they could not have the fulfillment of marriage and family.

Through the United Nations everything will become one. Now is our opportunity to complete everything. The Family Party is the base to bring all the other political parties into a position where they can be educated about the family by True Parents. Based on that we can unify the whole world.

113 nations were on Mothers world speaking tour. 13 is the number of the Coronation ceremony. The number of 13 that is difficult in the western world was overcome through the Coronation and True Motherís victory. The proclamation was made by True Father but it was Motherís prayer at the victory in December brought the fulfillment of all women uniting with Father in 1992. This restored all of Christianity. This restored the Brides position.

Dr. Yangís prayer:

Our beloved Heavenly Father. We must become absolutely one with True Parents. We must understand True Motherís victory and how she went to all the nations of the world and boldly and victorious fulfilled the role of True Mother. Mother is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Everything must be reborn through True Parents and fulfill the role of life. We need to comfort True Parents when we understand the hardships and difficulties that our True Parents endured. Persecution and rejection. Now is the time to comfort our True Parents. Now is the time for accomplishment and we can return something to God and True Parents. Please attend True Mother very well. In the name of Chang Shik Yang and the Yang family as a blessed central family

You have been following Father without knowing what is going on. Now is the time to understand and fulfill everything.

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